Monero Web Mining Pool

⑴How to prevent Monero mining virus

Use 360 ​​to protect your computer, and compare with managing your own Monero on the largest digital asset China currency platform in the country Rest assured and safe

2 Why do hackers prefer Monero to Bitcoin for mining

Who told you that hackers need to mine? Don’t you know that they all looted the coin pool?

⑶What is the official website of Poolin Poolin

The website of Poolin Poolin is, currently supports BTC, BCH, BSV, ZEC, LTC , ETN, DCR, DASH, XMR and other currencies. The official copy
Their service is still very good

⑷ Is anyone mining in the Poolin Pool? How about the income?

Yes, the income is good , compared with other mining pools, the income is higher, mainly because of good service.

I can’t find customer service for other mining pools. I don’t care if there is a problem, and I don’t compensate for the loss of computing power. I can contact you in time if there is a problem with the currency printing. The cute little currency printing is cute and mysterious. If there is a problem with the mining pool, the compensation should be compensated as soon as possible without any guarantee.

As the computing level of the entire Bitcoin network continues to rise exponentially, a single device or a small amount of computing power cannot obtain the block rewards provided by the Bitcoin network on the Bitcoin network.

After the computing power of the entire network has increased to a certain level, the probability of obtaining rewards is too low, prompting some geeks on “bitcointalk” to develop a method that can combine a small amount of computing power for joint operation, Websites built in this way are called “Mining Pools”.

In this mechanism, no matter how much computing power individual miners can use, as long as they participate in mining activities by joining the mining pool, no matter whether they have successfully excavated effective Data blocks can be rewarded with a small amount of Bitcoin by contributing to the mining pool, that is, cooperative mining by multiple people, and the Bitcoin rewards obtained are also shared by multiple people according to their contribution.

As of January 2019, the top five bitcoin mining pools with global computing power are:, Poolin, AntPool, slush pool, and F2Pool. About 70% of the world’s computing power is in Chinese miners hands.

In the Bitcoin world described by Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper, the entire network produces a block every 10 minutes on average, and each block contains 50 (now 12.5, and Bitcoin is halved every four years or so) ) bitcoins.

And a block can only be dug up by a lucky person, who directly owns 50 (now 12.5, bitcoin is halved every four years or so) bitcoin, and others have no income , the probability of mining is proportional to the computing power of the equipment invested by the miners.

It is doomed that if the number of participants in Bitcoin mining is huge and dispersed to a certain extent, the probability of mining Bitcoin will be infinitely close to zero, similar to winning the lottery. Maybe invest in a mining machine to mine, according to the probability, it will take 5~10 years to mine a block, which puts Bitcoin mining in an embarrassing situation, making it almost impossible for ordinary people to participate.

⑸ Is it better for graphics card miners to mine Monero?

The graphics card is indeed better than other currencies to mine Monero, and the income is also better. will be higher! Of course, mining ETH is also a good choice.

This is my own graphics card mining machine. The mining software uses salmon miner.

⑹ Monero mining virus, how to kill it

You can install some antivirus software on your computer, such as 360 Security Guard One Class, and then keep it on all the time so that the virus can be prevented from entering the computer. If it has been poisoned, use the 360 ​​first aid kit to check it in safe mode.

⑺ Can Monero-like mining Trojans be detected?

Monero automatically applies security technology to each deal to address these privacy concerns. You can rest assured that you cannot have “tainted” Monero. This is an economic concept called “fungibility” that has historically been considered an important feature of all currencies

⑻ How to mine with GPUs and mining pools

It is calculated according to the conditions of use of the fare. Regular fare tickets, whether one-way, round-trip or round-trip, are valid for one year. Non-scheduled tickets are calculated from 0:00 on the next day after they are issued. The commuter ticket is calculated from the actual start date of travel and is valid for one year of transportation; if all the tickets are not used, the transportation is valid for one year from the date of issuance of the ticket.

⑼ Why do you say that mobile phone mining is a scam?

Abstract mobile phone mining is to hype the value of the virtual currency dug out to attract traffic, and then pass the accompanying advertisement after obtaining the traffic. Or colluding with the script author to realize the cash, and through the trust, yes, the trust, the acquisition of virtual currency or some means to stabilize the military’s heart,� One group of people, after attracting others through high invitation rewards, the next group of leeks will happily come by themselves.

⑽ How many coins can Monero 1024T mine a day now


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