Obtained from the talent level 4 Basic Mining


A. How to obtain silicon crystal ore in “Tomorrow After”

First of all, you must choose to become a miner in your occupation, so that you are qualified to collect silicon crystal ore. If you develop into other professions, you can only go to the trading city to trade with other players, or sometimes there are such things in the event rewards.

B. How to unlock the steel pickaxe with the talent level 4 basic mining technique after tomorrow

The pickaxe can only be made after learning the new gathering skill after the gathering proficiency reaches level 29. Introduction

C. Where can World of Warcraft Warlock Summoning Skills be learned? Do you need to add talents to get them?

Little Blue Fatty Dog Meimo all pick up quests from the trainer. Demon Guard is the talent in the middle of the third bottom layer of the devil. In the early stage, it is recommended not to upgrade the destruction. It is better to use the pain upgrade at 50 to replace the demon upgrade.

D. After tomorrow, the fire axe needs a few levels of manor to do it

When we reach the eighteenth level, we can get the talent of fire axe. When we click on this basic logging technique, then we will learn to make the third-level fire axe successfully.

E. Warlocks who play money are talented and skilled at making money.

Of course they will be destroyed by fire. Although they will sit on the floor for about 10 minutes, but 3 – 4 burns can kill a monster in seconds. It only takes 7.5-10 seconds, which is impossible for any profession. Soul extraction and enhanced absorption of souls can be recovered. With a succubus, run to the element highland, Everyone else was killed by you

F. How to learn skills and how to learn gathering skills in “After Tomorrow”

Basically, we have passed the stage of novice on the road. At this stage, You will start to face problems such as shortage of resources and insufficient skills. Both of these two skills are used to prepare for the later equipment, which can better avoid the situation of insufficient resources later.

G. How to unlock steel pickaxe with talent level 4 basic mining after tomorrow

Recipe: 480 pieces of wood, 120 pieces of stone, 3 pieces of iron ore A

tool function: a tool for quarrying, which can improve the efficiency of collecting stones.

Steel Pickaxe After Tomorrow

H. How to add mining and training for Warcraft level 65 LR talent The BBs of fighters and cats are easy to use because fast attack speed is the most common standard for leveling. After PVP, you can choose spider (with shooting talent 1V1 net person) or scorpion (his poison protects your viper) and cat (beastmaster) Talent) class is always better to use BB type. Before level 70 (61/0/0), click on Beastmaster. There is nothing to consider. Upgrade 275 mining to go to the burning plains (black thorium and rich selves can dig), the ground is full of mines, and it will increase in FM mining +5 to 300 to hellfire, which means you have to develop…
After 3.0, the experience in Outland has become less. It is recommended to do tasks without FB. The upgrade is faster. Now you are 65, you can go to the Coilfang Reservoir to get an old 2 crossbow and practice until 70. After brushing the battlefield and changing to the S2 crossbow, you can consider washing the shooting talent If you don’t have a good weapon, don’t shoot and the survivability of the Beastmaster is much better than shooting.

I. Recipe for Reconstruction After Tomorrow

The Recipe After Tomorrow is a very important way to play, so remake the recipe after tomorrow What’s the use? The modified formula will have additional bonus attributes and scores.

Specific modification method:

In the game, players can use formula residues Obtain recipe drawings of various weapons by means of page synthesis. After the blueprint is obtained, it is necessary to use the method of modifying the formula to increase the attributes and score of the weapon.

What is the use of modifying the formula?

The weapon in this game has a sturdiness value. The weapon will be permanently damaged when the sturdiness value is used up. The formula of this weapon will always exist. Unlimited crafting of weapons, so you can think of recipes as weapons in traditional games.

And the modified formula is equal to the refining equipment in the general game. After you modify the formula, the score of the formula will increase, and the weapons you make with this formula will always have improved attributes and scores. Weapons with higher ratings do more damage and sell for higher prices.

How to transform recipes:

Drawing duplicate recipes in the game will give 10 transformation coins, or you can buy them with money, 1 yuan is 10 transformation coins, 20 coins Once remodeled, the advanced drawings will increase.

As long as the modification can change the additional attributes, it is a good thing. For example, the lower the blood volume of my composite bow, the higher the damage, and the headshot can make the monster stiff.

Note: Modification and painting are not in conflict, you don’t have to worry about modifying the formula, the painting can be regarded as an addition to this formula.

J. Ball night elf thief’s information, including: skill learning, talent addition, life skill learning, pk operation, where to get the best equipment after level 70.

Skill learning, according to the situationIf you have money, you can forge, engineer.. Forging has 70 purple helmets that can be used (T4<helmet<T5), the one-handed hammer made by forging is very good, the hammer can be upgraded, the 1st-level hammer is equivalent to the normal level of 70 purple Hammers, tier 2 hammers are equivalent to T4 weapons, and tier 3 hammers are equivalent to T5 weapons… If you plan to practice weapon hammer thief, you can consider forging, if you don't plan to practice hammer thief, you can replace forging with digging Mine

The talent point is added according to the content of each update and the changes to the thief. It is now version 2.32, and the popular impulse bleeding thief. The addition is 31 30 points. Well, if you put those specific Adding additions will be exhausting to write. There are basically common additions on the Internet, but talent depends on you. There is no best talent, only the most suitable talent. So it depends on your understanding of thieves. It’s not something that can be conveyed by others.

Life skills, first aid must be learned no matter what and must be fully practiced, there is no reason, just like a priest learning resurrection… The rest depends on interest, but there are many additions in the later stage of cooking. Agility and AH bonus cooking food.. Fishing? If you like

PK operation, I don’t know how to tell you, if you want to play JJC with awareness of movement, add cooperation and sharp clarity… If you just listen to others Said that it is only on paper, mainly due to the long-term training experience and own awareness (if you want to play well, you must have some understanding of each profession), but also watch more videos of master thieves, because you have many small details. It can only be learned through the videos of top masters. For example, in JJC, the thief’s blindness and sap, strong concealment and resistance to death coiling, etc….Remember, everyone can walk for a long time, but consciousness is learned. , at the right time with the right skills is a good thief…

The equipment obtained after 70, worry, there are two ways, one is obtained through ROLL and the other is obtained through JJC.. .. But the status of ROLL is generally a thief now. With so many thieves and thieves in GF, it is difficult to gain a foothold in ROLL unless you have rights and relationships.

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