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❶ What is Bitcoin Diamond

Bitcoin Diamond Super (BCDS) is a fork of Bitcoin that takes place at the predetermined height of block 481819 and consequentially spawns a new chain as BCDS.

Bitcoin Diamond super miners will start creating building blocks using the new proof-of-work algorithm, and will continue to develop and strengthen the protection of account transfers and privacy based on BTC’s original functionality. This will cause the Bitcoin blockchain to fork. The original Bitcoin blockchain will remain the same, but a new fork of the blockchain will be split from the original chain.

The Bitcoin Diamond algorithm is more advanced than Bitcoin, and its functions are more complete.

(1) Tieba Bitcoin Diamond has only 17 extended readings:

The concept of Bitcoin (Bitcoin) was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto on November 2008 It was proposed on January 1, and was officially born on January 3, 2009. The open source software designed and released according to the ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto and the P2P network built on it. Bitcoin is a virtual encrypted digital currency in the form of P2P. Peer-to-peer transmission means a decentralized payment system.

Unlike all currencies, bitcoin is not issued by a specific currency institution. It is generated by a large number of calculations according to a specific algorithm. The bitcoin economy uses a distributed database composed of many nodes in the entire P2P network to confirm And record all transaction behaviors, and use cryptographic design to ensure the security of all aspects of currency circulation.

P2P’s decentralized nature and algorithm itself can ensure that the currency value cannot be artificially manipulated by mass-producing bitcoins. The cryptography-based design allows Bitcoin to be transferred or paid only by the true owner. This also ensures the anonymity of currency ownership and circulation transactions. The biggest difference between Bitcoin and other virtual currencies is that its total amount is very limited and it has a strong scarcity.

❷ Who invented Bitcoin

The conceptual founder of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto.

On December 12, 2010, when Bitcoin became popular, he quietly left and disappeared from the Internet.

As a descendant of samurai, Satoshi Nakamoto was born in Beppu, Japan in 1949. His mother Quanko was a Buddhist, and he worked hard and lived very poor.

Parents divorced in 1959, Nakamoto’s mother remarried and immigrated to California with three sons. Satoshi Nakamoto and his stepfather did not get along well, but according to his younger brother Arthur, Satoshi Nakamoto showed a talent for mathematics and science at a young age, but also showed a side of “unfriendly and weird interests”.

Nakamoto graduated from California State Polytechnic University, majoring in physics. Upon graduation, he joined Hughes Aircraft, where he worked in defense and electronic communications. Later, Satoshi Nakamoto worked for the U.S. military. His experience was classified as a state secret. Now, after searching his files, his life is blank.

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published an article in a mailing group discussing information encryption on the Internet, outlining the basic framework of the Bitcoin system. In 2009 he established an open source project for the system, officially announcing the birth of Bitcoin. On December 12, 2010, when Bitcoin became popular, he quietly left and disappeared from the Internet.

❸ What does ifo mean in the currency circle

The so-called IFO (Initial Fork Offerings) refers to the implementation of mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Fork, on the basis of the original blockchain of these mainstream coins, another chain is split according to different rules. Because holders of mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can obtain new forked coins in the IFO process, IFO is also considered by the industry as a new virtual currency financing method.

In the “currency circle”, the first IFO is considered to be the process of Bitcoin fork to generate BCH (Bitcoin Cash). Since Bitcoin is generated by computing data through various network nodes, and the Bitcoin block size is only 1MB (equivalent to network bandwidth), Bitcoin transactions are congested and slow. In early August 2017, Bitcoin was forked by technical means, resulting in a new digital currency BCH. The block size of the latter is 8MB, and the block size can be adjusted, but it is still similar to Bitcoin in terms of quantity and algorithm. Staying the same, those who own Bitcoin get BCH for free at a 1:1 ratio.

Because Bitcoin is an open source technology project, and IFO does not require the consent of the Bitcoin development team, it is only necessary to fork on the basis of Bitcoin and give 1:1 to those who own the old currency Issuance of new coins (this process is also known in the industry as “dividing candy”). This process is also regarded by the industry as another new way to issue virtual currency in disguised form after ICO.

After the successful fork of BCH, more and more new virtual currencies are generated through IFO: BTG (Bitcoin Gold), BCD (Bitcoin Diamond), SBTC (Super Bitcoin), LBTC ( Lightning Bitcoin���, BTP (Bitcoin Platinum), BCK (Bitcoin King), BTG (Bitcoin God)

As more and more new currencies appear, people in the currency circle often sigh with emotion, “One day in the currency circle. , a year in the world”. The cryptocurrency exchange ranking website CoinMarketCap shows that there are more than 8,100 virtual currency exchanges in the world, with nearly 1,500 virtual currencies in circulation. With the gradual popularization of IFO and other means, various new virtual currencies will appear.

The successful demonstration of IFO projects such as BCH, as well as the reality that ICOs are banned “one size fits all” in China, have made many newcomers in the “currency circle” also gear up to participate in IFO. This kind of demand also gave birth to the service of writing IFO business plan.

On Taobao, there are many merchants who claim to be able to make ICO blockchain white papers. A customer service of a Taobao store told China Youth Daily and China Youth Online reporter that as long as you provide the specific ideas of the IFO project, team introduction, “candy” distribution plan and other information, you can write a complete white paper of the IFO project, including professional technical terms and Chart, the corresponding service fee will need thousands of dollars. “The more you ask for truth, the more information you need to provide.”

❹ Which is better, Bitcoin Diamond or Bitcoin


❺ What is Bitcoin Super Diamond

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is a forked coin based on Bitcoin, completed at block height 495866, used by Bitcoin
Diamond miners A new POW consensus algorithm for mining. Bitcoin
Diamond aims to solve a series of problems encountered in the development of Bitcoin. It has the characteristics of high transfer speed and low handling fee, which has laid a good foundation for the better development of digital currency. (Zhongbi)

❻ What fields are involved in blockchain applications, and what are the specific scenarios?

Blockchain technology is widely used, and under the integration of new technologies, blockchain The main application scenarios of the chain cover financial insurance, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent environmental protection, energy and power, medical and health care, education, cultural and creative, smart city, social welfare, agriculture and many other fields.

  1. Blockchain + Finance

    Blockchain can help financial institutions solve problems such as trust and data sharing.

  2. Blockchain + Copyright Art

    Tianhe Guoyun’s Blockchain Copyright System

3. Blockchain + government affairs

In terms of statistics, voting, budget management, etc., blockchain can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase transparency to prevent centralization risk of system failure.

4. Blockchain + Insurance

Fraud identification and risk prevention: By placing insurance claims under an unalterable general ledger, blockchain helps eliminate Common source of fraud.

Property and casualty insurance: Policies and shared ledgers in smart contracts can improve the efficiency of property and casualty insurance.

Health Insurance: Blockchain technology enables medical records to be encrypted and shared among health service providers, thereby increasing the interoperability of the health insurance ecosystem.

Reinsurance: The information security of reinsurance contracts on the blockchain platform is guaranteed in the form of smart contracts, which can reduce the amount of information and simplify the payment process between insurers and reinsurers.

❼ Bitcoin and diamonds, who is the bigger scam

“A diamond is forever” is a creative advertisement of De Beers in 1939, and the Chinese translation “Diamonds are forever, An Eternal Life” was selected in 1993. Also because of such a beautiful slogan, the 20th century began the era of marriage without diamonds.

❽ Do you know the concept of blockchain?

Blockchain is only about losing money and making money. >❾ Which pool is better for Bitcoin Diamond BCD mining now?

Currently mining BCD is mainly done with graphics cards. There are many BCD mining pools abroad and domestically, it is best to choose to cooperate with the official BCD The mining pools are relatively stable, such as aapool, which formed cooperation with the official website early in the morning, the mining pool is stable, and the income is also stable.

❿ What is bitcoin diamond and how to get bitcoin diamond

Join vvpool uupool and other mining pools to mine to get it.

BCD can also be mined using the full Bitcoin Diamond full node wallet.


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