Qi Aimin Blockchain

Ⅰ What is digital currency and how to understand it

Ⅱ Jinwowo Network Technology has established a research center to study blockchain technology

In order to ensure the steady progress of the research and development and commercial application of blockchain technology, Jinwowo has established a national big data and Information law expert Qi Aimin and blockchain technology expert Li Lizhong headed the database of 100 experts in big data and blockchain, with 3 blockchain patents and nearly 20 available blockchain patents. In 2016, Jinwowo and Chongqing University jointly established a big data research base. In 2017, they established blockchain research and development centers in Hangzhou and Chongqing, and reached an in-depth blockchain cooperation with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and cooperated with IBD International Big Data Technology Company and other three parties Sign a memorandum of cooperation on blockchain applications.

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