next big nft drop

next big nft drop?

NFT Calendar for 2022

Drop Date NFT Drop NFT Type
09/05/2022 Pharagods Art
12/05/2022 PandaQ Art
13/05/2022 Mutant Hamsters Art
13/05/2022 Anasazi Collection Art

Simply so,What is the next best NFT?

5 Best Upcoming NFT Projects – New NFT Drops 2022

  • Silks – The Best New NFT Project in 2022.
  • Meta Triads – Exciting NFT Project with Passive Income Potential.
  • Guild of Guardians – Upcoming NFT Game in Pre-Alpha Phase.
  • Rich Cats Nation – Digital Art NFT Collection with Built-In Breeding Mechanism.

Long,How do I track upcoming NFT drops?

You can keep track of all the upcoming drops with the help of the NFT Drops Calendar. It will not only keep you updated with all the forthcoming NFT drops, but you will also be alerted about giveaways, events, and sales related to NFTs.

Subsequently,What is the largest NFT collection?

Otherdeed for OthersideNFT Collections Listed By Sales Volume

# Name Assets
1 Otherdeed for Otherside Ethereum 97,608
2 Mutant Ape Yacht Club Ethereum 19,079
3 Bored Ape Yacht Club Ethereum 9,999
4 BEANZ Ethereum 19,950

31 more rows

Beside above,What are some of the best NFT projects?

In this article, we have enlisted the top Ethereum NFT projects that you can follow in 2022.

  • Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity is popular in the NFT market as one of the most popular NFT games and a profitable cryptocurrency. …
  • Decentraland. …
  • CryptoPunks. …
  • Gods Unchained. …
  • The Sandbox. …
  • NBA TopShot. …
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club. …
  • Remarkable Women.

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What is the most popular NFT?

One of the most popular NFT collections is Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), a collection of 10,000 apes on the Ethereum blockchain. It currently has a floor price of over 113 ether, or $351,868. To date, 496,700 ether, or $15,466,641,960, of volume for BAYC has been traded, according to OpenSea data.

What is the best NFT Crypto?

Below are the top 5 tokens used in NFT marketplaces as of Jan 26, 2022….Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Used In NFT Markets.

Token Price in $US Market Cap
Theta Network THETA $2.92 $2.92 bil
Axie Infinity AXS $52.12 $2.89 bil
The Sandbox SAND $3.05 $2.8 bil
Tezos XTZ $2.83 $2.46 bil

1 more row•

What are the most successful NFT collections?

Most Popular and Best Selling NFTs of the Last Week – April 3, 2022

  • Arcade Land. …
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club. …
  • Akuma Origins. …
  • Beanz Official. Last 7 days: $24.89 million. …
  • KIWAMI Genesis. Last 7 days: $24.72 million. …
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club. Last 7 days: $31.49 million. …
  • Doodles. Last 7 days: $17.44 million.

What are the trending NFTs?

11 NFT Trends to Look Out for in 2022 (and Beyond)

  • Taking Out Loans Using NFTs.
  • Big Brands Jumping on the NFT wagon.
  • NFT Take on Hollywood.
  • A Home Away from Home.
  • Fashionable NFTs are now in style.
  • Intellectual Property Rears its Head.
  • Social Media Gets a Piece of the NFT Action.
  • Crypto Exchanges Begin to Sell NFTs.

How much is one Ethereum now?

Ethereum Price Update

Ethereum Price Value
Today/Current/Last 2,19,769
1 Day Return -1.57%
7 Day Return -4.74%

How do you know if NFT is good?

A good NFT project will have a healthy community following them. The ones with the most engagement are usually the projects which will be the most successful. NFTs are more than just owning a piece of art, they are being part of a community, where a culture has been created, and culture creates a following.

Where can I get free NFT drops?

Games such as Alien Worlds and Farmers World offer free NFT drops as a bonus for active participation. Free starter NFTs. Some free-to-play blockchain games offer free in-game assets at the start of the game.

Is NFT calendar free?

The mission of the NFTCalendar is to support the creators and contribute to their development in the crypto art field. That’s why any creator can add his drop or event in the NFTCalendar for free.

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