Onda d1800btc installed win10

1. Onda d1800 power consumption

The main parameters of Onda D1800 BTC: the maximum supported memory capacity is 8G.
New Onda/ Onda D1800-BTC integrated CPU motherboard 6 graphics cards J1800 in-line motherboard
Onda D1800 BTC is an accessory product with high cost performance. Manufactured by ONDA, the manufacturing process is excellent to ensure quality and service life.

2. Can Onda d1800btc motherboard be plugged into 2060s, and can it be installed for mining?

This motherboard has six PCIE×1 graphics card slots, which can technically be installed including RTX2060S Up to six cards of the same type can be inserted for mining.

3. What else can Onda d1800 do besides mining

The oldest machine is Lenovo y470 i5cpu, which is now used to support a game.
It is recommended to try Maozi’s project SONM computing power rental, mining + rendering + machine learning, mining provides guaranteed low income, rendering + machine learning provides additional profits.
A lot of distributed computing is somewhat similar to mining, you can participate in reports on medical research, astronomical exploration, etc.

4. Onda h110d3 install win10 normal win7 blue screen reason

If this is the case, if there is no problem in installing win10, installing win7 will cause blue screen, considering two problems caused by , One is that your motherboard driver or graphics card driver are incompatible. It is recommended to update the graphics card and motherboard driver immediately after installing the system. If this is the case, you need to consider the current factory hardware. May not be compatible with win7, only install 10, because there is no 7 system driver at all

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