Mining Summer Camp

A. The last summer camp mission in QQ Hall is what to find a sailor and what to do with a sailor.

No, the sailor is in the water map 11, with 3 blood, winning and hiding Treasure map fragments, collect 30 first mates who can play 11 miles of the mine. If you win, you will fight with the captain at the end, and you will also win special equipment from QQ Hall!
Remember to accept it as the correct answer

B. How to upgrade the Purcell number quickly

I will give you a cheat first, and how to upgrade quickly will come later.
If you are already playing Moore Manor, you can log in directly with Mimi. Friends who have not played Moore Manor can apply for Mimi directly, but you need an invitation code. You can search for the invitation on the Internet. code.
The first time you enter the Purcell, the default location is [Mechanical Room], and after entering the Purcell, the default position is [Transportation Cabin].
There is a column [navigation bar] at the bottom of the game screen, from left to right: [Map], [Quick Language], [Expression], [Action], [Aim], [Storage Box], [Friends] , [Base], [Elf], [Time Battery]. There is a large space in the middle, which is a chat window for communication. Through 【Map】, you can reach any planet. Click the [Elf Icon], you can view your own elves and elves attributes and elves skills. The [Time Battery] on the far right is to calculate your online time. When the time reaches two hours, the elves will no longer be able to fight.
There is an icon in the upper left corner of the top of the game screen: [Times] or [Log]; there is a [SPT] icon in the upper right corner, which is the task icon. Each accepted task will be displayed here. Click to view task progress and task reminders.
Click [Base] at the bottom to return to your home. On the right side of the base screen, there are two icons [Hut Manual] and [Setup Warehouse]. Click [Set Warehouse] to dress up your base. Click on the [Hut Handbook] to purchase cosmetic items. Among them, you’d better buy one of the elf recovery cabins to help elves recover their stamina. Each recovery of stamina will consume 50 cel beans.
The novice of the Purcell will find Mechanic Sissi in the [Mechanical Room] to start the novice task, and will get the novice reward after completion. Go to the [Lab] to find Dr. Pat to read the Elf Handbook, and you can get an Elf after completing it. Then go to the [Captain’s Room] to find Captain Luo to start the interstellar journey of the Purcell.
The Purcell, in the early stage, mainly made money by mining and collecting gas. The growth of elves mainly depends on fighting with wild elves on various planets, thereby improving the level of elves themselves; learning new elves skills.
Capture of sprites: To capture sprites, use sprite capsules to capture when wild sprites are about to be defeated by you. Click [Props] to see the capsules, and there is a certain chance of failure.
Mining requires a mining drill, [Mechanical Room] can be obtained for free, and each pile of ore energy can only be mined five times.
To collect gas, you need a device to collect gas. You can click the tank icon in the lower left corner of the [Mechanical Room] to open the Saier Factory for purchase.
After digging ore and collecting gas, you can sell it in the [Power Room] to earn cel beans. Each ore can be sold for 20 cel beans, and each can of gas can be sold for 100 cel beans.

1) Bean sprouts catch the same time as Moby at the place where they caught the cactus, and Lily catches the same time as Moby at the place where Roach is caught.
Capsules are used to capture elves. When fighting, you can capture part of the stamina of wild elves, but sometimes you have to rely on luck
(2) Moby, a rare elves on the Purcell, is in the sky The ground floor has to wait fifteen minutes or an hour. If you are unlucky, you can’t wait for a day. The other two small and medium beans will make money. Fall down, collect the first layer of the gas volcano, the yellow one

(4), there is another way to make money: go to the upper door on the left side of the captain’s room to play the protection navigator, after 5 levels you are finished There are more than 1,000 points at the time, but only more than 100. Now there is only one game that can make money. I have already sent a letter to Taomi, so that there are more games to make money.
(5) Water elves generally evolve at level 18, and then evolve into advanced ones at level 36.
Wood elves evolve very late, and the highest evolution is 20, and 41 to high
Fire elves are similar to water elves. Fire spirits can overcome ice, wood, etc. ~~~~~~~
Flying spirits are generally very cute, right, and they evolved as early as level 14.
(6) 1. Yiyou evolves to Julian at level 16, and Julian evolves to level 36 Balus
2. Little Fire Monkey evolves to Fire Monkey at level 14, and Fire Monkey evolves at level 36 To the flaming orangutan
3. The cloth seed evolves to the cloth grass at level 18, and the cloth grass advances to the level 32.�To Bubu Flower
4. Lilly evolves to Mianmian at level 21, and Mianmian evolves to Electric Rabbit at level 37 (capture location: Helka Star Ruins)
5. Mobi evolves to Gege at level 17 Er, Geger evolves to Rugas at level 37 (capture location: Yunxingxing)
6. Xiaodou sprouts evolve to Ding Ding at level 21, and Ding Ding evolves into Magic Flower Fairy at level 37 (capture location: Cross Star) Swamp)
7. Fire Shell evolves to Bellamy at level 17, Bellamy evolves to Bellamy at level 34 (capture location: Volcano Star)
8. Gill evolves to Reno at level 20, Li Nuo level 36 evolves to Logiras (capture location: Volcano Star Cave)
9. Julia level 30 evolves to Rios (task delivery)
10, Bibi mouse level 15 evolves to lightning Rat, Lightning Rat 30 evolves to Thunder Rat (capture location: Helka Star) Erka Star Ruins)
12. Pippi level 14 evolved to Bibo, Bibo level 3 and 4 evolved to Poker (capture location: Cross Star)
13. Cactus level 16 evolved to Cactus , cactus level 32 evolves to giant cactus (capture location: Cross Star Swamp) Level up to Bara Turtle (Capture Location: Ocean Star)
16, Sharp Tooth Fish Level 20, upgrade to Steel Tooth Shark (Capture Location: Ocean Star Deep Water)
17, Mao Mao Level 18 Evolve to Card Luo, Carlo evolves to Baroka at level 36 (capture location: Yunxingxing)
18. UFO level 20 evolves to Haerfu (capture location: Yunxingxing 2F)
1 9. West Tower Level 18 evolves to Tiedas, level 38 evolves to Regios (task delivery) (you must go to the laboratory for evolution)
20. Black Ice Beast evolves to Frozen Beast at level 27 (capture location: Cecily Yaxing Hull Spaceship)
21. Sora evolves to Heras at level 18, and Helas evolves to Axia at level 38 (task to send essence)
22. Pai evolves at level 18 Go to Peluk, level 36 to evolve to Pelukida (after capturing Moby, Bean Sprout, Link, go to the laboratory to get it)
23. Jelly duck level 18 evolves to wave duck level 35 to crystal duck (Capture location: Elf Square)
24, 22, Link 17 evolves to Lynch, Lynch 36 evolves to Brinks (Capture location: Cecilia Star Cave Tips: out Enter twenty times, use intermediate capsules, but it may not be accurate to four per hour)
25. Mirame 28 evolves to Tias (play BOSS to send essence, it takes 7 00 yuan to purchase a molecular conversion instrument for incubation)

(6) Grams:
Electricity, Feike, Water
Water, Fire, Earth
Fire, Ice, Wood gram machinery
ice gram wood gram machinery
wood gram water gram soil
machinery gram ice
earth gram machinery gram fire gram electricity
fly gram wood
Electric gram water gram fly
Yiyou slaps, tweets, foam 8J, water play 11J, flying strike 15J, 16J Julian, steel claw 16J, restraint 19J, foam light 24J, random burst 28J, tide 33J , 36J Ballus, 36J Sword Dance, 37J bluff, 38J water jet, 39J whirlpool, 46J white fog, 52J onslaught, 59J high pressure water gun,

Little fire monkey catches, stares, provokes, 14J fire Monkey, Sonic Fist 15J, Crazy Grab 20+, Torment, Flame Car, Feint 30+, Spark, 36J Flame Gorilla, Punishment 30+, Full Strike 41J, Flame Vortex 40+, Meditation 53J, Flame Crash 57J,

Bubu Seed Impact, Head Reduction, Drain, Curse, Photosynthesis, 18J Cloth Grass, 19J Wind Blade, 22J Teeth, 24J Parasitic Seed, 27J Strong Absorb, 32J Cloth Flower, 32J Sacrifice , Earthquake 33J, Crushing 45J, Super Absorb 51J, Flying Leaf Storm 57J,

Pippi Impact, Lightning Flint 5J, Tweet 6J, Temptation, Flying Wing Slap 9J, 14J Bibo, Show mercy 16J, 17J in the same life, 17J in the same life, blown away, 20+ swallows return, 33J in dash, 34J in full blow, 36J Polk, Raptor,

Mao Mao strike, throw sand, cyclone 9J, electric light flint , 18J Carlo, blowing, tornado, wind dance, high-speed movement, 36J Baroque flying wing slap 38J, perching 44J,

Bell impact, tail wagging, foam 8J, head shrink 10J , Water Gun 13J, Breakthrough 15J, 16J Abu, Water Fluctuation, Water Tail, High Speed ​​Rotation, Protection, Iron Arm, Prayer for Rain, Grating Cannon, Rocket Headbutt 39J,

Flame Shell Cushion, Hard, Fireball 9J, heating, smoke, 17J Bellamy, 18J spinning top, double-barrel flame, fatal impact, one blow from heaven and earth, flame collision, scorching flame 41J,

Bibi rat strike, stare, charge, Teeth, Blow, 13J, EDM, Crush, Thunder Fang 35J, Discharge 54J,

Cactus Crash, Dash, Hypnotic Powder 13J, Poison Powder, Needle, Parasitic Seed, tweet, petal dance, photosynthesis, yang Light Flame, Gale Blade,

UFO Pursuit, Flying Strike, Plus�, Rumble, Stare, Slam, Swallow 18J, Imitation,

Toothfish Grimace, Ice Fang, Noise, Gas Storage, Stare, Bluff 18J, Teeth, Rage, 20J Steel Shark, Onslaught 21J, Bite, Water Jet, Slicing,

Gill Grab, Spark, Fire Fang, Tweet, Smoke Screen, Heat Collection, Grimace 21J, Dragon Fury 29J, Slicing 33J, Fire Clash, Dragon Claw 38J, High Temperature Whirlwind, Air Slicing, Shadow Claw, Flame Jet, Concentration of Will 53J, Wing Slap 55J, Dragon Soaring Strike 59J,

Roach Clash, Electromagnetic wave, electric shock, electric light flint, high speed movement, conspiracy, electric light bomb 25J, feint attack, iron head power 34J, electric light wheel, electric current strike, light wall, thunderbolt 58J, Thor 61J, electromagnetic gun, electric current ray,

Acupuncture of small bean sprouts, curling, hypnotic powder, paralysis powder 19J, growth, poison powder, 21J ding ding, solution 23J, indigestion 26J, 37J magic flower fairy, energy release 47J, flying leaf storm 64J,

Lily impact, tweet, electric shock, electromagnetic wave, grimacing 20J, 21J lingering, charging, discharging 29J, flame fist 33J, 37J electric shock rabbit, lightning fist 38J, electro-optical wave 42J, wall of light 51J , Energy Shock 59J, Thunder Thunder 68J, Moby Top, Hard 7J, Vibration Strike 9J, Aim 12J, Ground Crack 15J, 17J Gegel, Slam 20J, Throw Sand 23J, Dust Flying 26J, Earth Force 34J, Shattering Impact 35J, 37J Rugas, Earthquake 39J, Mud Rolling 43J, Sandstorm, Earth Wall, Fierce Fist,

Small Mushroom Crash, Needle Sting, Poison Powder 10J, Stare, Bounce Kick 13J, Poison Saturation 17J, 20J Mushroom Monster, Poison Gas Blast, Poison Mist, Perch, Poison Gas Concentration,

Julia Lightning Flint, Ghost Fire, Spark, Tail Wagging, Flame Jet 12J, Spiral Flame 18J, Intensive Fire Net 30+, Raging Fire, Retaliation, Seal, Mysterious Guardian, Fire Cross 41J,

Theta Metal Sonic 5J, Steel Claw 11J, Alloy Bullet 16J, I8J Tiedas, Shotgun 20J, Iron Arm 24J, Slam 28J, Gravitational Magnetic Field 32J, Metal Blast 36J, 38J Regios, Electro-Light Ray 40J, Current Strike 43J, Charge 47J, Full Shot 50J, Steel Shock 54J, Cannon 60J, Bombardment Cannon 65J,

Mysterious Ice Beast 25-26J Freeze Strike, Mysterious Ice Pick, Ice Armor, Cool Down, Slap (in Repair Skill Machine), Freeze Light (Repair Machine), 27J Frozen Beast, Breakthrough 30J, Frozen Gas 40J,

Sola Frost Armor, Ice Armor, Tail Flick, Frozen Light, Ice Blade, Frozen Air, Cold Flow, Ice Breaking Tail, Black Frost Arrow, Crushed Ice 40J, Frost Protection 43J, Frozen Hail 47J, Frozen 50J, Ice and Snow 55J, Holy Spirit Flash 60J, Extreme Ice Storm 67J,

Link: Frost Freeze Air-Cold Bubble Frost Grab 15J 17J Lin Siqi Crazy Grab 19J Ice Claw 23J Gem Energy 27J Frost Light 31J Ice Combo 35J 36J Brinks

Mirami Assault 1J Stare 3J Flying Wing Slap 6J Hurricane 16J High Speed ​​Movement 18J Whirlwind 19J Wing Dispersion 25J 28J Tias Wing Combo 29J Flying Slash 31J Spiritual Interference 34J Gravitational Magnetic Field 16J, Peluk 17J, Steel Flying Kick 19J, Animal Force 23J, Metal Blast 28J, Steel Shock 33, Pelukida 36

Green Dust 15J, 16 Evolution Greem, Rolling Earth, Dust 15J, Flying Mud, Sandstorm Strike 24J, Earth Dragon Flash 32J, 36 Evolution Gruchigao, Sandstorm Crash 37J, Sandstorm Shock 41J, Mysterious Power 44J, Rush Wave 48J, Guardian of the Earth 54J, Sandstorm Rush 57J

Wave Duck (Jelly Duck LV18 Evolution)
LV21 Chasing Fist PP: 35 Power: 50 (Physical) (Normal)
LV24 Water Wall PP: 25 Power: 0 (Attribute, own special defense plus two)
LV28 Water Fluctuation PP: 20 Power: 60 (Special) (Water)
LV32 Water Blade PP: 35 Power: 60 (Physical) (Water)
LV35 evolves into a crystal duck
LV36 Tsunami PP: 25 Power: 70 (special, 20 points of fixed damage) (Water)
LV40 Suspicious Knot PP: 20 Power: 80 (special, 100 10/10 Frostbite) (Ice)
LV41 Treading Waves PP: 25 Power: 0 (attributes, plus attack and speed)

Crash 1J (45), aim 5J (plus hit), Pai Ray 10J (50), Gravitational Magnetic Field 15J (Deceleration 2), 17J Peluk, Steel Flying Kick 19J (40), Charge 23J (Plus Attack 2), Metal Blast 28J, Steel Shock 33J, 36J Pel Kida, force-directing energy 37J (the chance of hitting the key within 5 turns is increased), force-directing beam 40J, hardening shock 43J, body repair 46J, force-directing beam 49J, ultimate supernatural power 52J, iron will 55J, full bomb launch 58J, god Wind Kick 65J

Practical Balance
Stubborn+Attack- Special Attack
Naughty + Attack – Special Defense
Bold – Attack + Defense
Candid Balance
Leisure + Defense – Agility
Naughty + Defense – Special Attack
Careless +Defense-Special Defense
Serious Balance
Cheerful+�Swift-Special Attack
Innocent+Agility-Special Defense
Conservative-Attack+Special Attack
Sturdy-Defense+Special Attack
Calm+Special Attack-Agility
Shy Balance
Sloppy + Special Attack – Special Defense
Calm – Attack + Special Defense
Meek + Attack – Special Defense
Arrogance – Agility + Special Defense
Discreet – Special Attack + Special Defense
Tier 1. Thunder Mouse 30J
Reward. 20 Cel Beans
Tier 2. Giant Cactus 32J
Reward. 30 Cel Beans
Tier 3. Belllas 34J
Reward. 40 cel beans
4 layers. Bala turtle 36J
reward. 50 cel beans
5 layers. Haerfu 38J
reward. 60 cel Bean
6th floor. Frozen Beast 40J
Reward. 70 zeal beans
7th floor. Logiras 42J
reward. 80 zeal beans
8 tiers .Poker 44J
Reward. 90 cel beans
9 layers. Cesareula 46J
Reward. 100 cel beans
10 layers. Barocca 48J
Reward. 300 cel beans
11th layer. Giant cactus 50J
Reward. 1 intermediate stamina potion
12th layer. Bala turtle 52J
Reward. 1 intermediate stamina Potion
Tier 13. Bellas 54J
Reward. 1 Intermediate Stamina Potion
Tier 14. Thunder Rat 56J
Reward. 1 Primary Vitality Potion
15th floor. Bokel 58J
Reward. 1 primary vitality potion has been
16th floor. Regios 60J
reward. 1 primary vitality potion has been
17th floor. Tachiraton 62J
Reward. 1 Advanced Stamina Elixir
18th Floor. Bala Turtle 64J
Reward. 1 Advanced Stamina Elixir
19th Layer. Halfu 66J
Reward. 1 Advanced Stamina Elixir
Tier 20. Logiras 68J
Reward. 5 Advanced Stamina Elixir
Tier 21. Barocca 70J
Reward. 1 Normal Elf Capsule
22nd Floor. Cesareula 73J
Reward. 1 Normal Elf Capsule
23rd Floor. Rugas 76J
Reward. 1 ordinary Elf Capsule
24 layers. Magic Flower Fairy 79J
Reward. 1 ordinary Elf Capsule
25 layers. Electric Rabbit 82J
Reward. 1 Common Elf Capsule
26 layers. Regios 85J
Reward. 1 Normal Elf Capsule
27 layers. Boob Flower 88J
Reward. 1 Intermediate Elf Capsule
br /> Level 28. Ballus 92J
Reward. 1 Intermediate Elf Capsule
Level 29. Flame Gorilla 96J
Reward. 1 Intermediate Elf Capsule
Level 30. Tower Kiraton 100J
Reward. Flash Warrior Suit
Challenge again. 1000 Celadon

How to upgrade fast? This question. . Um. . Well
You can go to the tower (preferably on Saturday)
You can also complete the five daily tasks of the daily task; you need 10,000 experience! !
You can also find 10,000 experience per week
You are 54, it is best to play Dierny of Gemini (level 32)
Or go to the battle of the Elf King
I Level 77 Mimi: 1703396

C. How can I get Cer beans without mining in the Cer?

Go to the Elf Space Station to fight monsters , the level is high. It will be thousands of dollars in a while, both upgrades and extra money!

D. How much is the monthly salary, can you dare to “do whatever you want”

With a monthly salary of 30,000 yuan, I dare to say that I can do whatever I want in all cities across the country, because our country There are great differences between cities in terms of living standards, consumption levels, and housing prices. Moreover, young people are not only facing the pressure of rapidly expanding mortgages and car loans, but in a few years, they will have to consider the issue of parental pensions and the education of the next generation. Therefore, the monthly salary is not 120,000 yuan, and it is not possible to say that I cannot survive, but I must be worried about every expenditure.

But it’s still far from being able to do whatever you want. For example, I want to assemble a high-end host recently, and a top-level graphics card will cost around 6,000 yuan, and other accessories should not be too far behind in order to match this graphics card, so the ninth generation of intel plus the ASUS family barrel may be close to 20,000 yuan. Even if I buy it in installments, it will cost me 5,000 yuan a month so that I won’t lose that much money. Therefore, as long as I have even one large consumption this month, 20,000 yuan is a bit stretched.

E. How to get rare furniture in Pikatang

Dig the 15~20th floor of the pit to have better furniture. In addition, you can buy it from the player. Pikatang has a quest about [luck, physical fitness] and so on. If you complete the task in less than 2 minutes, you will have 10 ores. Open 10 trumpets and you can have 100 ores, which is enough to buy. Several rare furniture.


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