raise doge

1 Why do I think of White when I see Doge

Age of Empires I II III IIII Cheats Press Enter: Enter the following code. Age of Empires I
Cheats (original version, common to expansion packs) BIG MOMMA = white car
CONERT THIS! =monk who will bring condemnation GRANTLINKSPENCE = animals become strong
KING ARTHUR = birds become Flying Dragon
POW=Baby rides a tricycle
STORMBILLY=Mechanical beast
MEDUSA=The worker turns into a knight and then turns into a catapult
DIEDIEDIE=Destroy all enemies
RESIGN= Abandon
REEAL MAP=Show All Maps
COINAGE=Get Gold Units
WOODSTOCK=Get Wood Units
UARRY=Get Stone Units
br />NO FOG = map fog effect turned off
HARI KARI = suicide
GAIA = controllable animals (no more people)
STEROIDS = instant completion of construction, production and upgrades
HOME RUN = Mission Victory
KILL# =Kill the enemy of the number (#=1-8)
PHOTON MAN =Laser Gun Soldier appears next to the town center BIGDADDY =Missile launcher appears next to the town center
FLYING DUTCHMAN = catapult becomes amphibious
BIG BERTHA = artillery vehicle has 16 attack range and 10 detection degree The attacking distance of the car is increased
BLACK RIDER =Horse rider becomes a Black rider riding archer
DARK RAIN =Composite Archer becomes a Stealth archer phantom shooter (incarnates into a tree)
JACK BE NIMBLE=Crappie club Launch workers and cows E=MC2 TROOPER = Appear next to the town center to get the future warrior king Arthur: Birds turn into dragons
(HP) Speed ​​up
pow: Holy Child ( HP, 50 str, 10 arm , 15 rng)
big mom: get a new white car
convert this!: get a saint (can drop scourge lightning) stormbilly: little transformers, or terminator, use EMP cannon grantlinkspencer: make animals more ferocious (eg: The lion becomes the Lion King) Age of Empires II
Cheats (original, expansion packs) rock on add stone
lumberjack add wood
robin hood add gold
cheese steak jimmy’s add food
rco show all maps
polo remove shadows (gray fog)
aegis speed up construction (also effective for computers, it is recommended not to use this)
wimpymimwimpy self-destruction
i love the monkey head get a DML
how do you turn this on get a cobra car (super fast and high attack power)
torpedo N beat the Nth opponent
to smithereens get SABOTEUR
black death destroy all enemies (including allies)
ir winner win
woof woof make a flying dog (furious dog)
furious the monkey boy Age of Empires III
Cheats (original, expansion pack) A recent study indicated that % of herdables are obese=Fat all the animals on the map Give me liberty or give me coi=Get gold Medium Rare Please=Get food
=get wood
Nova & Orion=get experience
X rks the spot=remove fog of war
Ya gotta ke do with what ya got=appear one in the center of town Super Cannon
Sooo Good=Turns on “Musketeer’ed!” mode. (“XX’ed!” will appear when you are killed by XX units)
Speed ​​always wins=Quick build times.
this is too hard=Direct Victory
tuck tuck tuck=Four-wheeled monster truck by the town center where’s that axe?=George. Washington Statue (Infantry Infantry Super Fast) Continuation of Empire Age IIII Nation Rise Legend
Cheat (original, expansion pack)/cheat add
/cheat add great Colossus of the Sun (BOOS level)
/ cheat add moon = Luna Aix (BOOS level)
/cheat add moon gorilla Moonlight Gorilla (BOOS level) /cheat add giant = Spider Queen (BOSS level)
/cheat add ueen = Fire-breathing Lizard Queen (BOSS-level)
/cheat add elder = Wild Fire-breathing Lizard (HIG-level)
/cheat add land = Land Sea Serpent (Secondary Mechanical Spider BOOS-level)
/cheat add KING =Industrial State Mechanical Spider (BOSS) /cheat add ELDER GLASS DRAGON =Wannian Magic Glass Dragon (BOSS)
/cheat add Mega Ten Thousand Years Crystal Giant (BOOS)
/cheat add siege Destruction Transporter
/cheat add doom cannon Governor’s Cannon
/cheat add death sphere Death Tower
/cheat add death Death Serpent
/cheat add THURAN Sky Salon
/cheat add Juggernaut Celestial Tank (our mid-level and high-level combat unit)
Our hero
/cheat add ADROMOLEK Crystal Man
/cheat add PULITORE Gas Vehicle
br /> /cheat add ARRI Crystal Female Scorpion
/cheat add BATTAGLION Demolition General
/cheat add KAKOOLHA Elephant General
/cheat addDISTRUZIO Mechanical Genius
/cheat add LENORA Flying Missile Women
/cheat add ENZAFlying Machine Vinsa
/cheat add DAMANHUR Fire Manna Flying Fire
/cheat add dakhla Sand Prisoner Dakhla
/cheat add sawu Yanhei Lingshawu
Opponent Hero
/cheat add xil Sun God Jier
/cheat add czin Death God Xien
/cheat add shok Storm Goddess Shaq
/cheat add The Doge Governor Vinucci Age of Empires IIII Rise of Nations
Cheat (Vanilla, Expansion Common) cheat add musketeer – get 1 musketeer
cheat add 5 musketeer – get 5 musketeer
cheat add 5 musketeer blue – blue Cheat add 5 heavyarcher Brian- Brian gets five archers (PS BRIAN is the player’s name, lay down your own or Other names)
Adds a complete Fort.- Gets a completed Fort.
cheat add new fort – Gets an unfinished fort
cheat add new city green – Green gets a new CITY
cheat explodes the selected unit or building
cheat reveal on map open
cheat reveal off map returns to black
cheat be -choose your own player
cheat be blue – Become control blue
cheat be Brian – become control Brian (PS BRIAN is the player’s name, type your own or another player’s name)
cheat ally blue- ally blue
cheat peace Brian- Brian ceasefire
cheat war green go to war with green
cheat hun or computer- control
cheat hun blue – player becomes control blue
cheat computer green – computer turns control green
cheat hun all – player becomes control of all countries
cheat computer all – computer becomes control of all countries
cheat victory player wins
cheat victory yellow yellow player wins
cheat defeat player Defeat
cheat defeat white White player is defeated
cheat resource get resource
cheat resource food + – player gets food
cheat resource timber – – player has no wood
cheat resource all + – all resources+
cheat red resource timber + – red players get timber
CHEAT ADD 50 TANK=add 50 normal tanks
CHEAT ADD 50 ATTACK=add 50 gunships
CHEAT ADD 50 BATTLESHIP = plus 50 battleships
CHEAT ADD 50 SUBMARINE= plus 50 submarines
CHEAT ADD 50 ARMY=plus 50 vehicles
CHEAT ADD 50 MACHINE=plus 50 Heavy Soldiers
CHEAT ADD 50 GUN=Add 50 Japanese Pikemen
CHEAT ADD 50 PIKEMEN=Add 50 Pikemen
CHEAT ADD 50 FIRE=Add 50 Rocket Ice
CHEAT ADD 50 BOWMEN = Add 50 Archers
CHEAT ADD 50 CROSS=Add 50 Crossbowmen
CHEAT ADD 50 KNIGHT=Add 50 Knights
CHEAT ADD 50 GENERAL = Add 50 Generals
CHEAT ADD 50 SPY = Add 50 Spies
CHEAT ADD 50 CITIZEN=Add 50 Farmers
CHEAT ADD 50 SCHOLAR=Add 50 Scholars
CHEAT ADD 50 CAR=Add 50 Caravan
CHEAT ADD 50 HELICOPTER=Add 50 regular helicopters
CHEAT ADD 50 LIGHT=Add 50 Hussars

2 How to withdraw Dogecoin

Dogecoin is an Australian brand and marketing expert Jackson Palmer and Oregon State Portland-based programmer Billy Markus is the product of a combination of bitcoin and dogs. They then bought the Dogecoin.com domain name, which was included in Doge’s home base, reddit. Fueled by reddit, the site went viral. In just two weeks, Dogecoin has had a dedicated blog and forum, with a market value of $8 million, and it once jumped to the seventh largest electronic currency in the world.
In the second half of 2013, the search rate of “Shishi Inu joke” (known as Doge Meme) in the American Internet grassroots culture has exploded in major search engines. This original picture of Shiba Inu was added After grammatically strange phrases such as “wow” and “such XX”, the laughing point of the American people who poked nonsensically was given the proper noun “Doge” (meaning: dog), and was also commented on by TV stations such as NBC. As an annual cultural phenomenon, the word “Doge” is as influential as the Chinese “local tyrants” and “PM 2.5”.

In November 2013, after Jackson Palmer, a marketer in Australia, studied electronic currency to the point of darkness, he went to the Internet to relax and laugh at a few Doge (spoofed Shiba Inu pictures) jokes. Happy. That’s when the inspiration came, “You have Bitcoin, I have Dogecoin!”, he decided to write a Twitter thread:

Let’s invest in ‘Dogecoin’, I firmly believe that this is what Great opportunity for the future!
What he didn’t expect was that he received a lot of positive responses and encouragement. Out of nowhere, he actually bought the Dogecoin.com domain name. The domain name was quickly included in Reddit, and then received crazy attention and forwarding from many Doge fans.
Polish programmer scratching his head to build his own electronic money systemBillyMarkus saw this opportunity and immediately jumped into the plan. On December 12, the Dogecoin system based on the Scrypt algorithm (same as Litecoin) was actually launched. At this point, it’s only been a week since Palmer sent that bad joke tweet.

After the launch of the Dogecoin system, thanks to the help of Reddit (the Doge content on this site is terribly flooded), the traffic has exploded.
Dogecoin does not follow Bitcoin’s money-making strategy, but makes good use of the “tipping culture” in the United States. This gesture of humility, seen as a donation or prostration to the servant, is also widely used on the Internet. Compared with expensive Bitcoin, Dogecoin has a lower threshold and is more “cute”. One week after the system was launched, Dogecoin has become the second most popular “tip electronic currency” on the Internet in the United States.

Dogecoin is very special. It is based on the grassroots culture of the Internet. It has become popular because of its cute and funny temperament. In the ever-expanding digital currency market, Dogecoin is positioned as a niche market.

If you perform a pretty good joke on the Internet, people are usually willing to tip you electronic money. In America, where tipping is rife, this kind of thing is easy to identify with.
But Bitcoin is too expensive, so the cheaper Dogecoin is popular. In just a week of its launch, it has become the second-largest tipping currency.

⑶ Has IL BALLO DEL DOGE registered a trademark and what other categories can be registered?

The total number of IL BALLO DEL DOGE trademark applications is 1
1 successful registration, 0 are under application, 0 invalid registrations, 0 are on sale.
According to Bajie intellectual property statistics, IL BALLO DEL DOGE can also register the following trademark classifications:
Class 1 (chemical preparations, fertilizers)
Class 2 (pigments, paints, dyes, antiseptic products) )
Category 3 (daily chemicals, toiletries, fragrances)
Category 4 (energy, fuel, oil)
Category 5 (pharmaceuticals, hygiene products, nutritional products)
Class 6 (metal products, metal building materials, metal materials)
Class 7 (mechanical equipment, motors, transmissions)
Class 8 (hand-operated appliances (small), tableware, cold weapons)
Class 9 (scientific instruments, electronic products, security equipment)
Class 10 (medical equipment, medical supplies, adult products)
Class 11 (lighting sanitary ware, heating and cooling equipment, disinfection and purification )
Class 12 (transportation, delivery parts)
Class 13 (munitions, pyrotechnics, personal protective sprays)
Class 14 (jewelry, precious metals, watches)
Class 15 (Musical Instruments, Auxiliary Products and Accessories for Musical Instruments)
Class 16 (Paper Products, Office Supplies, Stationery and Teaching Aids)
Class 17 (Rubber Products, Insulation, Thermal Insulation and Soundproofing Materials)
Class 18 (bags, leather goods, umbrellas)
Class 19 (Non-metallic building materials)
Class 20 (Furniture, furniture parts, upholstery)
Class 21 ( Kitchen utensils, household utensils, toiletries) class 22 (ropes, awnings, bags) class 23 (yarn, thread, silk) class 24 (textiles, Bedding, towels)
Class 25 (Clothing, shoes and hats, socks and gloves)
Class 26 (Accessories, wigs, buttons and zippers)
Class 27 (Carpets, mats, wallpapers) )
Class 28 (toys, sports and fitness equipment, fishing tackle)
Class 29 (cooked food, meat, eggs, milk, edible oil)
Class 30 (pastry, condiments, drinks)
Class 31 (fresh food, animals and plants, feed seeds)
Class 32 (beer, non-alcoholic beverages)
Class 33 (wine, alcoholic beverages)
Class 34 (Tobacco, Smoking Items)
Class 35 (Advertising, Business Management, Marketing)
Class 36 (Financial Affairs, Real Estate Management, Pawn Guarantee)
Class 37( Construction, interior decoration, repair and maintenance)
Class 38 (Telecommunication, communication services)
Class 39 (Transportation storage, energy distribution, travel services)
Class 40 (Material processing, printing , sewage treatment)
Category 42 (R&D quality control, IT services, architectural consulting)
Category 43 (catering accommodation, nursing care for the elderly, animal accommodation)
Category 44 ( Medical, Beauty, Gardening)
Class 45 (Security Law, Wedding Housekeeping, Social Services)

⑷ how to type doge emoji

This emoji is clicked on the emoticon package that comes with Weibo, and it can be found directly in Weibo emoticons, which can only be used on Weibo . On other platforms, you can find a series of emoticons.

(4) Raising doge Extended reading:

Weibo dog head emoticon package source:

This cute Shiba Inu is called Kabosu , was abandoned by the owner and was almost euthanized. In November 2008, he was adopted by Atsuko Sato, a kindergarten teacher in Japan, and his life changed.

In addition to it, there are two other cats named Ginkgo and Rhododendron who were adopted by the owner later. The owner also specially opened a blog for them to record their daily life.

On February 23, 2010, the owner, AtsukoSato, posted a series of photos of Kabosu on his blog. In one of the photos, the Shiba Inu was leaning on the sofa, with front paws overlapping, staring sideways and raising his eyebrows, with an expressive expression. Can’t help laughing,

The photo quickly went viral on the Internet in the United States such as Reddit (the largest online community in the United States) and Tumblr (light blog), and eventually appeared in the “Shiba Confessions” blog.

“Shiba Inu Joke” (known as DogeMeme) has become popular on a large scale through social networking tools such as Facebook and Tumblr. There was also an explosive spread.

In April 2013, doge became popular after appearing on 4chan, a comic community. The reason for its popularity is simple: doge combines cute pets (the cute image of Shiba Inu) with deliberately funny anthropomorphic interjections.

⑸ Harmony Stem

Hello, Harmony Harmony Stem is recommended for you as follows:
1. I am walking on the roadside on my way home The mud is a bit too much. A car drove through and the mud splashed on me. The sound of splashing on my body was very loud. I went back to check and found that it was called splashing mud. I looked at the name, it turned out to be Xiangtan Lian Ai Lai
3. I have a can of tea at home, I don’t know how long it has been in the cup, I just put it in the cup and ready to brew. When I turned around and saw the milk, it made a loud noise. It turned out to be a good noise to drink milk tea.
4. Well, Bad Bar and Casual Bar are three good friends. One day, just call the bad bar, ask the bad bar to hang out together, and the bad bar says: Who is there? Just say: let’s get along.
5. After burning firewood all day, I asked my mother what was steaming in the pot. My mother laughed and said nothing. Finally, I couldn’t help but lift the lid. It turned out that the steaming was boring
br>6. For example, I am good at housework, so my name is Li Jiahang
7. “My friends and I have eaten a lot of peanuts, and the more we eat, the happier we are. I checked it, and it turns out that it is – good things make peanuts. .”
8. I accidentally hit the corner of the table at home and the rag on the table fell off and rolled out the door. It turned out that I couldn’t go out
9. Want Want Snow Cakes will become Want Want when it feels hot.
10. When I was in Gucci, my tears were always Prada prada Dior
11. I was free at home and grew mushrooms. I boiled them and ate them, got poisoned, and went to the hospital. The doctor said that the mushrooms in me were good ones. poison.
12. I said that I prefer Li Bai’s poems, but Lu You was so angry that we couldn’t access the Internet at home.
13. I bought a steamed bun on the way back and the tears couldn’t stop flowing down. It turned out to be a very quiet bun.
14. I just took the pills given by the doctor and felt a little bitter, so I took a few of them with chopsticks Zao, I feel impatient after eating, so I eat chopsticks Zao Wo Wan
15. I want to take you to eat roasted purple sweet potato, and then whisper in your ear “I am purple sweet potato and you”
16 .I went to the hospital yesterday to prescribe medicine. The doctor told me: I can’t take more of this medicine. I was thinking why I suddenly fell and there was a sound in my ear. It turned out that this medicine is a good sound to go out!
17. The weather is so cold , My quilt didn’t want me to lie down alone, it said that I had to lie beside you, and then I realized that because it’s called the futon to love you??
18. Xiaoming got lost in the wild at night, the cold night , he can only hold a tombstone to keep warm, that is a thermal monument
19. There are two kinds of the most lovely things in the world, one is that I am cute and the other is that I am cute to you
20. Others think that Buzzing is very annoying, but you say that you are a beautiful mosquito, so I am itching to “raise” you [doge]
21. I want to get rich overnight, but I can hug you if I can’t.
22. Today’s food delivery The family was singing ktv. I heard the sound quality was good and asked what brand the microphone was. He said it was like taking out.
23. On my way home from buying oysters, all the oysters jumped out of the bag and got into the soil. So this is called oysters like mud. Or under the condition of near-sound, use homophone or near-sound word to replace this character. In daily life, we often encounter various homophonic stalks, some of which are funny, and some are quite embarrassing. We can use homophonic not only in Chinese, but also in other languages.
The common words such as “Kawaii”, “Nani” and “Aligato” in Japanese are all derived from homophones. In Thai, “嗷” and “Selling” are also from homophones It evolved to make it easier for Chinese people to learn the pronunciation of foreign languages.

⑹ What does doge mean (seen on Weibo)

What does “doge” on Weibo mean? The answer is as follows:

⑺ [cp]#I can’t tell if it’s a pig or a dog for a while#[doge]How a chai pig is raised

Eat more meat rich in protein .
Dog food is mixed with meat and some meat is appropriately added to the dog food. Shredded boiled chicken breast, diced pork, sliced ​​beef, mix these meats into dog food and feed them a dayJust one or two meals. Don’t feed too much meat, it is easy for Shiba Inu to be picky eaters, just eat properly.
Be careful, don’t blindly pursue whether the Shiba Inu eats fat or not, and whether the face looks good or not. Also, it is okay to be fat, but always pay attention to the health of the Shiba Inu, not for the Shiba Inu Fat and lost health.

⑻ What does doge mean on Weibo

Doge originates from an online animation series called Homestar Runner, in which dogs are called “Doge”, since then, doge has become a new generation of buzzwords and expression packs.

In 2013, doge unexpectedly resurfaced on Reddit (the largest online community in the US) and Tumblr (light blogging), eventually appearing in the “Shiba Confessions” blog, which is the A Shiba Inu with an inner monologue.

“Shiba Inu Joke” (known as Doge Meme) has become popular through social networking tools such as Facebook and Tumblr, and the search rate in major search engines in Europe and the United States has exploded.

(8) Extended reading of raising doge:

Doge prototype introduction:

The “Doge” prototype comes from A cute Shiba Inu called Kabosu in Japan, once abandoned by its owner and almost euthanized, is fortunate to meet its current owner.

Since the owner posted its photo on the Internet, the magical expression has been sought after by netizens all over the world. There are also many merchants who use Shenfandog to develop creative products.

The Shiba Inu is native to Japan and is an ancient breed. The temperament is docile, faithful, obedient, tolerant, agile, and the color is like wood. Now it is a good hand at showing cuteness.

Reference source: Internet-DOGE


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