Polygon Pledges $20 Million to Fund its Carbon Negative Initiative

As many governments drag their feet when it comes to environmental stability, layer 2 sensation, Polygon, will take a proactive stance in the matter. As a result, it has reserved a mighty war chest of $20 Million to ensure carbon negativity on its platform.

Polygon recently unveiled its “Green Manifesto: A Smart Contract with Planet Earth”. A worthy endeavour to take responsibility of the energy used on its blockchain. Helping them along the way, decentralized climate activists KlimaDAO will conduct an in-depth analysis to calculate the environmental impact of every single transaction on the network. Then, together with Offsetra, they will provide genuine, on-chain solutions to the problem at hand.

Furthermore, in order to ensure the validity of its figures, Polygon has commissioned a second audit of its emissions. As a result, the Crypto Carbon Rating Institute will conduct a separate analysis and report its figures back to Polygon. Therefore, providing added peace of mind for those using the platform.

As part of the initiative, Polygon has purchased $400k in carbon credits to cancel out its own emissions. However, going forward, it will use its $20 million to fund environmentally smart practices within WEB3. Therefore, ensuring that every project built on the network maintains an ecologically sound standpoint.


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