Naruto mobile game ghost Jiao mining teaching

❶ Naruto mobile game new version of ghost shark how to play how to play new version of ghost shark

new version of ghost shark
The new version of ghost shark has encountered too few, so I can only briefly talk about it. This ninja’s successful set of damage is still very impressive.
Skill changes
The once cumbersome ghost shark has become a lot more flexible after the update. The four water sharks that sprang from the ground are not only much faster, but also have a better range than before. Adding a floating air to a combo, or sealing a position to start, or defending oneself against a sudden advance, are all good players.
The speed of the explosion wave is also much faster, but due to the mechanism of this skill, the hit rate is still unsatisfactory. Corner sealing is a test of technology.
The performance of Profound Truth in pkc is also unsatisfactory, and the damage is OK.
Advantages of Oni Shark
Oni Shark’s current advantage is long hands and first-class defense. It’s still very useful to deal with Du Lidou’s close-in rush. It is best not to use his skills to take the initiative to attack, and defensive counterattacks are the excellent play of the ghost shark.
If it is classified into levels, Oni Shark is a ninja with medium and upper strength but difficult to learn.

❷ Naruto mobile game how to get ghost shark as fast as possible

At present, ghost shark only has two ways of point store and dungeon, but you should not open the elite dungeon, then Get out of the points competition, and then ask the organization to ask for it

❸ How to beat the ghost shark in the Naruto mobile game.

The ghost shark should be better to fight, and the blast is recommended. Dingci and Anbu Itachi, with the hegemonic body dense volume, started to rush, because the ghost shark has a big back shake.

❹ How to play organized mining in Naruto mobile game Detailed explanation of how to organize mining

Can mining automatically fight? The psychic is to bring some high damage, sharks, toads, blue snakes, and secret scrolls use high-damage water to rush, and can also be used to match the ground movement of the combo, the wind kills the monsters, and the ninja is me. The ones I tried are very good with Obito, the ghost shark is also very good, Xiaolumaru, Feiduan, Hinata are also good, the others are not very good, there seems to be a bug when using Shino, I was killed by those monsters before using Xiaoshino Yes, that damage is wrong

❺ How to get the dried persimmon ghost shark in the Naruto mobile game

How to get it
1. Obtained through advanced ninja recruitment
2. Through fragment synthesis
Civilians get dried persimmon ghost shark, Naruto mobile game A-level ninja dried persimmon ghost shark recruitment experience

❻ How to mine 1500 green bottles in Naruto mobile game mining

2. Of course, some ninja shards can only be collected through shards 1. Of course, local tyrant players can directly go through advanced recruitment, click on the ninja system, click on the corresponding ninja avatar, click on the star, and you can see the system prompts you to get the shards method. According to the system prompt, you can just swipe at the corresponding level. There is no way to get it through ordinary drops. You can directly swipe whichever ninja you want, and swipe until the collection is complete. For civilian players, if you want to raise a ninja to a star, you need to swipe the corresponding elite. Dungeon

❼ Naruto mobile game ghost shark how to fight ghost shark dungeon play strategy

Normal attack: Ghost shark uses the big knife “shark muscle” in his hand to carry out basic attack, which may be due to The weapon is too bulky, and its basic attack swings forward and backward are long, but the damage is also high, and the basic attack range is as long as 3 positions.
Water Escape – Water Burst: The ghost shark moves its shark muscle forward, generating a large amount of water splashes and then sending out a water flow that rushes forward. The enemy that hits will be floated into the air. The hit rate of the skill is not very high, it is best to use it in conjunction with the other skills. The skill damage is high, the judgment range is about 2/3 of the screen, and the CD is 10 seconds.

❽ How to play the Naruto mobile game Dried Persimmon Ghost Shark

Naruto’s character Ghost Shark is a ninja with high skills and basic attack damage. So don’t forget to connect 3 basic attacks after using the skills. When we use “Water Escape – Rain Four Sharks”, if the enemy is around, it will play the role of controlling the enemy and dealing damage. If the enemy is not around, it can also play a role in protecting the ghost shark itself. Ghost shark’s skills and basic attacks carry the knock-up effect, so it can be a good connection to the skill “Water Escape – Explosive Water Rush”.

❾ How to play Naruto mobile game A ninja shark

Naruto mobile game A ninja shark pvp skills, for this game, many friends may not know Naruto Ninja mobile game A Ninja shark pvp skills, the following is a small bone to bring you the relevant information of Naruto mobile game A Ninja shark pvp skills, players who are still unclear come and watch together~

In today’s Android weekly free update, we once again welcomed an A-level weekly free ninja, the tailless beast-Dried Persimmon Ghost Shark, and as a free A-level Ninja, Dry Persimmon Ghost Shark still needs to be played. Players who can operate and play can still have the power to fight against various ninjas in the current environment. Today, I will introduce the PvP skills of ghost sharks.

Ghost sharks do not need to be connected with the psychic secret scrollRecruitment teaching:

1. Start with normal attack: The shark’s normal attack has a wide range, first two sets of A, and the third set is the last to turn. After turning and breaking through the storm, a set of A, and a set of A for the rain to wash your feet (rain four sharks), and the big move is taken away. (Assessment A must find a good time, otherwise the last one will not be able to pick up, if it is not possible, you can finish the first two clicks first, and then wait for the target to be within the range, then A third).

2. The storm water breaks through the starting hand: even if only the second stage of damage is hit, it can still be connected steadily. The storm broke through the hands and ran to two sets of A. The second set of comments, A, took a final turn. Catch the rain and four sharks, (play at a slower pace, and wait for the person to almost land to pick up the skills, otherwise the storm water has not yet reached the CD, which will seriously affect the combo) and the storm water will break through. Another set of basic attacks, and the big move is taken away.

3. The four rain sharks start their hands: the four rain sharks start their hands, take the opportunity to go around to the back, one set of normal attacks, break through the storm, one set of normal attacks, catch the rain Four sharks, then A set of basic attacks, and the big move is taken away.

4. The big move: As we all know, the ghost shark’s big move can be combined. So there was a big move. Make a big move, take a set of basic attacks, and finally turn around to catch the rain and four sharks. Another set of normal attacks. After breaking through the storm, a set of comment A will be taken away. Ghost sharks belong to high-burst ninjas and are suitable for cuttings. After inserting, put a psychic + rain four sharks + storm water to break through. Can connect later. The ghost shark is used well and can have such a place in the duel arena.

❿ Is Naruto mobile game ghost shark PK powerful? Detailed explanation of skill combo in actual combat

PK is powerful, A-level ninja is not a joke, and combo is a common skill Great work


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