OlympusDAO accused of defrauding early investors, causing it to lose about 4 million OHM

On April 15th, OlympusDAO was sued by Australian investor Jason Liang in the U.S. District Court of Connecticut. Jason Liang said that he had previously invested $50,000 in DAI in OlympusDAO in exchange for 4 million pOHM (OHM Token) After the launch, early investors can use 1 DAI and 1 pOHM to mint one OHM), OlympusDAO later modified the smart contract to make it impossible for Jason Liang to mint pOHM into OHM. In addition, OlympusDAO has also used pseudonyms to shield its team members from liability. Jason Liang said his token purchase agreement (TPA) with OlympusDAO indicated that the money raised in the private round would go to a company that didn’t actually exist. (CoinDesk)

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