Monero mining attack

❶ What is Monero Mining

Go to the Internet to collect it, you can ask Du Niang

❷ The best configuration of Monero

Monero is best equipped with GPU. The FIL mining machine uses its own GPU and has applied for a patent. For the motherboard, the FIL mining machine adopts a customized dedicated storage and mining motherboard; for the bandwidth, the IPFS mining machine chooses a mining farm with 1,000 and 10 Gigabit bandwidth access.

Transmission speed and server need to run without interruption. The speed and stability of the network will affect the data transmission speed, and the server needs to work 24 hours a day. If you mine at home If there is a sudden power failure, all data on the server will be lost, and the consequence may be that the mortgaged tokens will be confiscated by the system. If it is hosted in a professional computer room, the computer room uses an uninterrupted power supply system, so there is no problem of power failure.

24 hours staffed. If the hosting miner suffers from server attacks, data loss and system crashes, professional engineers will handle it in the computer room. If it is placed at home, once the data is lost and the system is attacked, the tokens that will be mortgaged will also be confiscated. .

The server guarantees network connectivity. The server must ensure the access speed of visitors from all over the world. If the server can respond in time, it must be a public network static IP address. The wide bill in the office or home is a dynamic IP, and the office or home is converted by an N-tier ISP. the amount, so the speed cannot guarantee normal access from all over the world.

❸ What is the mining Trojan in the 360 ​​acceleration ball?

Don’t worry about this, 360 has an automatic interception function.
Mining Trojans are now in the limelight, and their gold-absorbing power is chasing ransomware. Recently, 360 Security Guards intercepted a Monero mining Trojan that spreads using “Eternal Blue”. Due to the heavy attack ammunition, the Trojan has a huge spread, reaching 100,000 times a day at the peak. More than a million attacks.

It is understood that this is a large-scale attack carried out by the mining Trojan carrying “Eternal Blue” against ordinary netizens. In order to prevent the computer from becoming a hacker’s mining coolie, 360 reminds netizens to ensure that they are patched and immune to each other. This class uses the “Eternal Blue” attack, and at the same time opens 360 security guards to comprehensively defend against various mining Trojans

❹ Can Monero-like mining Trojans be killed?

Monero solves these problems by automatically applying security technology to every transaction Private issues. You can rest assured that you cannot have “tainted” Monero. This is an economic concept called “fungibility” that has historically been considered an important feature of all currencies

❺ What is an olo coin mobile phone mining machine, it costs more than 8,000 , 24-hour mining, is it a scam?

It is a scam. Many Internet companies and network security companies have analyzed that illegal “mining” has become a serious network security problem.

With the rise of “cloud mining”, cloud hosts have become the main target of mining digital currencies such as Monero and Eli coin, and the situation of stealing the computing resources of cloud hosts for “mining” It has also increased significantly; the security team has monitored and found that “scramble for mining machines” has become one of the important purposes of botnet expansion; and a new type of “mining” virus (mining XMR/Monero) has been found in two It spread wildly within a month, and the illegal “mining” profited nearly one million yuan.

(5) Extended reading of Monero mining attack:

From a commercial point of view, the business model of mining can completely walk out of a “healthy” the road”. The platform can offer a certain amount of “incentive money” to attract users to join the platform to participate in mobile mining. As long as the “incentive money” is lower than the average acquisition cost of new users in the market, the business model is sufficiently reasonable and feasible.

But if the platform tempts users to participate with “no capital and great profits”, it is worth being vigilant. The so-called “mining” opportunities provided by the platform for you are likely to be “well-digged pits” in Wait for you to jump in.

❻ How much computing power does gtx1060 mine Monero coin?

I am 1060 (3G), and I have used all mining software on the market before, but the computing power is very low, because these software All the water was pumped, and all the digging was taken away by the platform!

Later I found the software of salmon miner. The software does not pump water. The following is my income and computing power. You can refer to it. If the 6G graphics card is used, the income will be higher!

❼ Why do most mining viruses (Trojans) mine Monero?

Try Tencent Computer Manager to check and kill, antivirus management 2 in 1, Trojan check The killing is upgraded to professional anti-virus, and the killing is more thorough; it integrates the Kingsoft cloud killing engine and the local anti-virus engine of Xiaohongsan, and the computer housekeeper’s own anti-virus engine fully guarantees the virus killing effect. Coupled with the computer housekeeper system repair engine, when a system problem is detected, it can also help users repair the system.

❽ How to prevent Monero mining virus

Use 360 ​​to protect your computer, and it is more secure and safe to manage your Monero on the largest digital asset China currency platform in the country


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