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⑴What popular science videos are worth watching on the blockchain

Thank you for your invitation. Let me answer you seriously

In fact, the blockchain circle effect is very obvious, so most people are impatient, and there are very few popular sciences attentively. I recommend a few here.

If you want to watch the video, I recommend Babbitt’s “Meow Understanding Blockchain”, which is very in-depth. This is the insight of those who want to watch it, so I won’t say more. Others I think the video of Huobi is very general. You can also watch the video of Huobi if you trust it, but it is relatively shallow. I watched it as a kindergarten child.

If you are not limited to videos, I think there are several popular science articles that I would recommend: Jiang Zhuoer’s popular science on Zhihu, Gu Qianfeng’s popular science, lightning’s popular science, technology class Pan Zhibiao, They are all great gods, and each category is different. If you want to enter the circle, you still have to think about it yourself.

The things in the PS blockchain field are posted here, few people watch it

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