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『One』 Which bd is the Path of Exile Ranger?

The most powerful of the Path of Exile Ranger genre is the Executioner.
? The Executioner is an earthquake flow, a very violent BD, the specific BD is earthquake + reduced duration + weapon physical damage + increased fire damage + expanded range + body protection, a very good BD

『II』 Path of Exile Halo Master BD relies on the output of four skills: Vaal Discipline, Vaal Swiftness, Shadow Lost, and Resolute Battle Cry.

Val Swiftness can be released as soon as it can be released. Val discipline is used when you or your teammates are in danger. Shadow Lost needs to be permanent, and it can be played once when the cooldown time is up. Resolute Battle Cry is to roar when fighting BOSS, increase the attack speed, movement speed and casting speed of teammates and you.

BD introduction:

This BD’s profession is a Templar, a late-stage sublimation guardian, mainly using aura skills (referred to as “Halo Master” ). After advanced sublimation, it provides teammates with 12 defensive auras, and owns 13 defensive auras, creating a good output environment for teammates.


It has super high defense and provides super high defense to teammates. Under normal circumstances, you can eat melon seeds and brush maps.

“Three” “Road of Exile” 3.0 What are the seven major occupational wasteland BDs

The limited number public beta of version 3.0 of “Road of Exile” has been opened on August 22, and today I will show you Here is the analysis of the BD strategies of the seven major occupations in Path of Exile. I hope it can help players in the game. Let’s take a look at the strategies of these seven occupations.

Road of Exile 3.0 Seven major occupation wasteland BD strategy Shadow Assassin Noble Duelist Witch Templar Barbarian Ranger

Shadow Assassin:

BD Introduction

The wasteland BD recommended by ziggyd in the live broadcast, due to the large BUFF of Frost Thorn in 3.0, has a good burst output after the mine is transformed.

MOM improves the survivability of the BD, and supporting a lot of magic can alleviate the serious problem of mine BD consumption.

Ignore the anti-damage affix and don’t pick pictures very much.

Note: This BD is not strong and invincible, do not stand up!

Level 81 talent:

The ultimate maze chooses “Blinding Assault”

The thief chooses to take crit damage, restore mana, resistance.

For this position in the talent, choose the mana volume and blood volume in 3.0.

Gear Set

Mine Staff

Worm Ring

Sanity Jewel

For other equipment, choose high blood volume, high mana volume, supplement resistance, and preferably supplement strength and agility attributes.

Potion selection

Potion selection blood medicine, blue medicine, running speed medicine, queen water

Skill link

4L: Glacial Spikes – Mine Nets – Traps & Mine Damage – Concentrated Effects

5L: Glacial Spikes – Mine Nets – Traps & Mine Damage – Concentrated Effects – Precision Destruction

6L: Glacial Spike – Mine Net – Trap and Mine Damage – Concentration Effect – Precision Destruction – Crit Damage

Only in weapons.

4L: Injured Release – Detonate Mines – Curse of Time and Space – Immortal Roar

2L: Spell Totem – Detonate Mines (for boss fights)

2L: Quick Casting – Detonate Mine

1L: Hatred (in Worm Ring)

4L: Trap – Multiple Trap – Shot Trap – Frost Blast ( Used to reduce the boss’s ice resistance by 20%)

4L: Flame Dash – Fast Casting – Arcane Surge – Duration Extended

Operation Technique

Clear Figure: Throwing Traps – Manual Detonation

Battle Boss: Throwing Traps – Manual Detonation or Illustration Tem to let the Totem detonate

Path of Exile Popular Raiders Games Tips Vaal System Activation Code Prophecy List Essence Store Recipe Store Gems and Equipment Encyclopedia Equipment Abbreviations Skills Gems Profession Introduction Configuration Requirements Otherworld Illustrated Path of Exile Occupational Talents BD Noble Templar Ranger Barbarian Assassin Witch Duelist

『館』 Path of Exile Ranger sub-hunger, sharp-eyed stalker, what does it mean

Under normal circumstances, the stalker, commonly known as the medicine man, is powerful.
Medicine Man is indeed a bug in the current version, and it will have to be cut sooner or later.
However, it is very annoying and tiring to not stop the medicine. If you play bow, you can directly consider the sharp eye version. Naturally with chain belt +1 projectile, save the position of chain gems and replace them with damage-increasing gems. High-level multi-projection (gmp) can also be replaced with low-level multi-projection (lmp) to reduce damage penalties.
If you play medicine man, you can consider force explosion, bow, knife array and so on.

“Wu” Path of Exile Chapter 8, which skill reward should the side stalker choose?

High ES
Super high damage (with blood-sucking and VP station shaper)
Characteristics of medicine man (fast recovery of medicine, immune to elemental status during medicine, Remove bleeding, etc.)
Not afraid of back injury
High cost (expensive medicine, expensive ES equipment)
This is a medicine man, some people may not be used to it.

『Lu』Path of Exile 3.4 How to mine with a team

Invite the npc to your home and then enter the mine at home, you will open a portal and let your teammates in

『柒』Road of Exile Rogue quest reward stalker how to choose

About the stalker, that is, the medicine man, most of the old players of the national server are probably familiar with it. In the internal test that was opened on October 18 last year on the national server, Yao Xia was equivalent to the current thugs—they were the existence of version overlords.

Almost all BDs related to Yaoxia are basically cheap and clear. Although GGG has been weakening Yaoxia in several consecutive versions, Yaoxia is still strong to this day. Although it cannot be compared with the current thugs, the characteristics brought by the sublimation of Yaoxia itself make this profession still strong.

At present, with the complete disappearance of the three-knife formation mechanism and the abolition of ES absorption, the blood flow of the medicine man is still very strong, but the cost of land reclamation is high. Xia, without the potion, this profession is very painful, and the current potion price of the national server…

Because it is a crit route, it will be relatively large in the follow-up equipment investment , here you can choose whether to upgrade according to your own situation.

『渌』 Seeking the Path of Exile’s Executioner’s Highest Damage Bd

The Star Sculpture is already the graduation equipment of the whirlwind, and the 27W panel is easy to T17, and also It’s a question of drawing efficiency.

But if you think about it, you can’t beat the boss with force, and you can’t brush the map with the blade. And the whirlwind slashing brush map + BOSS is not stable, there is no need to specifically pursue those unilateral BDs.


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