Purple ltc900 carrier pigeon

Ⅰ Who can help me find a pigeon with a red card with LTC900+ d ring number 2016-01-1085247

Fengtai 3000 terbi. More than 1,000

Ⅱ What kind of pigeon is LTC900+066472

Hello, the relevant information of LTC900+066472 is as follows

Ⅲ LTC2165CUK, XC7Z100- 2FFG900I Which company’s chip are these two and how to see the chip specification

Product Model: LTC2165CUK#PBF
Product Name: Analog-to-Digital Converter
LTC2165CUK#PBF Supplier: Paimingxin City Components Mall (ACTIVE)
LTC2165CUK#PBF Features
76.8dB SNR
Low Power: 194mW / 163mW / 108mW
Single 1.8V Power Supply
Selectable Input Range: 1VP-P to 2VP-P
550MHz Full Power Bandwidth S/H (Sample & Hold) Any
Optional Data Output Randomizer
Optional Clock Duty Cycle Stabilizer
Shutdown and Doze Mode
Serial SPI Port for Configuration
48-pin (7mm x 7mm) QFN package

LTC2165CUK#PBF Product Details
LTC2165CUK#PBF is a sampling 16-bit A/D converter designed for digitizing high frequency, wide dynamic range signals . Ideal for demanding communications applications, these devices feature AC performance including 77dB SNR and 90dB spurious free dynamic range (SFDR). Ultra-low jitter of 0.07psRMS enables undersampling at the IF frequency and excellent noise performance. DC specifications include ±2LSB INL (typ) over temperature, ±0.5LSB DNL (typ), and no missing codes. Conversion noise is 3.3LSBRMS. The digital outputs can be full-rate CMOS, double-data-rate CMOS, or double-data-rate LVDS. A separate output supply provides a 1.2V to 1.8V CMOS output swing.
LTC2165CUK#PBF Applications
Cellular Base Stations
Software Defined Radio
Portable Medical Imaging
Multichannel Data Acquisition
Non-Destructive Testing

Related Models
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Ⅳ What is the special feature of carrier pigeon foot ring Ltc Racing pigeons

CRPA China Taiwan Pigeon Pigeon Association

CS Czech pigeon ring

Dan Danish pigeon ring

DV German pigeon ring

ESP Spanish Pigeon Ring

FCC Cuban Pigeon Ring

FRPA French Pigeon Association

France French Pigeon Association

GRPA Former GDR Pigeon Association

GB UK Pigeon Ring

Hb.N.BO Former Soviet Pigeon Ring

HKPA Hong Kong Pigeon Ring


HPF Thailand Pigeon Ring

H Holland Pigeon Ring

Holland Holland Pigeon Association

HLRU Holland Pigeon Ring

HunG Hungarian Pigeon Association

IF International American Pigeon Association

IU Irish Pigeon Association

LUVF Irish Pigeon Association

Italia pigeon ring

lea.RPU Italian Pigeon Association

Luxemburg Luxembourg pigeon ring

Luxem Luxembourg pigeon ring

LUX Lulimborg pigeon ring

INDO Indonesia pigeon ring

Japan Japan Pigeon Association

Jugos lawien Yugoslav pigeon ring

KBDB Belgium Royal Society

KLPR Korean Pigeon Ring

KOP Polish Pigeon Ring

MALTR Malta Pigeon Ring

N Dutch Pigeon Association


NEHU British North Pigeon Association

IV What are the characteristics of pigeons in different categories

Currently pigeons in the world There are thousands of species of pigeons, but they are generally divided into three categories – communication pigeons, meat pigeons and ornamental pigeons.

There are obvious differences in the characteristics of the three types of pigeons.

(1) Correspondence pigeons

Also called carrier pigeons and racing pigeons. The most preferred standard body shape in the modern pigeon world is spindle-shaped, weighing about 500 grams, with well-proportioned parts, moderate mouth length, close nose, bright eyes, not thin or thick eyelids, and neither long nor short legs. Foot hair. Strong and powerful when standing, the body is parallel to the ground or at a 45° angle, but the tips of the tail feathers do not touch the ground (Figure 2).

Communication pigeons have strong homing and direction recognition ability. Long-lasting flight endurance, fast flight speed and long flight distance. Smart, sharp,Good sense and vision. The beak and claws of the carrier pigeon are mostly horny, and the legs are purple. Very individual mouth, claw flesh red. Old pigeons have black scales on their legs, and those without foot hair are the best.

(2) Meat pigeons

Also called meat pigeons and vegetable pigeons. Its characteristics: large size, fast growth rate, early maturity, good meat quality and high reproduction rate. Strong disease resistance and wide adaptability. Can’t fly high, can’t fly far. By far the most popular is the American King Pigeon. Its standard body shape is similar to Yuanbao type, weighing about 900 grams, and the largest body is more than 1000 grams. Mouth, claws pink, legs purple. The whole eyeball is black. The darker the pupils of the magenta or silver-grey king pigeon, the better (Figure 3).

Picture 5 Doves

Ⅵ How do carrier pigeons deliver letters?

Carrier pigeons deliver letters: write the content on a small piece of paper On the strip, roll it into a roll, stuff it into the small tube on the feet of the carrier pigeon, and then let the carrier pigeon fly, and the carrier pigeon will fly from the destination.

Generally, homing pigeons are trained in one place. Let it be familiar with its own living environment from a young age, and then slowly take it to a farther place and let it fly, and it can find its way home by itself. After a long time, increase the flying distance. So, after the pigeon is taken away and then released, it can go home on its own, and the letter is just incidental.

The carrier pigeon is more sensitive to the magnetic field. When it lives in a place for a long time, it can remember the magnetic field of the place. Therefore, when sending letters, you can find the location of your home. Moreover, the general carrier pigeons are fixed routes and only fly to one place.

(6) Purple ltc900 carrier pigeon extended reading

The pigeons of communication include marine communication, commercial communication, news communication, military communication, civil communication and so on. The ancient Romans have long known that pigeons have a homing instinct. During or at the end of a sporting competition, the pigeons are usually released to celebrate and declare victory.

The fishermen in ancient Egypt often carried pigeons every time they went out to fish to send distress signals and fishing flood news.

Ovid (43 B.C.-17 A.D.) wrote in a book that a man named Taurus Senes dyed a dove purple and released it to fly. Back at Jenner’s house, he reported to his father there that he had won the Olympics.

There was a ruler in Baghdad in the ancient Middle East, Sultan Norreddin Mohammed, who established a carrier pigeon communication network between Baghdad and the cities of his empire, forming a famous carrier pigeon post office. 13 The African commercial fleet also places pigeons on board as a shipping helper, and releases pigeons from time to time to notify the arrival of ships on shore and so on. According to legend, when the Chinese Chu and Han were fighting, Liu Bang, who was chased by Xiang Yu and hid in an abandoned well, released a pigeon to ask for help and was rescued.

Ⅶ Pigeon anklet LTC888 price

Abstract what do you mean by kissing

Ⅷ carrier pigeon tu2015- Is the 507964 dead mouth electronic ring ltc900 a real Taiwan pigeon? Is there any result?

How much is a TU2016821438 worth?

Ⅸ I caught a carrier pigeon today, there is 3 rings, the electronic ring reads: LTC900 and the other reads: KLPR 2016 57088

The letters and numbers above the electronic ring represent the batch number, kLPR2016 year number, 57084-16974 carrier pigeon foot ring number. The electronic ring is only used for the electronic scanner when the carrier pigeon returns from the competition. It scans and records the time and the foot ring number. Without the carrier pigeon code area code, it is impossible to know where the pigeon is, and it is impossible to find the information of this pigeon.

X Hello, can you also give me a collection of Zhuang Yu’s novels? ,Thank you~

It has been sent, please check it.


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