Monster hunter p3 submerged forest mining

Ⅰ Which areas in the permafrost of Monster Hunter 3 can be mined?

One on the right side of area 2, two places near the two holes on the left side of area 4, and three places on the side of the camp near the camp in area 5 , one in the lower right corner of zone 6, and two places at the top of zone 7

Ⅱ Monster Hunter p3 Where are all the ores

Item name, rarity, maximum holding number, selling price, starting with end material Details and remarks Small stone 1 99 1z – can be thrown at the lower level, can be mixed with sticky grass to form the material jade × 2 iron ore 4 99 60z ore end material × 1 lower earth crystal 4 99 80z ore end material × 1 lower weathering system Weapons need Swallow Stone 4 99 160z Ore End Material × 2 Lower Color Crystal 4 99 420z Ore End Material × 2 Lower Submerged Forest Possible Blue Amphibole 4 99 140z Ore End Material × 1 Lower Submerged Forest, Permafrost, Volcano Possible Pure White metal 4 99 320z ore end material × 3 lower frozen soil mining possible light crystal 4 99 1150z ore end material × 4 lower frozen soil, volcanic mining possible pyroxene 4 99 480z ore end material × 3 lower volcanic mining to obtain lava blocks 4 530z Ore End Material×4 Lower Large Pumpkin, Pumpkin Red Lotus Stone 4 99 860z Ore End Material×4 Lower Volcano Mining to Obtain Linghe Stone 6 99 680z Ore Upper End Material×1 Lower Upper Mining to Obtain Abyss Crystal 6 99 720z Ore Upper End Material× 1 Obtained egret stone 6 99 1020z ore upper end material from upper submerged forest mining × 1 upper volcanic mining to obtain ice crystal metal 6 99 640z ore upper end wood × 2 upper frozen soil mining to obtain Hellfire Stone 6 99 1720z ore upper end material × 1 upper volcanic mining to obtain Ice Crystal 4 99 60z – Mining in the permafrost to get rainbow crystal 4 99 200z – Mining mushrooms for the lower level
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Ⅲ Monster Hunter p3 Highest Volcano Gathering The Fastest Route in All Mine Points

It’s lazy enough, it just so happens that I’m just as lazy as you, I’ve already researched it. base out. First, there is a place where you can pick mines. Then go to zone 5, there are two mines (one is near zone 6, but don’t go to zone 6). After going to District 8, there is 1. Go! ! ! Run to District 9! There are three in area 9, and then go to area 10, there is a place where you can pick ore and a place where you can mine. If you pick up gunpowder rock, don’t pick it up. Then, throw it home.
What? You say you don’t have the money to buy home ammo? Go to see the cat!

Ⅳ Monster Hunter 3 psp collection points of various maps

PSP map collection points:

1, isolated island

Ⅳ Find the mining points of all maps of Monster Hunter 3

Most of the blending materials in “Monster Hunter World” require players to find and collect them on the map by themselves, so be familiar with each map The most fertile areas on the map became a compulsory course for hunters. The mining points of all maps are as follows:

1. Lucoral Platform

Lucoral Platform is not very suitable for collecting maps, and this map is relatively unfinished. There are many passages and areas that few people go to, and they are also relatively partial.

Land Coral Mesa is the 13th district with a concentrated output of depleted fruit. That is to say, there are two collection points for the cracked fruit on the top layer of the map. At the same time, it has 2 mining points, and it is often recommended to dig after the unicorn.

(5) Monster Hunter p3 Submerged Forest Mining Extended Reading:

Monster Hunter 3 Unlimited Mining Tips:

This generation of collection points has been optimized a lot compared to many versions before, that is, some points will be randomly generated every time the mission is out of the fixed, and there will be a chance to regenerate after a period of time. However, in general, the number of regenerations is limited.

For example, if you want to mine, you need to take non-mining missions. In such missions, the mines are often refreshed again and again. For example, the 8-star Murakami asked me to go to the ancient forest to pay ten undead moths. Generally, this kind of purposeful delivery task often strictly limits the number of target material collection points to give you some challenges, while other categories are often ignored.

Firstly, I dug two mines in area 3. After a while, I came back and found that there were two more mines. After digging, I went to other areas to collect them and came back for a while. Repeatedly, whether it is a small amount of ore material or stone protection, it is also very effective. If you don’t want to collect 10 moths that are the target of the task, it will be fine.

VI Monster Hunter P3 Mining Site

Permafrost: 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 Volcano: 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 Island : Area 4, 6, 7, 10 Sand Plain: Area 4, 6, 11 Submerged Forest: Area 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 Stream: Area 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 P3 is fine, 2G Even if there are too many maps in 2G.

Ⅶ Monster Hunter P3 Where are all the maps to mine?

Play more Monster Hunter P3 The main site has instructions for all map collection points .

Ⅷ Monster Hunter 3 Submerged Forest Mining Location

Look around! There is a large rock with a flat profile on the edge of the map!

Ⅸ Monster Hunter P3 Farm Cat Mining

The quantity of mines is directly related to the quantity of cats and the quality of hoesDepartment… The number of cats determines the maximum amount of ore produced… The quality of the hoe affects the success rate of mining… (For example, if it fails, it will come out empty…)…

Ⅹ Monster Hunter p3 stream, Submerged forests, sandstone, what areas of these maps can you dig stones

Streams: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8
Sand plains: 4, 6, 11 Areas
There are no forests in the water: Area 1, Area 3, Area 5, Area 6, Area 8, Area 10
I can’t explain the specific location, please look for yourself in these areas, some May be very secret
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