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(1) The great god came with a name about blockchain and virtual currency.

About midnight, I just slept for a while, and was woken up by Mrs. Linton, who slipped into In my bedroom, move a chair

(ii) Has the blockchain landed in the film and television industry?

Blockchain is basically a leek-cutting model. It is not recommended to go deep into the previous two years. It is basically unheard of to engage in blockchain this year.

㈢ Does blockchain have any impact on the film industry?

The future development trend of the media industry will be to realize various details first Vertical integration in different fields to realize media conglomeration. However, there are many bottlenecks in the film industry. For film creators, the problems of infringement and piracy that have not been eradicated for a long time can be solved by blockchain technology with immutable characteristics. At present, there is already a public service called movie and TV blockchain The platform is initiated by Hunan Soyun Technology and Hengdian, several major cultural exchanges, and it seems to be doing this.

㈣ What do you know about blockchain

Blockchain is characterized by decentralization, trustlessness, collective maintenance, and reliable database

㈤ Is it reliable to invest in movies in the “film and drama blockchain public service platform”?

In fact, movie investment is also a very normal investment method, but because the cycle is relatively long, it seems that the risk is relatively high. Chain technology should be able to solve this problem, from the initial project investment, where each penny of each producer comes from, how much the project party has raised in total, to the production process, the producer spends every penny of investment in Where is it, and how much the actor took, it cannot be tampered with and can be traced back. Now there seems to be a public service platform called Movie and TV Blockchain, which was initiated by Hunan Soyun Technology and several major cultural exchanges.

㈥ What are the new energy sources related to blockchain

At present, the concept and construction mode of blockchain are relatively mature, and certain achievements have been made in the field of application analysis of energy utilization. Progress. Specific applications include: energy transaction and supply based on smart contracts, ownership of information, and the establishment of distributed transaction records.

㈦ Will the blockchain change the rules of the film industry?

Blockchain can be applied to many industries, for example, insurance, anti-counterfeiting, bank accounting functions, to achieve everyone The sharing mechanism is fair and just, there are many applications in the industry, and the Internet in the new era.

㈧ What changes and innovations will blockchain + film and television bring to the film and television industry?

The public service platform of film and television blockchain will provide services from copyright transactions, film and television investment and financing, and marketing. Talk about the impact of blockchain + on the film and television industry in terms of distribution and release methods.

㈨ A movie about blockchain is finally released, do you understand?

Ready Player One
Director: Steven Spielberg
Screenwriter: Zach Payne
Starring: Tye Sheridan
Genre: Drama
Region: United States
Language: English
Release: 2018- 03-30
Length: 140 minutes

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