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①Is it better to use an A card or an N card to mine Bitcoin

Hello~ Bitcoin mining is actually a distributed operation, and the most powerful graphics card is to perform floating-point operations. The a card is more suitable for floating-point operations than the n card. It should be because the n card spends more energy on rendering, and the a card has much more alu units than the n card. At this point, a card is 2-3 times faster ~ so mining with a card is faster

② What is the difference between A card and N card mining

From In terms of warranty, the N card is generally guaranteed for 3 years, and the A card is usually only guaranteed for 1 year.
In terms of mining ETH, A card generally needs to swipe the bios to overclock to achieve the highest computing power, and a special mining driver needs to be installed.
N card operation is simple, just install the driver. However, the A card will be more cost-effective than the N card after mining ETH.
However, in terms of mining life, if ETH appears in the future and cannot be mined, the A card may be charged. A card can only mine ETH and ZEC for the time being. ZEC has a professional mining machine. In the future, graphics card mining may not be cost-effective. There are really few coins that can be mined by A card. The N card is different. Although the ETH is slightly lower than the A card, the N card supports many algorithms, and more than 100 altcoins can be mined. One day ETH and ZEC collapsed. Just change the currency and continue to live. . AIMiner supports both A-card and N-card mining.

③ Whether mining is a good mix of AN cards, or pure A card or pure N card number

Before 12 card mining, you must use AN cards to mix and match, mainly because windows It is determined by the scheduling and management mechanism of ETHOS, but this will be less stable, and scheduling will also bring certain performance losses. As for installing drivers, it is more likely to be a nightmare. In fact, with the advent of the ethOS mining operating system and Biostar With full support for ethOS, it is very simple to implement 12A or 12N. Both efficiency and stability have been greatly improved. Therefore, 12A or 12N is of course preferred.

④ Why is the GPU mining efficiency of A card so much higher than that of N card?

A card has more process processors, and its general computing power is stronger than that of N card. The structure is also more suitable for mining, and the N card is also available now, but the effect is not as good as the A card, which is a fact.

⑤ Why is the graphics card used in the mining host, using high-end amd graphics cards instead of NVIDIA graphics cards?

A card mining efficiency is significantly higher than the same grade N card

Mining is to split the hash operation into multiple sub-operations, A card can complete one operation with one instruction set, while N card needs 3 instruction sets to complete one operation, so the actual operating efficiency of A card is 2 times that of N card nearly 3 times the performance.

In fact, the N card has greatly enhanced the mining performance on the Maxwell architecture, which is not inferior to the A card. However, the Maxwell architecture came out too late. When the earliest Maxwell architecture graphics cards like the GTX750Ti/750 were launched, mainstream currencies could no longer mine anything with graphics cards (all of them used mining machines). Therefore, few people use N cards to mine.

⑥ Ask a question, A card is used for mining, and N card goes up blindly.

It is calculating SHA. This is the security mechanism of Bitcoin. All transaction records are packed into blocks and the SHA hash is calculated. Only blocks with a specific hash value can be recognized by the network. Each block in turn contains the hash value of the previous block, thus forming a block chain. If there are multiple branch chains that meet the hash value conditions at a certain time, only the longest chain will be recognized. Frauds with small computing power cannot catch up with long chains. Transaction records cannot be faked unless there is 51% of the computing power. Therefore, the more decentralized the computing power, the higher the total computing power of the entire network, and the more secure the network will be.

⑦ A-card mining card or N-card mining card, what type of mining card is more

The basic point is whether the core of the graphics card is suitable for mining, and whether the software is suitable for this graphics card Optimized, it is different from what most people think. Each graphics card manufacturer and each generation of products will have different architectures. For example, the well-known VLIW architecture used by AMD also uses the GNC architecture. These two are different. , the only thing in common is that they are compatible with the system by interacting with the system through graphical interfaces such as OpenGL and Microsoft’s DirectX. The mining program is not such a shallow application-level application, so it needs corresponding chip support. It seems that AMD’s graphics cards are not all supported. For example, the old 3850 does not support it. It is also because the chip architecture is different. Generally speaking, the A card is more suitable for mining than the N card architecture, so the A card has more mining cards.

⑧ Why is A-card mining faster than N-card mining?

With N-card mining, you can’t even get back the electricity bill. . . If you want to mine, just use the A card honestly

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