Partnering with Ant on Blockchain


Ⅰ Interconnection of urban transportation areas, what has Ant Blockchain done

The interconnection of urban rail transit QR code has been launched, and now one yard can travel 13 cities. Ant blockchain not only protects the integrity of the QR code ticketing system in each city, but also ensures the transparency and sharing of information, protects the rights and interests of data assets, and greatly reduces the cost of building trust and reaching consensus among urban rail transit companies. . This is why the cities in the Yangtze River Delta region gradually expand the transportation interconnection.

Ⅱ Why is it safer for China Post EMS to cooperate with Ant Blockchain to mail things?

University admission notices are generally issued by EMS, why choose EMS? The high probability is also because EMS covers a wide area and is rigorous in delivery, but there are also some defects. In order to solve these problems, EMS cooperated with Ant Chain to use the distributed, non-tamperable, and traceable technical characteristics of the blockchain to avoid the problems encountered in the mailing process of admission notices. In this way, it not only avoids impersonating to go to university, but also avoids receiving an admission letter from a “pheasant” university. In the end, EMS itself truly controls every link. It substantially solves the trust problem among schools, post offices and candidates, and fundamentally solves the needs of all parties.

Ⅲ Is there any cooperation between Wanglian Technology and Ant Blockchain?

Wanglian Technology is a partner of Ant Blockchain and the first batch of service providers to settle in Ant Blockchain Cloud Market , the two parties work together to provide high-quality solutions for customers in the whole industry. Co-construction and sharing of technology ecology, join hands with technology to help trust the future

Ⅳ Ant blockchain is said to be applied to copyright protection. How to apply it? Yes, yes, now through The immutability of the Ant Blockchain, coupled with timestamps, allows the digital copyright protection platform to retain electronic evidence and truly achieve copyright protection, thereby combating piracy. If there is a need for rights protection, you only need to appeal online, submit electronic evidence, and then witness the judgment through notary offices, judicial appraisal centers, courts and other authoritative departments. In this way, the whole process of electronic evidence generation, storage, and dissemination becomes credible. With the ant blockchain technology, rights protection will no longer have to hit the wall, and the application process will become simpler and faster.

Ⅳ What role does Ant Blockchain technology play in promoting public welfare activities?

I heard that Ningbo Real Estate Registration Center and Ant Group have recently discussed Ant Blockchain technology in real estate registration, A cooperation agreement has been signed for collaborative innovation and promotion in the field of real estate mortgage loans. The “unforgeable, traceable, traceable” features of Ant Blockchain technology can ensure that sensitive information such as real estate registration, bank mortgage loans, and individual citizens is fully available. Cross-level, cross-department, cross-domain, cross-system security sharing and multi-service collaboration under the authorization mechanism.

VI is already the most reliable China Post in the country. What can be combined with Ant Blockchain?

I think it’s the icing on the cake, China Post itself is already very powerful and reliable However, the cooperation with Ant Blockchain helps China Post to form interconnection at different nodes and complete the real-time sharing of information, which allows the trusted platform to provide services such as three-party information sharing and inquiry, which can improve the transportation process of goods. security and visibility.

Ⅶ Can online signing in different places really be realized through the ant blockchain? Please answer!

Really, Ant Blockchain has launched “blockchain contract” and “chain signing”. In the past, real estate registration agencies had to rely on face-to-face paper documents to confirm rights and transactions, but based on ant blockchain technology, a more credible digital asset flow and collaboration network can be created to realize the transition from the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value.

Ⅷ I have never understood the use of Ant Blockchain. How does it help in the financial field?

Take the dual-chain communication platform as an example, using the technical characteristics of Ant Blockchain, Supply chain finance can better cover the entire chain: after the chain is launched, the entire financing flow process will be clearly traced and cannot be tampered with, which also eliminates risks such as misappropriation of funds. Blockchain is the infrastructure of multi-party collaboration and consensus, and Shuangliantong is a supply chain collaboration network. Banks, credit enhancement agencies, core enterprises, suppliers, small and micro enterprises and other service providers can form a new contract mechanism based on trust. It can be said that in the field of supply chain, all parties in the entire chain, including banks, credit enhancement institutions, core enterprises, and ultimately small and micro businesses, are all beneficiaries.

Ⅸ What is the use of the ant blockchain, and what are the benefits for ordinary people?

After reading your question, I must tell you what almost everyone has experienced One thing, I used to want to go out to do errands, not only a lot of documents, but if you bring one less, it will be a waste of time, and it will waste energy and time. So a platform called Nanwei Software Electronic License Platform and Ant Blockchain TechnologyWe have cooperated with technology to create a certificate and license platform, so that ordinary people can complete relevant affairs through Alipay client applets or other online channels, and even complete the whole process online. It improves the service efficiency of government agencies, making it simpler and more efficient.

Ⅹ The concept of Ant Blockchain is too abstract. I wonder what applications Ant Blockchain has in the financial field.

Take SME loans as an example. The collection of accounts and the lack of fixed assets lead to too narrow and single financing channels. This also happens to be in line with the characteristics of Ant Chain, such as non-tampering, non-repudiation, and easy traceability, so as to make use of the “credit circulation” platform built by the double chain. For example, Hello Travel and Bank of Shanghai have cooperated to access the “Dual Chain Link” of Ant Chain. Using the “credit circulation” platform built by Shuangliantong, small and medium-sized enterprises in the upstream and downstream of Hello Travel’s entire supply chain can rely on the credit circulation of the core enterprise Hello Travel to obtain financing support.


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