Most Promising Blockchain

A. What are the application prospects of blockchain?

The application prospects of blockchain are mainly in the field of finance, Internet of Things and logistics, public services, digital copyright, insurance field.

1. Blockchain has potential huge application prospects in financial fields such as international exchange, letter of credit, equity registration and stock exchange. The application of blockchain technology in the financial industry can eliminate the need for third-party intermediaries and achieve point-to-point direct connection.

2. The blockchain can also be naturally combined in the field of Internet of Things and logistics, which is considered to be a promising application direction of the blockchain. The establishment of credit resources in the blockchain can double improve the security of transactions and improve the convenience of IoT transactions. Save time and cost for intelligent logistics mode application.

3. Blockchain is closely related to people’s production and life in public management, energy, transportation and other fields. The decentralized and fully distributed DNS service provided by the blockchain can realize the query and resolution of domain names through the point-to-point data transmission service between each node in the network.

4. Through blockchain technology, works can be authenticated to prove the existence of text, video, audio and other works, and to ensure the authenticity and uniqueness of ownership. After the work is confirmed on the blockchain, subsequent transactions will be recorded in real time, realizing the full life cycle management of digital copyright, and can also be used as a technical guarantee in judicial evidence collection.

5. In terms of insurance claims, insurance institutions are responsible for fund collection, investment, and claims, often with high management and operating costs. Through the application of smart contracts, neither the policyholder’s application nor the approval of the insurance company is required, as long as the claim conditions are triggered, the policy will automatically settle the claims.

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Core technology of blockchain

1. Consensus mechanism , through the voting of special nodes, the verification and confirmation of the transaction is completed in a very short time; for a transaction, if several nodes with irrelevant interests can reach a consensus, it can be considered that the entire network can also reach a consensus on this. The goal of the blockchain consensus mechanism is to enable all honest nodes to maintain a consistent view of the blockchain.

2. Asymmetric encryption requires two keys for encryption and decryption, which are public key and private key. The public key corresponds to the private key. The public key is used in the encryption process of data, and can only be decrypted by using the corresponding private key; otherwise, the private key is used when encrypting data, and only the The corresponding public key can be decrypted.

B. What is the blockchain, and is there any future development prospects?

The concept of blockchain is so popular! Will blockchain technology become a new trend?

In recent years, the development ecology of blockchain has been gradually improved and enriched. Industry insiders believe that with national policy support, extensive attention and financial support, blockchain technology can achieve gradual and stable progress. Although the upward prospect of blockchain technology is broad, it is necessary to maintain a normal mind.

C. Does blockchain really have development prospects?

There is no doubt that blockchain has development prospects, and the necessary condition for development prospects is to enter mainstream market.

Mat Spoke, founder and CEO of North American blockchain infrastructure The OAN (former Aion Network), published an article in Forbes on July 24 entitled “In order to successfully enter the mainstream market, blockchain projects must In the article “Eat Dog Food”, Matt mentioned his views on how the blockchain should enter the mainstream market – “Eat Dog Food”.

In the technology circle, there is a jargon called “dogfooding” (also known as eating your own dog food), which refers to companies using their own products to become users of their own products. Many high-growth companies (such as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) also “eat dog food” for product testing or to help build product credibility. While “dog food” is often used to find and fix bugs, it has another value: creating solid use cases for a company’s product.

This is worth learning from blockchain projects, because blockchain projects often hold the idea of ​​”when it’s built, they (users) will come naturally”, and habitually create fresh and interesting The responsibility of the blockchain application is handed over to a third party.

This attitude is so common that even the well-known blockchain summit Consensus 2019 (2019 Consensus Conference) also held a conference titled “Once it’s built, they (users) will come naturally: building a global region Blockchain Center” roundtable discussion on how governments around the world can make efforts to attract blockchain projects while balancing regulatory, investment and innovation needs.

In all fairness, this tactic may be effective for blockchains that only target crypto-communists. For securitiesTokens, especially exchanges represented by exchanges, make more sense – “supply creates demand” is the usual line of thinking here, especially considering the complex infrastructure required to implement these transactions.

In contrast, “eat dog food” is more likely to be embraced by blockchain project developers seeking mainstream audiences such as those in the financial industry, manufacturing and supply chain, identity management, etc. use. For blockchain technology to enter these mainstream fields, blockchain companies must first “eat dog food”. Not only does this clearly demonstrate that blockchain technology is feasible outside the cryptosphere, it also highlights that blockchain can not only optimize existing use cases, but also create new ones.

The OAN team has been adhering to this concept, and has developed Moves, a financial technology platform for independent workers, relying on the technology stacks of The OAN and Aion built over the years.

Matt said that when developing and developing Moves, the team hoped that the relevant functions of The OAN blockchain network could be fully utilized, so the focus will be considered from the following three aspects:


1. How to use The OAN blockchain network to improve the credit efficiency of products.

There are two main considerations for improving credit efficiency: 1) Can we learn from the mechanism of the DeFi market to reduce the cost of capital; 2) Can we use blockchain technology to increase the trust of the outside world in the credit process of Moves. Here, Moves will form a mechanism for “pooling the wisdom”, allowing everyone to contribute to reducing credit risk and increasing the credibility of the credit granting process, possibly even developing a micro-guarantee mechanism in the future. Therefore, users will be able to participate in the market established by the platform as a borrower, lender or guarantor.

2. How to align the interests of products and users.

Specifically, by connecting Moves to The OAN network, with the help of digital asset Aion, an interest-aligned relationship is formed between products and users, so that users can experience Moves personally Whether the product is successful or not, it can also directly participate in the blockchain network that supports Moves – The OAN.

3. How to use Moves to create a precedent for an open system of financial reputation data.

This open system could be an alternative to traditional credit scores or related mechanisms. For years, banks and financial institutions have used Equifax, FICO or other similar scores as risk indicators, and the Moves team believes the product it is building will be a great start – a better, more modern financial The beginning of the reputation system. This is a long-term goal.

Moves supports North American mainstream carpooling, takeaway and other gig economy platforms, and will be the flagship open application developed by The OAN on its blockchain network. In June, Moves has expanded its business operations from its original Ontario to two more locations – Alberta and British Columbia – into western Canada.

The various initiatives of The OAN team are all adhering to the spirit of “eat dog food”, in order to make the blockchain technology enter the mainstream market as soon as possible. Blockchain is not for the niche, but for the mainstream. In addition to The OAN team, many projects and institutions in the blockchain industry are also aiming at this goal. With such an excellent and targeted blockchain, you can Are you saying there is no future?

D. Do you have the most promising blockchain in 2019?

Yes, digital currency is, and digital currency has been developed for several years. Among digital currencies, Bitcoin was the first to emerge, followed by mainstream currencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. And for these coins, $100 can be traded on Realm Kingdom.

E. Does blockchain have a future?

Of course, blockchain technology is now more and more widely used, especially for financial and logistics tracking, but It is still in the early stage of development, so it has great prospects. It is strongly recommended to invest in some blockchain assets. If you buy it right, the growth potential will be amazing. There are many exchanges such as Huobi, and many capital institutions have entered the market. There is a big move.

F. What is the development prospect of blockchain

Technically speaking, blockchain is a new technology parallel to the Internet. The efficiency of information communication and information transmission between people, and the blockchain solves the cost and efficiency of trust transmission between people, and can reduce costs for enterprises, especially trust costs.
For financial enterprises, the most intuitive problem is cost saving, because many financial enterprises, especially banks, need to invest in settlement business, equipment, technical strength, Strong interaction, etc., the future blockchain technology can reduce the cost to a very low level.
There are also applications in other areas, such as accounting, where blockchain can make the entire auditThe industry simply disappeared. Because the record of the blockchain ledger and the confirmation of the transaction are itself an audit process, it can keep the transaction intact and publicize it to the whole network. When you go to verify, you can match the ID and qualification of the enterprise linked to form the audit process.

G. Of the 5 domestic blockchain applications that have been popular recently, which one has a better prospect? Dogs surrounded it, and others were walking around in other clearings. ?

H. Is there a future for blockchain development?

The concept of blockchain has been hyped up recently, it is just like the Internet in the 1990s , promises to revolutionize our entire lives, both professionally and personally. Just as the internet spawned thousands of new companies in its early days, so is the case with blockchain now.
As the backbone of emerging technologies, blockchain is not only used in the field of virtual currency, but also in other fields such as finance, medical care, and intellectual property certification. A large number of outstanding enterprises have emerged at home and abroad to develop or enter the blockchain. chain industry. Microsoft, IBM, Tencent, Ali, JP Morgan, NetEase, Xiaomi, etc. have already deployed blockchain. In the past two years, blockchain will flourish in many fields.
It can be seen that blockchain technology is developing rapidly in the world. Perhaps in the next few years, blockchain-related technologies will be applied to the field of intelligence and notarization, including identity information authentication, notarization, arbitration, auditing, emails, personal visas, ticketing information, etc. Covering the entire society, blockchain technology has the potential to become the bottom-level protocol for the Internet of Everything.

I. Does anyone know the prospect of blockchain development?

The prospect is very good. Blockchain technology should be said to be a major technological innovation, and it has also spawned many professional blockchain development teams such as Lairui Technology, whose positioning is also very clear. Software development ecosystem.

J. Among the 5 domestic blockchain applications that have been popular recently, which one is promising?

Many are quite promising, but you must be careful about computer viruses
Computer Manager’s Internet security report in the first half of the year, Tencent Security mentioned that there are many viruses in the blockchain
You can install some anti-virus software on the computer
Such as Computer Manager, and then keep it Enable
This will prevent viruses from entering the computer


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