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1 Now, besides Litecoin, what other altcoins have mining pools

It seems that most altcoins have mining pools. There are domestic currency Yuanbao coins.

(2) Litecoin mining pool

Litecoin needs to be generated by “miner mining”, and mining is performed by computer graphics card for hash operation. When the value of “exploding” is calculated, the system will reward 50 Litecoins at one time. At present, the computing power of Litecoin is growing rapidly, and miners can no longer dig mines through several computers, so they need to join the mining pool, and the mining pool gathers With all the computing power of everyone, it is estimated that the probability of calculating the “explosive” value is greater.
Currently well-known mining pools include: BTCC (formerly Bitcoin China) mining pool, waltc.net Fish Pool (F2POOL), WeMineLTC, Coinotron, SilverFish, LiteGuardian, LitecoinPool.org, etc. But at present the highest income is F2POOL. The recently launched Litecoin theoretical income + mining pool subsidy 10% = your actual income, which has attracted the attention of many miners and the industry.
The world’s main active digital currency exchange rate Currency symbol Issuance time Author Active official website Market value Bitcoin base remarks Bitcoin BTC 2009 SatoshiNakamoto is bitcoin/org ~$24.3 billion is SHA-256 Litecoin LTC 2011 Coblee is litecoin/org ~ $3.6 billion is Scrypt

⑶ What are the Litecoin mining pools

◼WeMineLTC 5,543.7 MH/s
◼ Coinotron 4,406.2 MH/s
◼give-me-ltc.com 4,379.9 MH/s
◼litecoinpool.org 3,247.8 MH/s
◼Pool-X.eu 768.2 MH/s
◼P2Pool 758.5 ​​MH/s
◼Hypernova 698.0 MH/s
◼Netcode Pool 396.5 MH/s
◼LiteBonk 236.4 MH/s
◼CoinHuntr 216.1 MH/s
◼burnside’s Pool 209.2 MH/s
◼Litepool.eu 164.1 MH/s
◼Elitist Jerks 160.6 MH/s
◼litepool.ru 139.3 MH/s
◼Nushor’s Pool 118.3 MH/s

⑷ Which mining pool is better for Litecoin

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⑸ A bitcoin ratio called okcoin, is the Litecoin trading platform reliable? people share experiences.

The boss of okcoin is the former CTO of Douding.com. The website is OK. The main problem is that the funds are often frozen for no reason, and the withdrawal speed is slow.

⑹ What are the recommended Litecoin mining pools


⑺ How to choose a Litecoin mine Pools

Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin, and it also needs to be mined in a mining pool. Currently, there are more than 20 mainstream mining pools, so which ones are better? Let me recommend it to everyone:
Litecoin mining pool ranking:
WeMineLTC 5,543.7 MH/s
Coinotron 4,406.2 MH/s
give-me-ltc.com 4,379.9 MH/s
litecoinpool.org 3,247.8 MH/s
Pool-X.eu 768.2 MH/s
P2Pool 758.5 ​​MH/s
Hypernova 698.0 MH/s
Netcode Pool 396.5 MH/s
LiteBonk 236.4 MH/s
CoinHuntr 216.1 MH/s
burnside’s Pool 209.2 MH/s
Litepool.eu 164.1 MH/s
Elitist Jerks 160.6 MH/s

⑻ What currency does OK mining pool support now?

There are quite a few supported, what is Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum? Yes, all mainstream coins support

⑼ Litecoin mining pool address, who knows

more, you can use fish pool, reliable


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