Mobile phone mining machine to mine digital currency

(1) Can all digital currencies be mined with professional mining machines?

No, first of all, I do not judge whether this coin is true or false, whether it is a pyramid scheme, at least this coin is compound The rules of virtual currency, such as anonymous payment, blockchain technology, etc. You can recommend LUCKY mining machine mall. Their mining machines have not only improved in computing power, but also have a certain level in the judgment of mining currency.

㈡ The digital currency is so hot, so today I will introduce an APP that can be mined with a mobile phone

pi coin, a pi coin that can be easily mined with a mobile phone every day The app that realizes mining has over 600 bowls of active absenteeism around the world.

What is the olo coin mobile phone mining machine? It has to pay more than 8,000 yuan and mine for 24 hours. Is it a scam?

It is a scam. Many Internet companies and network security companies have analyzed that illegal “mining” has become a serious network security problem.

With the rise of “cloud mining”, cloud hosts have become the main target of mining digital currencies such as Monero and Eli Coin, and the situation of misappropriating the computing resources of cloud hosts for “mining” It has also increased significantly; the security team has monitored and found that “scramble for mining machines” has become one of the important purposes of botnet expansion; and a new type of “mining” virus (mining XMR/Monero) has been found in two It spread wildly within a month, and the illegal “mining” profited nearly one million yuan.

(3) Mobile phone mining machine mining digital currency extended reading:

From a commercial point of view, the business model of mining can completely walk out of a “healthy” the road”. The platform can offer a certain amount of “incentive money” to attract users to join the platform to participate in mobile mining. As long as the “incentive money” is lower than the average acquisition cost of new users in the market, the business model is sufficiently reasonable and feasible.

But if you encounter a platform that tempts users to participate with “no capital and great profits”, you should be vigilant. The so-called “mining” opportunities provided by the platform for you are likely to be “well-digged pits” in Wait for you to jump in.

㈣ Can gnx digital currency be mined with mobile phones?

No, this digital currency is issued by scammers, don’t believe it, so far there is no country To issue digital currency, all digital currencies on the market are issued by scammers. Buying digital currency issued by scammers can make a lot of money, and buying RMB loses money. You can believe this!

㈤ Which mobile phone virtual currency mining platform digital currency APP is better to use?

Mobile phone mining is a false proposition, once the coin is valuable, The computing power of the computer is dozens of times that of the mobile phone, and the computing power of the mobile phone will be taken away immediately.
In other words, what a mobile phone can mine is worthless.

㈥ How much is a digital currency mining machine

The price of newly issued digital currency is generally very low, a few cents or even a few cents. The time you dig, it’s easier to buy it directly, and now you can mine Bitcoin because its encryption algorithm is public, and you can’t mine all kinds of digital currencies on the market without public algorithms.

Introduction to digital currency mining machine:

Bitcoin mining machine is a computer used to earn bitcoins. This type of computer generally has professional mining chips, and mostly uses a large number of graphics cards to work, which consumes a lot of power. The computer downloads the mining software and then runs a specific algorithm. After communicating with the remote server, the corresponding bitcoins can be obtained, which is one of the ways to obtain bitcoins.

㈦ Those digital currencies mined by mining machines are illegal in China

㈧ How to mine with mobile phones Bitcoin

Xiaomi cannot mine Bitcoin.
Mining steps:
(1) Download the official Bitcoin client Click here to download the official Bitcoin client

(2) After installing the client, start the client, the client After the terminal is started, the network data will be synchronized within 3 minutes. Since the Bitcoin data is very large, it may take several hours (depending on the network speed and computer performance). The picture shows the client synchronizing network data:

Please ensure that your C drive has more than 10GB of remaining space. If the C drive space is not enough, you need to set the data to D drive or E inventory. The method of placing the coin data package on the D drive

(3) If your client shows English and you are not good at English, you can set it to Chinese and click here to view the settings The method of using the Bitcoin client in Chinese

(4) The synchronization of network data on the client side will not affect our mining. We first obtain our account address and click the “Receipt Address” button on the client side. When you see a string of very long addresses, similar to your bitcoin account, the bitcoin account address is an automatically generated and unique address in the world.

(5) Your account is now 0.00BTC, means you don’t have bitcoin yet, but you can start mining now, download an easy-to-use mining software CGMiner Click here to download the bitcoin mining software CGMiner (CGMiner can mine bitcoin and most currencies, But not all currency mining can use CGMiner)

(6) You need to confirm your graphics card model, if it is an nvidia graphics card, then you can directly mine, please skip this step. If it is an ATI graphics card, in addition to CGMiner, you also need to install an AMD SDK package. Click here to download the AMD SDK package.

(7) CGMiner has an English interface, but this does not affect a rookie to use it, please Unzip the downloaded CGMiner anywhere on your computer, and then go to the CGMiner folder.

(8) In the cgminer folder, create a new text file (TXT) and write the content code as:
cgminer -o -u XXXXXX -p btc38
Change the XXXXXX above to the account address of your BTC wallet (according to item 4 of this tutorial to obtain your address), fill it out as shown in the figure:

The mining pool and port have been configured for you in the above code (this mining pool is a completely free mining pool provided by BitTimes). If you want to use other mining pools and ports in the future, please modify the mining pool URL by yourself and port.

(9) Change the .txt suffix of the TXT text file you just created to .bat suffix (if you are more savvy, the suffix name of the text file will not be displayed and the suffix of the file name will not be changed, Please click here). After modification, this file is as shown in the figure:

(10) Then double-click to run the above run.bat file to start mining. The income you generate when mining, for example, you get 0.001 bitcoins, will be stored in the BTC address you filled in (due to the difficulty of BTC mining at this stage, you may have to wait all day before you get BTC income, when mining, there may be some cards on the computer screen, because most of the resources of the graphics card are occupied). The picture shows the bitcoins I dug during the test:

(11) You may also want to know how to understand the mining interface. The following picture mainly identifies your speed and status:

Note: In fact, the number of bitcoin mining users is very large, and the bitcoin output every 10 minutes is very limited, so the difficulty of mining is already very, very large, if you have If you have a graphics card with strong performance, there will be certain benefits. If your graphics card is not good, then you may need to spend N hours to get a little bit of Bitcoin. This tutorial is written by Xiaotian, editor of Bit Times (, The purpose is to let everyone get started and experience Bitcoin. If you want to get better benefits through mining, you need to further understand Bitcoin mining pools and Bitcoin mining strategies.
4. Bitcoin mining pool
As mentioned above, the number of users of bitcoin mining is very large, and the bitcoin output every 10 minutes is very limited, forming a situation of millions of people grabbing one The situation of the block appears, so if you use a personal computer to mine alone, you may not be able to grab a block for a whole year. In this case, people have come up with a team mining method, The so-called team mining is the mining pool we are going to talk about now.
The mining pool is a server designed by a specific algorithm. All users connected to the mining pool server will form a team to mine. Although the performance of the personal computer is small, thousands of people will mine in a team. mining, the overall performance will become very powerful. In this case, the success rate of mining will be greatly improved. Once the team in the mining pool successfully creates a block, all the people in the team will Performance pays dividends. For example: 1,000 people mine in the same mining pool, and after a block is mined, the reward of N bitcoins generated by this block will be distributed according to the computer performance of these 1,000 people. Maybe 1 in 100 if your computer is strong, or 1 in 10,000 if it lags.
In this case, the developers of the mining pool will generally charge each user a fee of 1%~3% as a handling fee, but because this method allows everyone to obtain Bitcoin more stably, almost everyone will Choose pool mining instead of solo mining.
The mining pool provided by BitTimes for free in the mining tutorial above adopts the P2Pool technology architecture and does not charge users any fees. It is one of the mainstream mining pools, as well as BTC Guild and deepbit, etc. The mining pool is also very popular. Although the design of each mining pool is different, the usage methods are basically the same and simple, so this tutorial will not describe further, you can explore by yourself. Even though the mining pools and ports provided by BitTimes have been configured for you by default in the previous tutorials, in order to give you a deeper understanding of the mining pools,Here we will introduce several mainstream mining pools for you to choose from:
Bit Mining Pool (free, recommended) | BitCoin.CZ (suitable for beginners) | BTC Guild (the oldest brand) | deepbit (stable and efficient) | f2pool (domestic)

㈨ Why do you say that mobile phone mining is a scam?

Because all those who come in after mobile phone mining will be cut off.


1. In the past two years, various “get rich overnight” myths about blockchain have been staged continuously, “mining” Cryptocurrency has become a new trend of getting rich, and mobile phone mining is becoming more and more popular.

2. For real mining, there will be special mining machines. After all, every mining machine is not cheap. Mobile phone automatic mining can be obtained very cheaply. It’s not Bitcoin, basically the altcoins issued by myself are not worth much, and they will still be cut into leeks at that time.


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