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⑴How to see the development trend of digital currency

The globalization process of digital currency is still progressing steadily, and all countries are working hard to develop their own blockchain applications. The innovations brought about have great expectations, but ordinary people do not seem to be very interested in these technologies. They prefer to be able to obtain benefits from blockchain technology, so more people still learn the area because of currency speculation Blockchain, the threshold for entering the blockchain industry itself is very high. Basically, those who entered the blockchain industry were technical masters at the beginning. Later, some foresighted financial practitioners entered the industry through the currency circle, and then there were the capital disks headed by 3M. Crazy influx of Bitcoin, Litecoin, these large market value coins, and then spawned a whole round of digital currency bull market, and then everyone knows what happened, triggered new currency crowdfunding, spawned a bubble, and then the current value The way back.

The result of this round of market market is to let the people of the world realize what the blockchain is and what the blockchain can change. Some scholars and experts are really involved in the blockchain industry, driving the entire economy. The system studies blockchain technology together, and directly establishes the blockchain industry as a major trend in the next 5-10 years. For ordinary investors, it seems that investing in digital currency is the only way to achieve wealth overtaking. Therefore, if everyone loves the currency circle, they should dig deep into the currency circle, because the existence of the currency circle has become a trend, and it can be regarded as a sunrise industry. On the contrary, if you are curious about blockchain technology, you should also practice hard. In the future, central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and listed companies will need talents who understand blockchain, and it is best to understand the code together. In any case, it will be easier to make money under the tide of the trend, and the choice is more important than the struggle!

Market analysis


The position of 6600 was not the same as yesterday. There is no effective break below, everyone’s breakthrough selling point is a good application in yesterday’s hourly chart, look at the chart:

Since the day before yesterday, Bitcoin has been continuously supported at the important position of 6600, You can see that the trading volume that touched 6600 before was relatively large. Yesterday’s small trading volume fell below the 6600 platform support, which is not an effective breakthrough. After a short break, a Yangxian pulled back. Judging from the volume of the big Yangxian, it was also not large, indicating that the bulls were only temporarily holding the important level and were not able to complete the trend reversal.

Bitcoin has stepped out of a small bottom. Yesterday, I said that if 6600 stands, Bitcoin will have a shock rebound at this position, but it is expected that the rebound will be limited, and it will only prolong the decline time, so The market stood firm at 6600 for 3 consecutive days, establishing a small bottom of 6600.

Judging from today’s rebound volume, it is still insufficient, so the short-term rebound will not be too large. The strong pressure above is around 7700. The energy of the bulls in this round is limited, so temporarily look at 7700. As the rebound limit, the major downtrend remains unchanged, and there are local opportunities in the short term. Positions should still be below 30%.


Similar to the daily line, it has almost established a small bottom like Bitcoin, and will be followed by a certain rebound, but the overall situation will not be very strong, so it is still a linkage market. The specific analysis method was handed over to you yesterday, compare the K-lines of various coins and Bitcoin, and then select those main players who have the willingness to trade, and find the coins with a high probability of rising, only the large market value coins are against usdt The K line is valid.


Yesterday I compared these two graphs with the trend of Bitcoin, and gave the conclusion that the main force of XVG is willing to control the price of the currency in the short term, so XVG’s independent market continued to rise yesterday and today. This is a good case of converting graphs into language through technical analysis on the disk. If you can draw such a conclusion through comparison, I believe the probability of making money will be greatly increased. The same is true for ADA. If you compare it on March 18, Bitcoin has fallen far below the low of 3.18, while ADA is still hovering at 3.18 and stabilized. This is also the main entry signal, but through and Compared with XVG, we can conclude that ADA is a long-term bank, and XVG is a short-term hot money behavior. If XVG read the article yesterday and someone was in ambush, you can temporarily hold the currency along the 5th line later, the volume and price coordination is not bad, the wash is relatively sufficient, and there is a willingness to continue to rush up.


Take out the picture and compare it with btc, and you will understand why it has been said that it is linked.

In the past two days, the currency price has not been speculated, and some teams have started to repeat the old trick again, forking candy, no, OMG and BTG are clamoring to fork and give forked coins, but these news have been It is difficult to stimulate the currency price again. After all, it is not a star project. It is difficult for people to buy coins for candy.�desire. So this kind of news can basically be evaluated as neutral.

Recently, some of the currencies that have cooperated with large companies are doing well. If you speculate on news, you can consider this main line. You can find relevant information yourself, and do some lurking. There may be good short-term opportunities. .

There is not much else to talk about, the effect of making money is still not strong, mining and hoarding coins are the main, generally speaking, the currency price trend is weak, the bear market makes money, the bull market makes money, mining coins is more suitable than speculating coins In the current market, it is understood that the mining machine will drop due to the decline of the currency price. Once the currency price picks up, the mining machine will also rise in proportion, so you can rest assured to invest in mining. After all, if the currency price exceeds 7700, don’t continue to chase the high, it is easy to lose more than the gain.

(2) Where to go to learn about usdt knowledge

What exactly is USDT?

Tether (USDT) is a token Tether USD (hereinafter referred to as USDT) based on the stable value currency U.S. dollar (USD) launched by Tether. 1USDT=1 USD.


Tether claims to strictly abide by the 1:1 reserve guarantee, that is, every 1 Every USDT token, its bank account will be guaranteed with 1 USD of funds.

Any user who holds USDT can exchange tokens for fiat currency at a ratio of 1:1 (deducting remittance fees) as long as they complete the user authentication at Tether.

Currently supports U.S. dollar (USDT) and euro (EURT), which are hosted in different banks, and will support Japanese yen in the future.

The fiat currency is the reserve, and the tokens on the chain are the newly issued fiat currency, so the company Tether acts as the central bank.

At present, in the exchanges that have listed USDT, the price of USDT and US dollar (USD) is basically anchored at 1:1, with little fluctuation.

(Actually, a small amount of volatility has occurred, but it is often due to liquidity restrictions, or the inconvenience of traders, unwillingness to go to Tether for user authentication, and traders who have no conditions to receive USD returned by Tether.)


In addition, users can conduct fund inquiries on the Tether platform to ensure transparency.

3 What virtual coins are worth investing in?

Virtual coins refer to a kind of virtual money on the Internet. Virtual currency is different from checks and wire transfers. The value of virtual currency cannot be realized, and it cannot be transferred through banks. Currently, it can only be circulated in the online world. Virtual currency is released by various network institutions.

According to the notices and announcements issued by the People’s Bank of China and other departments, virtual currency is not issued by monetary authorities, does not have currency attributes such as legal compensation and mandatory, is not currency in the true sense, and does not have the same Currency has the same legal status and cannot and should not be used as currency in the market. Citizens investing in and trading virtual currency are not protected by law.

Warm reminder: Investment is risky, so choose carefully. Before you make any investment, you should ensure that you fully understand the investment nature of the product and the risks involved, and then make your own judgment on whether to participate in the transaction after understanding and carefully evaluating the product.
Response time: 2021-03-25, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank for the latest business changes.
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⑷ Investing in the future of Filecoin What is the prospect?

⑸ ckb future How much can it go up, and whether the current price can be bought?

No one can answer you how much it goes up, but for digital currencies, the tokens on the Ethereum chain will develop better in the future, such as eCell in In November, BitZ, Hotcoin, Dcoin and AEX exchanges will be launched, and ECELL/USDT trading pair will be opened. Previously, eCell has been listed on Bittrex Global and MXC. As a token on the Ethereum chain, the various advantages of eCell are reflected, and it is worth keeping.

⑹ What is the most profitable and best industry to do now


⑺ Now the blockchain is easy to find Do you work?

I can only say that this is an emerging industry. Don’t care too much about the immediate benefits. Looking at the long-term, opportunities are more important.

Blockchain technology is only a technical means of recording information. Its main features are decentralization and full transparency and openness, which can be applied in any industry. The traditional mode of recording information requires the recorder’s own reputation to endorse it, and people also pay for this reputation cost. Compared with traditional information recording methods, blockchain has unique advantages, and everyone canWith all records, everyone has all the record information, which also means reducing the cost of reputation. The so-called blockchain industry itself is a false proposition, and technical means can be applied to any industry.

⑻ What is the prospect of ALcx coin?

Abstract The prospect of ALcx coin is not very good. The transfer of ALCX, ENS, GALA, MUSD and POWR is only supported when The trading area is open. Traders cannot place orders yet, and the platform will not execute any orders. Trading will start on or after 9:00 am Pacific Time on Tuesday, November 16th (i.e., 1:00:00 am Beijing Time on Tuesday, 17th Beijing Time) after liquidity conditions are met. ”

⑼ What is the relationship between USDT, BTC and ETH on Huobi.com

1. The prices of BTC and ETH you see on this platform are not The real price against the US dollar, but the price in USDT currency, USDT is priced in OTC legal currency transactions. Their rise and fall are calculated in USDT, all three of them are virtual currencies, just currency transactions, Instead of the real dollar price.

2. USDT is a completely domestic altcoin. It used to be called realcoin, but the name was changed, while realcoin is a second-generation domestic altcoin. Coin, the first generation is called CHNcoin, both of which crashed and ran away in 2013 and 2014.

3, and the actual value of USDT can be said to be equal to 0, and the USDT issued TEDA has stopped providing any services to U.S. citizens, that is to say, TEDA cannot provide USDT to USD exchange and withdrawal.

(9) Prospects for future usdt Extended reading:

1. Huobi.com is a safe and reliable bitcoin trading platform in China. It has won tens of millions in the A round of ZhenFund, Dai Zhikang, Sequoia Capital (shareholders of many world-renowned companies such as Apple and Alibaba) For capital investment in RMB, Huobi implements strict risk control management and operates stably. As of the end of 2016, Huobi’s cumulative turnover reached 2 trillion yuan.

2. Huobi will mainly focus on overseas transactions in the future. Founder Li Lin stated in the open letter that he is currently developing 5 major businesses around the world, including Huobi Global Professional Station, Huobi Korea, Huobi China, Huobi Wallet, and Huobi Global USD Station. Among them, Huobi China focuses on blocks Chain technology research and development and application information, while Huobi Korea and Huobi Global Dollar Station will continue to provide digital asset trading services between local fiat currencies and digital currencies.


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