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“One” What is the official website of Poolin Poolin?

The website of Poolin Poolin is www.poolin.com, currently supports BTC, BCH, BSV, ZEC, LTC, ETN , DCR, DASH, XMR and other currencies. The official copy
Their service is still very good

How to convert the “II” Poolin Pool account

“Three” Currency Pool Withdrawal Tutorial

1. Open the F2Pool official website and log in to your F2Pool account.
2. After logging in successfully, click the drop-down menu at the top right of the page and click “Account Settings”.
3. After entering the account settings page, click “Payment Settings”.
4. After entering the “Payment Settings” page, click “Add Mining Account” and use the username you used to mine Grin.
5. After adding a mining account, click to select the algorithm of Grin (Grin-29 or Grin-31). Take Grin-29 as an example, click to add “Grin-29 Address”.
6. Then open the following page, select the “wallet address” of the exchange you want to recharge; “Paste your Grin recharge address in the currency core” in the Grin-29 address information; enter the verification SMS sent by the mining pool. code.
7. After the information is submitted, the mining pool will send a confirmation email to your registered email address, activate your address in the confirmation link in the email, and complete the binding of the Grin receiving address. Grin will be automatically recharged and you can start trading on the exchange.
Expansion information
1. The mining pool revenue settlement mode
1. This mode is after the mining pool successfully mines digital currency. First deduct a small amount of fees needed to support the operation of the mining pool, and then everyone distributes the benefits according to the total computing power contributed in the process of mining coins. The total computing power contributed is not only related to the computing power of the mining machine, but also to the mining time in the mining pool. related.
2. The higher the computing power of the mining machine, the longer the time to participate in mining, and the higher the proportion of the digital currency mined by the mining pool.
3. Such a settlement method is closely related to the probability of digging coins. If the mining pool has dug a lot of digital currencies in one day, then everyone will be happy today; , then everyone’s income will be disastrous.
4. The mining pool of this model is similar to a company that distributes according to work. The company has profits, and everyone divides the money according to how much effort they contribute to the company. If the company has no money in the account, then of course there is no money to share.
5.PPS is called Pay Per Share. In order to solve the situation of PPLNS that sometimes has high profits and sometimes no profits, some mining pools have adopted new algorithms.
6. The PPS model first calculates the proportion of the mining pool in the computing power of the entire digital currency network, and estimates the digital currency output of the mining pool based on this proportion.
7. On the premise that the mining pool has deducted the fees, according to the proportion of the miners’ computing power in the mining pool, the corresponding income will be given to you every day in proportion. This mode can ensure that everyone can obtain stable income every day, regardless of the amount of digital currency actually mined by the mining pool.
8. In simple terms, it is a fixed salary model. The company will give you a monthly fixed salary based on your ability. No matter whether the company is losing money or making a profit, your fixed salary is that much.
Operating environment: Mobile phone model: vivo Y9s Software: Web APP Fish Pool official website

“Si” can’t log in to Poolin Pool

The reason that the mining pool cannot be connected is because the mining pool is closed, so the only solution is to change the mining pool!
Expansion information
1. Development history
Nakamoto’s white paper is the starting point of BTC. During the development of BTC, countless developers have participated in this borderless collaboration. Developers come from all over the world, they don’t have offices, and they develop and maintain BTC’s code based on GitHub, which runs over $100 billion worth of BTC. Over the years, technologies and applications such as Lightning Network and Segregated Witness have driven the continuous maturity and development of BTC.
BTC developers are also BTC holders, and started a long collaboration with their love for BTC. No one knows what the future will hold and no one will pay them, all work is motivated by a love for BTC. In Buffett’s eyes, BTC is just gambling and speculation. In the eyes of developers, BTC satisfies all imaginations of freedom, democracy, justice, and the rule of law. This is the biggest generation gap in the world. In the eyes of the former, BTC is just a bargaining chip, while in the eyes of the latter, BTC is belief.
Developers around the world maintain the BTC code on Github. It also includes some developers from China. The above code is from a Chinese developer named “Kevin Pan”. This code was submitted on March 22, 2018 and received on Bitcoin 0.17.0. Thanks to the BTC core development team. Although Kevin Pan is not a core developer of BTC, it is already a great honor for a developer who believes in BTC. Kevin Pan’s Chinese name is Pan Zhibiao, hisAnother identity is the founder of Biyin.
As a developer who has contributed code to BTC, Pan Zhibiao understands the needs of BTC developers better. In 2018, Pan Zhibiao also promoted the launch of a non-profit fund to support BTC developers-Hardcore Fund. Biyin, as the first donor, donated 10 BTC to developers on the tenth anniversary of the issuance of the BTC white paper. The largest donation made by an institution to a BTC developer.
Biyin, as a mining pool created by BTC believers, has brought amazing technologies and products to the mining industry. At the same time, on the way to the world’s largest BTC mining pool, Biyin has also embarked on a warm journey.

“Wu” Poolin Pool cannot be opened

“Lu” Poolin Mine Is Chi going to quit China?

Yes. Bit Mining announced that its mining pool will withdraw from the Chinese mainland market, BTC.com will stop the registration of new users from mainland China, and it is expected to orderly deactivate the accounts of existing users in mainland China from October 15, 2021
1. Stock is a part of the ownership of a joint-stock company, and it is also a certificate of ownership issued by a joint-stock company. It is a kind of negotiable securities issued by a joint-stock company to each shareholder as a shareholding certificate to obtain dividends and bonuses in order to raise funds. Stock is a long-term credit tool in the capital market, which can be transferred, bought and sold. With it, shareholders can share the company’s profits, but also bear the risks brought by the company’s operation errors. Each share of stock represents shareholder ownership of one basic unit of the business. Every public company issues stock.
2. The ownership of the company represented by each share of the same class is equal. The size of the company’s share of ownership held by each shareholder depends on the number of shares held by it as a proportion of the company’s total share capital. Stock is a component of the capital of a joint-stock company, which can be transferred and traded, and is the main long-term credit tool in the capital market, but the company cannot be required to return its capital
3. The share certificate issued to the investor represents the ownership of the joint-stock company by its holder (that is, the shareholder), and the purchase of shares is also part of the purchase of the business of the enterprise, which can grow and develop together with the enterprise. This kind of ownership is a comprehensive right, such as participating in shareholders’ meetings, voting, participating in major company decisions, receiving dividends or sharing dividend spreads, etc., but it also shares the risks brought about by the company’s operating errors. Obtaining recurring income is one of the important reasons for investors to buy stocks, and dividends are the main source of recurring income for stock investors.
4. Transaction Fees
Commissions (handling fees) are charged for buying and selling stocks, and the commissions for buying and selling are determined by each securities firm (the highest is 3/1000 of the transaction amount, the lowest is There is no limit, the lower the better), generally: 0.05% of the transaction amount, if the commission is less than 5 yuan, it will be charged at 5 yuan. When selling stocks, stamp duty is charged: 1/1000 of the transaction amount (previously it was 3‰, the stamp duty was reduced in 2008, and 1/1000 was charged unilaterally). From August 1, 2015, the purchase and sale of stocks in Shenzhen and Shanghai will be charged a transfer fee of 0.02‰ of the transaction amount. The above fees, if the part is less than 1 cent, will be rounded up. There is also a very infrequent fee: batch interest imputation. It is equivalent to the investor handing over the money to the brokerage, and the brokerage returns a certain current interest to the investor within a certain period of time.

『柒』 Poolin Pool eth mining address

Binin Pool eth mining address: select the exchange “wallet” to be recharged address”; in the Grin-29 address information, “paste the Grin recharge address of the currency core”
The steps to withdraw money from the Poolin Pool account: Open and log in to the official website of the Poolin Pool; then click the drop-down menu on the page and select “Account” Settings”; then click on “Payment Settings”. Then click “Add Mining Account”, use the user name when mining Grin; click to select the algorithm of Grin (Grin-29 or Grin-31). Take Grin29 as an example, add “Grin-29 address”.
Open the page and select the “wallet address” of the exchange to be recharged; “Paste the Grin recharge address of the currency core” in the Grin-29 address information; enter the verification code sent by the mining pool. After the information is submitted, the mining pool will send a confirmation email to the registered email address, and activate the address in the confirmation link in the email to complete the binding of the Grin receiving address. Grin will be automatically recharged to the account, and the withdrawal is completed.

『渌』 The Poolin Pool app cannot be installed

It should be a system problem.
Maybe your system is not compatible with it, so it cannot be installed. The Poolin app is a blockchain news and information platform. The Poolin app has features such as channel classification, personalized recommendations, news alerts, and updates reports in real time. The Poolin app makes it easier for you to understand the blockchain .
If the Poolin mining pool cannot be opened: the official website of Biyin can not be opened, and the app can also be opened.It may be in the maintenance stage.

Can I find the IP of the Poolin Pool on the Internet?


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