Monero coin generator exe

1. How to delete the mining program mineros.exe

A high load alarm occurred on a server with Gitlab installed recently. The Cpu usage is as follows:

Let After logging in to the server, use top to check the CPU usage. This program called minerd consumes a lot of CPU, as shown in the following figure:

This program is not our normal service program, and I think it must be It was hacked, and then I searched for this program. It really is a mining Trojan program. Since I already know that it is a Trojan horse program, let’s see how it works and how to fix the backdoor.

This program is placed under /opt/minerd. When it is determined that it is not related to the project, it is judged to be a Trojan horse program, decisively kills the process, and then deletes the minerd file under /opt.


2. Why is mobile phone mining a scam?

Because all people who come in after mobile phone mining will be cut off.


1. In the past two years, various “get rich overnight” myths about blockchain have been staged continuously, “mining” Cryptocurrency has become a new trend of getting rich, and mobile phone mining is becoming more and more popular.

2. For real mining, there will be special mining machines. After all, every mining machine is not cheap now. Automatic mining on mobile phones can be obtained very cheaply. It’s not Bitcoin, basically the altcoins issued by myself are not worth much, and they will still be cut into leeks at that time.

3. What does mining mean on the computer?

Mining: Bitcoin mining is a process of using computer hardware to calculate the location of Bitcoin and obtain it .

4. What should I do if my computer is mined by svchost.exe

This svchost.exe is a system program, and all system services rely on it to run Yes, it cannot be deleted at all (even if you delete your system, it will crash), so you need to check the control panel, management tools, services, and see if there is any suspicious content in the service.

5. What is the olo coin mobile phone mining machine? It has to pay more than 8,000 and mine 24 hours a day. Is it a scam?

It is a scam. Many Internet companies and network security companies have analyzed that illegal “mining” has become a serious network security problem.

With the rise of “cloud mining”, cloud hosts have become the main target of mining digital currencies such as Monero and Eli coin, and the situation of stealing the computing resources of cloud hosts for “mining” It has also increased significantly; the security team has monitored and found that “scramble for mining machines” has become one of the important purposes of botnet expansion; and a new type of “mining” virus (mining XMR/Monero) has been found in two It spread wildly within a month, and the illegal “mining” profited nearly one million yuan.

(5) Monero mining generator exe extended reading:

From a commercial point of view, the business model of mining can be completely out of the way A “healthy road”. The platform can offer a certain amount of “incentive money” to attract users to join the platform to participate in mobile mining. As long as the “incentive money” is lower than the average acquisition cost of new users in the market, the business model is sufficiently reasonable and feasible.

But if the platform tempts users to participate with “no capital and great profits”, it is worth being vigilant. The so-called “mining” opportunities provided by the platform for you are likely to be “well-digged pits” in Wait for you to jump in.

6. What is Monero mining

Go to the Internet to collect it, you can ask Du Niang

7. Monero mining Can mining trojans be killed?

Monero solves these privacy concerns by automatically applying secrecy technology to every transaction. You can rest assured that you cannot have “tainted” Monero. This is an economic concept called “fungibility” that has historically been considered an important feature of all currencies

8. Mining will be discovered by telcos

Not sure, the “E-Surfing Campus Client” provided for download by the campus portal of China Telecom Jiangsu Branch ( is implanted with a backdoor virus, which can accept remote instructions from hackers and use poisoned computers to brush advertising traffic , and will also release the “Monero” miner virus for mining. After the user installs “E-Surfing Campus Client”, the speedtest.dll file will be automatically released in the installation directory, which is the body of the virus. All operations such as downloading and releasing other virus modules are performed by this file. After the advertisement brushing module is executed, it will create a hidden IE window, and then start to read the cloud instructions, and simulate the user’s mouse and keyboard clicks to brush advertisements in the background. In order to make users not aware of this situation, the sound card is also blocked from playing the sound in the advertisement page.
Another virus mining module, after analysis, found that it was mining “Monero”, which is a digital virtual currency similar to “Bitcoin”, with a price of about 500 yuan per stick. When the virus module starts “mining”, the computer CPUThe resource usage has soared significantly, resulting in poor computer performance and increased heat generation. At the same time, the computer fan will also run at high speed, and the computer noise will also increase. In the end, it was also found that a Chinese Calendar with a signature of “China Telecom Co., Ltd.” also had the backdoor virus. Generally speaking, there should be no problem with the signature of a large enterprise company such as telecommunications. It is indeed a bit strange that the virus was implanted this time, but there is no result as to how it was implanted.
Bitcoin Introduction:
1. The issuance and transaction of Bitcoin is achieved through mining, which is minted at a definite but constantly slowing rate. Every new block is accompanied by a certain amount of brand new bitcoins created from scratch. Many people overseas make a living by mining, but it is not allowed in China. At present, the relevant departments are taking a severe crackdown on this content. If you use a computer to mine at home, if you don’t use a lot of electricity, you will generally not be investigated by the power supply bureau; if the power consumption is serious, or there is electricity theft, you may be investigated by the power supply bureau. At that time, it will not only be as simple as being fined, but also possible to bear criminal responsibility.
2. Industrial Internet platforms and smart devices have become important targets of cyber threats. According to the monitoring of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, in the second quarter, a total of 22 industrial Internet platforms in my country provided services. There were 656 cyber attacks on these industrial Internet platforms from overseas, involving Beijing, Chongqing, Hunan, and Inner Mongolia. 115 new vulnerabilities in industrial control systems, involving 71 products of Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider Electric and other brands; there are more than 527,000 controlled IP addresses in my country infected with malicious programs of industrial Internet smart devices, which are affected by There are 13 botnets with more than 10,000 IP addresses.

9. The computer will be very stuck from time to time. There is a Updatedg.exe that takes up a lot, and it disappears at once. I have disabled the update of W10, solve it!

Updated reply on April 9, 2020, problem solved, below answer

April 8, 2020:

Although It’s been a long time, but I’d still like to answer, I encountered a similar problem recently, you may have been hit by a Monero mining Trojan, there is a CMDC.exe in the deep directory of the C drive, every time the mouse is still for a period of time It will start to execute in the future, disappear from the resource manager as soon as the mouse moves, and finally monitor it with the help of Microsoft’s processexplorer tool. I haven’t found a solution yet. After deleting it, if the mouse is still for a period of time, the related files will be recreated. The config file at the bottom states that it is generated by xmr-stak, which can be found by searching on the Internet.

On April 9, 2020, the problem has been solved, and it is estimated that you are a novice or novice mining Trojan. After replying to this question on April 8, continue to do The following actions are performed:

  1. According to the file creation time of CMDC.exe, use the searcheverything tool (if the directory where cmdc is located is directly opened with the resource manager, you cannot see any files, only With the help of the advanced search function of the tool), find the files created on the current day and the previous 2 days, and find that there is in the upper-level directory of CMDC.exe, the related files of the file CMDC.exe, and a series of files are all deleted.

  2. According to the file creation time of CMDC.exe, find all the programs installed on the 18th and 2 days, and the programs installed during the period are uTorrent (cracked version for cheap hands) , the program is uninstalled, and continue to use the searcheverything tool to find all files by keyword utorrent, and delete them.

    After the above, the computer did not operate for 20 minutes, CMDC.exe did not appear again, and the computer resource curve was stable, and there was no temperature spike or fan spinning.

Later, I searched for Monero on the B station, and there is a mining tutorial….. After a few glances, this thing is to use the computer to put it bluntly. The CPU or GPU is used for mining, and the CPU is generally used. I encountered a GPU, and the relevant configuration file will have a Monero user account (it’s just that I deleted the file too quickly and couldn’t find it).

In short, the lesson is that the cracked thing can be used without it, and it is necessary to be prepared for psychological and property damage. Special attention should be paid to the abnormally high temperature of the computer. It may have been tricked.
ps I thought it was a heat dissipation problem at first, so I cleaned the fan and re-applied silicone grease, but it didn’t work.


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