Ranch Story Doraemon digs to the bottom of the lake

“One” ranch story mining and digging the fruit of power because I used s/l Dafa, if I read the file and then dig this piece of land, will it disappear?

The spring water mine’s own farm is all It will change at any time~~~
That’s why I use SL Dafa
to dig out a lot of things like cursed items~~

『崴』 Dig up more than 200 layers of specific steps and equipment

Find the jade of truth (or the fruit of strength, forget it) Can you see physical strength?
The jade of the kappa or the jade of the goddess, can keep the physical strength?
Or if you have enough medicine, you can.
Sometimes there is no way to go down to the next floor, so you need to archive each next floor?
I’m sorry, I forgot about it, but I’m not sure.

How to get emerald ore in “Three” switch Doraemon Ranch Story

Except a small amount of ore can be bought
Others are mined
Emerald needs to be dug to 5 layers
5 layers start to mine
When it reaches the 9th layer, the most out of it
br />So insist on digging down

『4』How to mine Doraemon Nobita’s ranch story

Introduction: Doraemon is a Japanese cartoonist who created a A comic, which turned into a game, so how to mine Doraemon Nobita’s Ranch Story? What should be paid attention to in the mining process? Come and have a look below!

III. Precautions

Players can add more SL during mining time in order to improve mining output and efficiency. They can also be used to dig out gears and fossils. They are short of money in the initial stage of furniture making You can sell it first, because mining requires physical strength, sleep can restore physical strength, here is a 29-minute nap method, 29 minutes, if you take a nap, you can sleep until the next hour, and restore ten points of physical strength, that is It is said that 30 minutes of sleep can restore the physical strength of an hour of continuous sleep. For example, we go to mine at six o’clock, and we will arrive at the mine when we dig the mine. We sleep from 6:30 to 9:00. Note that we must go to bed before 29 minutes, and we need to sleep for an extra hour when we sleep for 30 minutes.

『Wu』 Doraemon Nobita’s Ranch Story How to get gold ore

It’s better to upgrade the pickaxe
Upgrade to Copper
Then go down the mine
Generally about 5 layers
There is a chance to dig it
Of course, the probability is not great
If you face black
You will dig to the bottom A few pieces
The demand for gold mines for this game is not small
So it takes a while to mine
This work is also known as Nobita’s mining story

『Lu』 Doraemon Ranch Story Dolphin Mission

Abstract mining chapter I know the selling price Stone 10 Copper 30 Iron 50 Silver 80 Gold 120 Broken Copper 100 Sapphire 300 Ruby 300 Emerald 300 Diamond 500 Amber 1200 Trilobite Fossil 120 Nautilus Fossil 120 Fern Fossil 200 Stegosaurus Bone Plate 300 Tyrannosaurus Fossil 300 Dromaeosaurus Claw 300 Triceratops Fossil 400 Lanternfish Stars The price of frilled sharks varies depending on the star level. The minimum price should be 3000. Take it easy for a mining fee and a little physical strength. If you are lucky, there will be gold mines at the beginning of the fourth floor, but the number is very small. At present, I personally feel that there are almost no gems on the sixth and seventh floors. Generally, there will be one gem on the seventh floor. The probability of moisturizing after the eighth floor is high, and there are basically more than one, especially when it reaches the ninth floor. The tenth floor is an underground lake. With a fishing rod, you can catch all kinds of ores, bait, frilled shark, lantern fish, etc. Frilled sharks should appear after 21:00.

『柒』How to dig to the second level in Ranch Story Mining

First of all, we must learn to use s/l Dafa. What is s/l Dafa? (Masters don’t hit me… This is for beginners) — it’s save/load. For gba, there are two files that can be saved, and it is more convenient for emulators.
First, when entering the mine, save it to file 2. Then smash the stone and hoe the ground, hoe to the stairs, and note the location. Read file 2, go directly to the place where the hoe reached the stairs just now, and see the stairs with a hoe. Save to file 1 before going downstairs.
Go down the stairs and immediately save to file 2. Throw rocks and hoe the ground, hoe up to the stairs, and note the location. Read file 2, go directly to the place where the hoe reached the stairs just now, and see the stairs with a hoe. Save to file 1 before going downstairs.
Go downstairs, same as the above steps, and so on.
If there is a situation where the stairs cannot be found in the middle, go to file 1 and go down the stairs again to continue. If you don’t use s/l Dafa, hehe, when this happens, I can only cry without tears.

Secondly, every floor should be smashed open, and every piece of land should be hoeed? –No (unless you are selling for mining stones, then you are justified in smashing every stone, hehe)

The first law: the outermost circle of land against the wall is There will be absolutely no stairs. In order to dig the stairs, the stones in that circle do not need to be smashed or hoeed.

Second Law: There are eight squares around the stairs to go upstairs, and you will never dig into the stairs. (Let L = go up the stairs, the place marked with X is absolutely notThere will be stairs. )
o XXX o
o XLX o
o XXX o

The third probability: in the big map, usually under The stairs to the upper floor are near the stairs to the upper floor. It is recommended to start digging from the circle close to the stairs upstairs, and then expand to the outside circle, if not, go outside again…. As shown in the picture above, start digging from the circle marked o. Generally, the stairs are more likely to be located in this circle, followed by the outer circle, and the probability of finding the stairs after three circles is very small.

As shown in the figure:

Fourth probability: In the small map, the stairs to go down are usually far away from the stairs to go upstairs, as shown in the figure:
In the game From the perspective, if the upstairs is closer to the left, the downstairs is closer to the right, and vice versa.

In addition, except for the circle closest to the wall in the minimap, the outer two circles are easier to dig into the stairs. As shown in the figure: (Q is the wall, Y is the circle that is easy to dig into the stairs)
Combined, the stairs in the minimap are not difficult to dig.

When mining, only bring a hammer and a hoe.
When mining, bring a basket, which can hold 30 ore.
When digging, if you dig black grass, please remember the orientation together. When reading the file and dig the stairs directly, also dig out the black grass and eat it (each black grass +5 stamina, -5 fatigue) .
When you are not ready to cook, go to the hospital to buy stamina medicine and fatigue medicine. It is recommended to use 5 strong stamina medicines and 3 strong fatigue medicines if you go deep.
If you have the conditions to cook, you can make stamina medicine and fatigue medicine yourself. In addition, it is recommended to restore the grass (+100 stamina, -50 fatigue). The recovery grass made of six failed dishes plus a strong stamina medicine and a strong fatigue medicine has both the effects of restoring stamina and eliminating fatigue. Bringing eight recovery grass is equal to 16 bottles of medicine!
Recovery grass can also be upgraded, use the kitchen utensils needed to make recovery grass, and then choose recovery grass + another kind of grass (such as cyan grass), the upgraded recovery grass can +110 stamina.

Hehe, I wish you all a happy mining!

How to go down to the 255th floor

In order to finally challenge the 255th floor, there are a few more important points.
1. Don’t challenge too early. There must be at least 6 or more Power Fruits and Mysterious Fruits. If there are too few Ligos, it may not eventually reach level 255.
2. With recovery grass, the effect is better than with medicine.
3. Be patient, be patient…

1 You have to go to the mine early in the morning, because every 10 floors you go down will add 10 points, so that you won’t be pulled home halfway.
2 You have to put a big recovery agent, a big refresher, recovery grass and the like in the bag. You don’t need to have enough fruits of power, and you can dig more black grass. You can also bring nothing as long as you eat black grass on every floor!
3 After you arrive at the mine On the first floor, you first memorize the first step, start digging, remember the location when you dig into the black grass and the stairs leading to the next floor, then retrieve the memory, and then dig directly to the location you remembered, this is SL Dafa
4 When you go to the second floor, you should memorize it when you first start, but remember to the second file, the third layer will cover the first file, the fourth floor will cover the second file, and so on. By analogy (some floors do not have access to the next floor, you have to go to the first file and reload, rest assured it will refresh.)
5 Make sure you dig a black grass on each floor , and also make sure you have a full bag of black grass, because black grass is available in layers 1~100 and 250~255, but there is no black grass in 101~249, then it depends on your reserves. The first floor eats black grass, so you need to dig 1~3 black grass per floor.
6 Also, you need to leave an empty space in your item bar. It is said that there are flying stones on the 255th floor (but it will take 3 years Later) and Mystery Slate, a recorded dish, and a real jade , because its location is not absolute, that is, after you extract the memory, you may not have it if you dig it again. I suggest you to get it several times. For the 100-layer powerful fruit, don’t forget to take it.
8 For the sake of To dig into the channel and grass faster, I will teach you some of my methods. 1. The channel will not be in the outermost circle and the circle next to the floor. 2. Most of the channels are near the stairs (not the circle next to the stairs). )3 There is a “dead alley” surrounded by stones with only one exit. If you dig in the innermost, there is a high probability that it will be a passage.

『渌』 Ranch Story Honey Village has a great mining tip. Precious things, dig out and prompt very precious things, findNo more

cough, cough encountered…

You should go to the room next to your house to see where it should be placed

I did the same last time, and then there was an extra vase in that room…it looks so ugly..

Thanks I was wondering what the next room was doing at first..

『玖』 Ranch Story Ore Town mates dig so deep

After a long S/L, I finally collected 9 goddess jade!!

Here I would like to share with you the experience of rushing to the mine this time!!

First of all, it is recommended that you take a nap and start early in the morning, when your physical strength will be better!!

But don’t go in the middle of the night!!

Because in the mine, 10 minutes will be lost for every 10 layers of digging down!!

Next Before arriving at the destination, it will be AM6:00. . . .

Second: Conditions!!!

Make sure that you can use a hoe and a sledgehammer for about 190 hits!!

Because in the The first 100 floors have black herbs to supply!!

But after reaching the 100th floor, there will be no black herbs!!

And the ninth goddess jade will be on the 222nd floor There are as many as 8 goddess jade after the 100th floor!!

Even if you know the location of the goddess jade, it is not easy to hit it with a single hammer!!

So, if you want to receive all of them, you must leave 10 times and 8 times for the first goddess Jade in order to not be paralyzed!!!

How do you know if you have enough physical strength? ?

There are three ways:

One: Just play around at home and check it out!!

Second: Get the “Reality” Jade”, you can see physical strength and fatigue!!

2 points of physical strength = 1 point of fatigue = use 1 hoe or sledgehammer!! Calculate for yourself!!

Three: Look in the memory address, you know that you can order small gold (020041F4)!!

Third: digging stairs skills

In the first 100 floors, you must always Be at the highest level every moment!!

It is best to do it on every floor, first find the stairs, then find the black herbs, and then go down the stairs, so that there will be enough stamina behind Beat the Goddess Jade madly!!

In other words, in the first 100 floors, only use the hoe twice on each floor to find the stairs and black herbs!!

After the 100th floor, in addition to the layers of Goddess Jade, the other layers must be in place!!

In this way, we can ensure that we can go down to the last place!!

This has to use S/L, unlimited S/L, when you see the next floor, you can use a hoe to dig up the stairs and go straight down!!

Fourth: The skill of digging the goddess’s jade!!

Before you come to the floor with the goddess’s jade, you must save once on the previous floor as a backup!!!

Go down After the target layer, the first thing to do is to find a way to find out where the goddess jade is!!

I have seen some posts saying that the goddess jade is random!!

Even if the SAVE is dug on the same floor, the LOAD will not be there!!

I thought that was the case at first!!

But later I found out, Using the emulator’s archive function (ie: Shift+F1) is not acceptable!!

However, just use the save function in GAME to save once after going down to the target layer!!

After that, you can use the save function of the emulator to save!!

In this way, after finding the position of the goddess jade, you can think about the shortest route to get there!!

This can reduce the consumption of physical strength!!

One last point:

If it is really impossible to dig all at once or some external factors cannot be used again after digging a few times, then you can stop halfway, go home first, and divide it twice Digging is also feasible!! And it’s much easier!!

You don’t need to bring the jade of the goddess that you dug up the second time!!

As long as you dig At the ninth time, the goddess will appear, and it will be replaced for you together with your family!!

Additional information:

The jade of the goddess is in the spring mine:

60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202, 222 layers are available!!

Unconditional restrictions!!!

About the use of the female mysterious treasure is time to change physical strength!!

But some people say that the exchange is too little, it is a drop in the bucket!!

I don’t think so,

I don’t have much time to use tools in the farmland, but I use the air in the house to upgrade!!

At this time, the female mystery treasure is very useful,

Get up early in the morning and use all your physical strength, don’t use fatigue!!

Go to give gifts again,

Use tools as soon as you are full on the way!!

This will be full of upgrades soon!!

1.In the sink of the horse house 2.The street lamp survey on the street (see the picture below for the specific location)

3. Dog house investigation 4. In the bookcase on the 2nd floor of the library

5. Buying from Huo An 8. In the town villa�� Prizes for the quiz show at the end of the year and the beginning of the year

9. After obtaining all of the above, check in the refrigerator at the mayor’s house to obtain it

After obtaining the above 9, leave a space in the backpack , the village chief will be automatically replaced with a real treasure

“Pick up” Why do the friends in the ore town of Ranch Story sometimes dig and dig the stairs to go down?

Yes, I was at that time Very depressing too! Dig to the end, there is nothing left! ! However, the wisdom of the majority of players is great! Invented the SL Dafa (Save Lord), store the record on the upper floor, dig out the stairs and save it again, if you can’t dig out the stairs, read the record and it’s OK.


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