Ranking of blockchain projects in China


1. At present, what are the more reliable blockchain public chains in China

In the past, whenever we mentioned going to the blockchain, we would always think of foreign products, such as Ethereum, but When I talk about this topic again today, I will think more about China’s own blockchain technology.

At present, the mature application of blockchain technology is more concentrated in some public chain projects, because many application projects are developed based on this, so I think the current global One of the general directions of the implementation of the project is the public chain project. It is still too early to talk about maturity. After all, Bitcoin and Ethereum are still very blocked. There are still many old problems that have not been solved, and many new problems will appear. The more well-known ones are Bytom, Ulord (the project is abroad, but the technical provider is provided by the domestic company Hunan Tianhe Guoyun Co., Ltd.), Quantum Chain, Xiaoyi NEO, Gongxinbao, etc.

Ulord is a peer-to-peer value transfer public chain. By building the underlying architecture of the blockchain and the digital resource distribution protocol, it supports third-party developers to build their own applications on top of its open source protocol, and cooperates with many industries. Partners work together to build a complete ecosystem of blockchain technology and applications.

Based on various rules and protocols created by Ulord, it is convenient to graft various application scenarios of digital resources including text, pictures, music, video, software, etc., providing information creators and consumers with direct docking platform. Third-party developers can build their own economic system in Ulord, or they can build various applications around Ulord, and use UlordToken in Ulord as the certificate in the system.

For example, an experience sharing platform can be built on Ulord, the experience sharer will price the published experience, the person who obtains the experience information trades on the platform, and every fee paid to the experience sharer will arrive immediately. Account; product promoters can publish advertisements on Ulord, price the advertisements, and those who are interested in the advertisements and click the advertisements can get a certain income and so on. Different from the previous mode of information transmission, which requires the help of platforms or other centralized institutions to spread and profit, the intermediate links are removed, and information providers and consumers are directly connected through Ulord, which ensures the maximization of the interests of the original creators.

2. What are the Chinese blockchain companies

Blockchain listed companies include Yiqiao (002447), Yijian (600093), Sifang Jingchuang (300468), Feitian Honesty (300386), Xinguodu (300130), etc.

Haoxin Internet, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yiqiao (002447), launched Jingdouyun, the first company to apply blockchain technology to the game field.

Yijian (600093) has cooperated with IBM to explore the application of blockchain technology in the field of supply chain management services.

A project of Sifang Jingchuang (300468) and IBM will use blockchain technology in the bancassurance industry.

Feitian Chengxin (300386) has certain technical reserves and research in the field of blockchain, and will participate in digital currency and other blockchain industries in the future.

Xin Guodu (300130) has become a blockchain research center before, studying how to apply blockchain to the company’s field and industry.

3. Which are the better domestic blockchain projects worth investing in?

Currently DeFi projects, liquidity mining and other projects are relatively hot. Recently, I am more optimistic about the CellETF fund. I am optimistic about the future development trend of centralized projects.

4. What is the best blockchain project in 2019

Blockchain is the trend of the times, but when choosing a blockchain project, you must keep your eyes open. Be sure to find a team with technology, application implementation, and real down-to-earth work. Otherwise, the bamboo basket may be empty, because it is a trend, and there are naturally many projects that take the opportunity to hype and defraud.

Here, this hero mainly introduces the world’s first blockchain distributed storage project with perfect technology and real application – UtiSpace (public account search UtiSpace community).

Investment Highlights

A brief introduction to UtiSpace:

Is 5G coming? Have big data, artificial intelligence, wearable devices, Internet of Things, and AI entered our lives? Is your phone out of memory?


High-speed information flow will inevitably require infinite storage space, and the current storage space will never be enough.

For example: 4G mobile phone storage space determines the price of mobile phones, what about 5G mobile phones? If you need 10 times the storage space of 4G, the price will be more expensive.

Where there is demand, there is a market. In the past, we needed to build a large data storage base station to do big data storage. The cost is very high, it is tens of billions of dollars at every turn, and the security is very low (what if the base station will be hot, prone to fire, earthquake? If a hacker attacks all data, it will be paralyzed), in addition, no matter how large the base station has limited storage capacity, it will never satisfy the market. yields double the amount of data, which results in a large amount of usefulData is homeless. 67% of the data is currently deleted, which is a big loss!

So who can solve the data storage with large storage capacity, high security, low cost and low energy consumption?

Today, the Chinese independent brand UtiSpace, a decentralized distributed storage space man, and Zhejiang University Shumai Chain Laboratory have solved this worldwide problem. As a result, it has taken the lead in occupying the big cake of distributed data storage.

5. Ranking of domestic blockchain projects

There are still many excellent blockchain projects in China

6. Market value of blockchain projects in China

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There are still many projects with relatively high market capitalization and excellent projects in China. Currently, Xiaoyi and TRON are both relatively high-ranked domestic projects in terms of ranking. Dagong Chain – Quantum, Xiaoyi and Gongxinbao, if it is an investment, I personally think that both TRON and Xiaoyi are already ranked very high in market value, and the room for improvement is not particularly large, so I suggest you pay attention to the three major domestic public chains One of the GXChains created by GXChain is the GXChain, a basic chain serving the global data economy, aiming to create a value network of trusted data. It aims to provide data transaction/exchange services between enterprises, individuals, and between enterprises and individuals, while creating an entrance to the blockchain world for global users and supporting developers around the world to develop rich blockchain applications. Based on the distributed characteristics of blockchain, cryptography and other technical means and token design, Gongxinbao provides a new blockchain solution for the development of the data economy and leads a new revolution in data services.

7. Blockchain Exchange Ranking

The top blockchain exchanges are undoubtedly Binance, Huobi, ok, etc. However, due to the strict review of the project party system and high listing fees, and XT.com exchange has formulated a set of policies to serve the project party in response to this situation.

8. What are the domestic blockchain projects

Quantum Chain


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