Prosperity Legend Mining Tools

1. Which tool is easier to use in the legendary prosperous world page tour, thank you.

So far, I still feel that Sina’s page help is easy to use, such as automatic mainline, timed activities, equipment recycling, etc.; the key has recently released an APP, which can remotely monitor and hang up on the mobile phone.

2. How to do the Legendary Prosperity Mining Mission, where is the best place to mine?

How to do the Legendary Prosperity Mining Mission, and where is the best place to mine, many players don’t know? , let me tell you.

1. In the game, every day, you can pick up the mining quest at the old mine of Bairimen. After entering the mining area, click on the ore to start mining.
2. In addition to handing in the quest, the mined ores can also be recovered from the equipment collectors in the Magic Valley to get gold coins as rewards. Completing the mining task can get a lot of gold brick rewards, and after using it, you can get a lot of gold coins.
3. Consumable item: Pickaxe

3. Where can I buy the mining tool in the mobile version of the legend of blood? What can I get from mining? Next, I will bring you relevant tips and tricks, I hope it can help you.
Where to buy mining tools:
In fact, in the legendary mobile version, we don’t need to buy mining tools, when we enter the mine, we A mining skill icon will appear on the left side of the skill bar, we just need to find the place to be mined and click on this icon.
What good things can be mined in the mobile version of the legend of blood:
After many tests of Doudou, in the third floor of the mine, we can dig up black iron ore +3 at most, in addition to this The speed of ore from the third floor of the outer mine is much faster than that of the first floor and the second floor, so mining on the third floor is the most cost-effective.
The above is all the content brought.

4. Go there to buy mining tools

You don’t need to buy mining tools, just click the place you want to mine, and you will Automatic mining.

5. How much can Legendary Prosperity mine in one day

How much does Legendary Prosperity VIP1-VIP10 cost? List of Legendary Prosperity VIP prices
VIP1: 10
VIP2: 50
VIP3: 200
VIP4: 500
VIP9 : 20000
VIP10: 50000

6. Legendary mining tools

Yes. Legendary mining was a sport in 2002 and no one is mining anymore.
It costs money to play the hundred districts! ! Play SF.
I really admire you. The legend has been open for 6 years. You don’t have to move the problem to the top of the network, OK?

7. What to do if the mining hammer of Legendary Prosperity Game is gone

Mining is done with a hoe, not a hammer.

A hoe can dig, a hammer can only strike.

The hammer is gone, it does not affect mining.

8. What auxiliary tool should I choose for mining in the new chapter of the legend and how to download it

This Sina page help is much easier to use. It has the green and non-toxic feature and has many functions.

9. Where to sell mining tools in Wuyou Legends

Is it a tool for mining black iron ore? Pickaxe can be purchased with gold coins in the weapon shop

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