N server mining 1300

『One』wow mining is at 131 o’clock, where to dig and upgrade quickly

125 Mining iron ore. The recommended location is Arathi Highlands. Go around the surrounding mountains and enter if there is a hole. If no one robs you, it will not take long to reach 175. 175 Mithril Mining Recommended locations are the Badlands or the Hinterlands, both of which are mithril paradises. If someone grabs you, change another map. It is also around the mountain. It should be noted that there is a cliff on the far right of the Hinterland. Don’t fall off. If you accidentally fall and still not die, I suggest that you drown in the water and resurrect directly from the cemetery. It’s best to get 250 in these two places. 250 The recommended location for thorium mining is the Burning Plains or Felwood. There are several mining points in the Fat Man Cave, but it is not easy to figure out which hole it is, so if you are not familiar with the situation in the cave, it is recommended not to go. Picked up inside. Just go around the mountain, these two places don’t have to stay for a long time as long as you reach 275. 275 Treasure Treasure The recommended location is the wormhole in Silithus. This is absolutely paradise. As long as you choose the time that no one is robbing, it will soon reach 300. The key is to be familiar with the wormhole map. Or you can choose to go to Winterspring Valley, where there are also many rich mines, but the map is too big to run. 300 Felite Hellfire Peninsula, go around the hellfire, if you have a big bird of course it will be quite fast. Here again, don’t trust the map of the mine distribution, trust your memory is better than anything else. It’s only 330 here. 330 Adamantite Mine Daofeng Mountain This is indeed a miner’s paradise, you can graduate here. Now it is definitely a wise choice to practice forging mining and forging together, otherwise it is difficult to rush, unless you have a lot of money, this guide of mine will be very easy to rush to full if you are mining. Here, I don’t say how much to do before 300. I can clearly analyze what is cost-effective when I am in the NPC, and only talk about the next few difficult points. The money you can make for mithril equipment is good enough for the ore you mine. It is best to practice mining and forging at the same time, with forging as the main mining supplement. When you can make mithril things, basically your mining has passed the stage of stepping on mithril and rushing skills, but I suggest that you continue to mine mithril and rush forging until you can make thorium equipment. There is a blueprint for mithril. Silver Spurs, you can leave a lot of ore with this charge, but this pattern is dropped from the world, and AH is generally sold very expensively, so I didn’t use this pattern to charge. After the Thorium equipment can be made, it is a difficult level, that is, the stage from 275 to 300, which requires a lot of Thorium ore. Of course, there is also a pattern for the remaining material, which is the Thorium Shield Spike, which is also dropped from the world. If you don’t want to spend this unjust money, go mining yourself. Here is a little gossip. After you can make high-level mines, I suggest you sell the remaining low-level mines. If you can make some money, you can sell those gems. If you are useful, you can keep them for 360 in the future. It needed some money, so I sold it all at the time. 300-330 to make magic iron equipment and secondary enchantment runes is very simple, you can go to 330330-340 to make adamantine hammer, this thing is written as adamantine axe in many guides, but when I do it, it is really a hammer, this The pattern is sold by NPC in Exodar-Arras Silvermoon City-Enreid, if you don’t buy it, don’t worry about 15 minutes, the NPC pattern is brushed very quickly, there is no need to go to AH to buy the pattern of 340-350 secondary protection runes There are also many guides with different names, but this is not important, it is also sold by NPC in Shadowmoon Valley Mary Stonefist – Wildhammer Fortress Rohawk Salma (Horde) (Hellfire Peninsula) 350-360 Adamantite Balance stones or Adamantite whetstones are all purchased from the NPC of the Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh. They need prestige and respect, and you can use whatever weapon you want. These can be used later. 360-375 This is the key point, many strategies are for magic steel, or prestige equipment, but here I recommend buying the Eternal Gold Rod NPC, and the secondary protection rune above is bought by an NPC. This can be done all the way to 375. Although the equipment can be sold for 375, but in this version, whoever buys these primary equipment when it reaches 70 will directly pack a KLZ, ZAM group or go to the G group to buy T4 and T5 upgrade equipment. And Hengjin is not expensive, because Hengjin is not used much, mainly for smelting magic steel ingots, and there is not much needed, so most server Hengjin is very cheap. This is very cost-effective to do 375. The price of our F is 3G ingots. That is to say, it only takes 12G to directly buy mines and make them. If you throw the NPC directly, you will have 4G. What is the waste of 8G for each point of forging? The low-level ones sold earlier Mine is enough. Of course, after 370, it depends on the character, when the edge is green. You can choose the pattern on other Raiders to rush. I was too lazy to brush the magic steel pattern at the time, so I took this directly to 375. If you brush the magic steel pattern, use AustriaThe rush from the Kington Crypt is enough. Welcome to adopt\(≧▽≦)/

『鴴』 World of Warcraft’s mining skill depends on the maximum number of smelting ore.

The order is copper-iron-tin-silver – Gold – Mithril – Thorium – Fel Iron – Adamantite – Cobalt Ore – Fel Iron Ore.
Each skill segment has different ore melting points. Generally speaking, if it melts to green or gray, it is necessary to honestly mine.

『Three』 How much money will you earn on average per hour if you mine the Legend of the Blood

When I was mining before, I used plug-in mining, and I could mine 50,000-600,000 to 70,000 yuan a day. About 800,000. Now I don’t know if I can dig this much.

『館』 How to make money fast in World of Warcraft mining

Wake up an hour early every day and guard at the mine. It is recommended to borrow money to buy horses, mobility is necessary for collection. I just turned 70, and I borrowed money to buy a big bird. After 1 week of mining, the mine is still on, and it is still rich. That is, when there is no one in the morning, guard the mine. In addition, it is recommended to use the collection assistant plug-in, in addition, carrots, whips and so on. . Look at it all. You are faster than others, that is the first opportunity.

『Wu』World of Warcraft mining problems

Mining and smelting can improve mining skills. It used to take several times to finish mining. Now it only takes one time.

『Lu』 Who can tell me, how much mining level is required for the mines in Outland to mine

Magic Iron Maniac 300 Adamantite Mine 350 Krypton Gold Mine and Rich Adamantite are both 375

『 7” My LR is now level 72 and I want to practice mining, but I have only reached 140. Where can I quickly practice mining to 300?

I recently reached 300. Let me share it with you! You Now mine 130 for tin and iron to 175 in ALX and Hillsbray Hills, and then go to the Hinterlands to mine mithril (500G per hour is no problem when there are few people, I am mining and herbs of course more than this Then go to the cursed land to collect thorium, 300 will arrive soon! If there are many people in other places on our server, so I didn’t say it. It is best to attach five collections

『渌』 World of Warcraft mining and earning places

Go back to the Hinterlands to dig mithril and go to the auction house that you don’t understand what’s going on to search for mithril, you should know

『玖』WOW mining upgrade route!

I just filled up the mining~I only went to a few places~I didn’t go to other places~So the map was not opened~~
Since the landlord is already 80!
Then start the tin mine~
You need to go to the wetlands to dig~~Go to Arathi to mine iron ore when you reach 125~~After a few turns, you can reach 175~You need to go to Xin Tran digging~~I spend a lot of time here~~I have practiced to 230~You can mine real silver~I still dig in the Hinterlands~~ After 250, go to the crater~~Dig and dig and you will be When it reaches 275~ I will go to East Plague~ I will reach 300 soon~ Hurry up and run Hellfire and turn 2 laps to get to 330~ Go to Nagrand and more miners to grab the fine gold mine~ I will die for mining~ I bought a big bird with 5000G! ! Digging and digging~~ I finally saw krypton gold! ! ! My first piece of krypton gold was dug at the Void Dragon Island in Shadowmoon Valley~ It was not full at the time~ I saw it~ Hurry up and dig the Void Mine! ! Void Mine will be refreshed very quickly~ There will be Adamantite occasionally! Finally after a circle ~ full! Go back and have a look ~ krypton gold is still there! ! Run down and dig! !

『Pickup』 Wlk…..Mining, you can’t make any money at all. . . .

To tell the truth~Mining is really not profitable~Now I feel that it is making money from jewelry~It is FM decomposition and selling materials~
Jewelry is one of the most popular professions now~
We accept that the stone handwork fee is 15-20G per stone~ You can do the math, you are better than mining~
Or, you can buy the stone directly and then cut it and hang it in the auction house, WOW has no shortage of rich people ~
The rich go to the auction house to buy it~


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