ownbit cold wallet stolen

(1) Can digital currency be defrauded to the police?

Digital currency is illegal in China and is not protected by law. You can call the police, even if you catch a liar, you may not get the money back.

2 What should I do if my Huobi wallet is stolen

First of all, it is recommended to call the police, as long as it is not there Abroad, the police with a large amount can basically recover and arrest the person.
Huobi Wallet is a decentralized multi-chain light wallet, based on Huobi Group’s comprehensive security expertise and technical development in the blockchain field, Huobi Wallet provides digital asset management (DAM) services . It supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, EOS and all ERC-20 tokens. In addition to the eight major currencies BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, USDT, etc. displayed by default, users can add the desired currency by themselves. Users hold their own private keys and do not rely on any third-party management. In wallet management, backup mnemonics, export private keys, and manage asset security. Users can also modify wallet names, hide wallets and other settings according to personal preferences.
Expansion information:
Nowadays, the way people save online currency
1. Hardware cold wallet
Hardware cold wallet is a hardware wallet that is not connected to the Internet, and is considered to be the safest way to save it.
2. Mobile wallet/web wallet
Whether it is a mobile wallet or a web wallet, it is a hot wallet. Don’t think that everything will be fine if you prepare a few private keys, and it will not be safe when you are connected to the Internet. In particular, many people have a mobile phone with a wallet, and they log everywhere every day. Once they are targeted by hackers, for example, the giant whale user upstairs is targeted by hackers, and the wallet is the hacker’s withdrawal. machine.
3. Decentralized Exchanges
Many people think that decentralized exchanges are very safe, don’t be misled. The first generation of decentralized exchanges still requires users to complete deposits and withdrawals (pseudo-decentralization). For example, EtherDelta, a decentralized exchange based on the Ethereum chain, also ran away. The second generation of decentralized exchanges actually put the coins in their own wallets, so they also belong to the category of hot wallets. Regardless of whether there are security loopholes in the exchange code, the hot wallet must be connected to the Internet for transactions at any time. Of course, there may also be man-made events, such as FCoin employees being angry and deleting the exchange code to run away. Therefore, centralized exchanges are criticized by many people as the most unsafe place at present. The reason is that there are many exchanges running away and theft incidents occur. For example, the FCoin exchange that just happened, and the famous “Mentougou” incident in 2014. Mentougou filed for bankruptcy after 850,000 bitcoins were stolen. Before 2013, there were not many exchanges in the world, so Mentougou became the largest exchange at that time and did not have many competitors. In 2013, shortly after the establishment of Huobi and OK, China became the center of bitcoin trading in the world. At that time, Mentougou had already gone downhill, and by the time it went bankrupt in 2014, it had already declined, and it was later revealed on the Internet that the technology of Mentougou’s website was very backward. Therefore, online currency transactions or storage must be cautious.

(iii) Can the suspect hide the fraudulent usdt in the cold wallet and recover it?

Hello, I have seen your question , is sorting out the answer, please wait for a while~

㈣ A man has a huge amount of virtual currency stolen, how to protect his virtual currency security

In virtual currency transactions , security issues occur every day. Blockchain technology ensures that all transactions cannot be tampered with, but central transactions using virtual currencies are vulnerable to hacking.


I hereby remind investors that virtual currency investment and trading are not protected by law. All those who try to cross this red line should not take chances, and the behavior of “money laundering” through virtual currency will be severely punished by the law!

㈤ The cold wallet assets are lost and can not be recovered.

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㈥ The digital currency speculation is deceived How to call the police

What you should do after being defrauded by a digital currency platform is to immediately go to the police station or public security bureau with your ID card and transaction screenshots. No matter which method the other party uses to defraud, calling the police is the only way to solve the problem, because one’s own power and resources are very limited, and it is basically impossible to recover the loss by one’s own ability.
After receiving the report, the police first questioned the victims and asked how they had been deceived. If the conditions for filing a case were met, the police would file a case, and then conduct an investigation based on the clues provided by the victim, and then arrest these people. Therefore, try to keep calm after being deceived, and quickly explain to the police that you have been deceived, and it is possible to help yourself recover your losses.

㈦ How the Huobi Wallet was stolen

Summary the phone was infected with a virus

㈧ The wallet is on the road.�, will the police accept it? Is it lost or stolen?

Summary Hello, I am very happy to reply to your question! The police report will be filed, but not necessarily accepted.

㈨ The cold wallet will be stolen if I send the QR code to others?

Generally not, if it is stolen, you can file an account complaint and fill in the information invitation Friends help you appeal back. As long as it is approved, you can change the password and mobile number.


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