Real mining pictures

Ⅰ Why do you say that mobile phone mining is a scam?

Because all those who come in after mobile phone mining will be cut off.


1. In the past two years, various “get rich overnight” myths about blockchain have been staged continuously, “mining” Cryptocurrency has become a new trend of getting rich, and mobile phone mining is becoming more and more popular.

2. For real mining, there will be special mining machines. After all, every mining machine is not cheap. Mobile phone automatic mining can be obtained very cheaply. It’s not Bitcoin, basically the altcoins issued by myself are not worth much, and they will still be cut into leeks at that time.

ⅡA picture of the comprehensive mining method in the textbook “Mining”, which god can introduce it, I will reward it! !

This is the standard drawing of the comprehensive mining method with the transportation level road arranged in the vein. The irregular dots in the center of the ore block are generally reserved by the rock drillers who feel that the ore there is relatively poor.
This picture is the plan view. For the standard drawing of the mining method of the gently inclined ore body, generally only the plan view and section view are made.
Except for the gently inclined ore body, the rest are generally front, top and side views Sequence
An extra point: the picture you sent is accurate in the vein, okay, close your eyes, and dig a flat lane along the vein at a certain height according to the designed middle section of 40m or 50m, which is the 1-transportation tunnel in the picture, and then go to Excavate an uphill at a certain position, for example, it is on the far left side of your picture, and then go up the hill for 6-8m parallel to the transport roadway and dig the bottom roadway. Well, 2 working faces are formed in this way, the end of the uphill. Continue mining, pull the end of the tunnel to rectify leaks, right, this is also the mining accuracy ahead of mining! Then ah, sequential mining, it forms what you see on the picture!
However, this picture is what was used for artificial mining in the past, and no one uses it. Why, the production capacity is not up!
Ok, let’s look at the picture,
1. The electric rake nest is on one side of the transport tunnel, and the rake bucket is on the other side of the transport tunnel. The steel rope spans the transport tunnel, which will definitely affect the Other operations;
2. The comprehensive method is suitable for ore bodies with an inclination angle of less than 30. If it is arranged as shown in the figure, the height difference between the height of the transport tunnel floor and the mouth of the funnel is relatively small, and a wooden funnel can barely be installed. The ore is loaded inside, but looking at the things on the picture, I feel that the two-wheeled wooden frame car is running in the transportation roadway, and the dustpan is manually loaded; low.
4. The height of the middle section of a general metal mine is more than 40m. If it is 40m, then a middle section can be arranged with 2 mine houses on the map. If you don’t believe me, try it in your own CAD ^_^
In addition, this is the picture in the old book. If it is your teaching material, then you will despise your teachers, be irresponsible, and teach students with things from half a century ago! ! !

For the sake of typing so many words, I mean !
In addition, if you have any questions in this regard, you can find me in the mining engineering post bar, and I will read it every day!
I wish you good luck, good luck! ! !

Ⅲ Find a picture about inspiration, it’s two people digging diamonds

The picture about inspiration is as follows:

Inspiration is a knowledge, this knowledge No matter how powerful people are, they can’t read or learn well, and thus form an independent discipline “Successful Learning”. Inspirationalism is not only to activate a person’s desire for wealth, but also to activate a person’s life energy and awaken a nation’s enthusiasm for creation. Losing creativity is the greatest tragedy of a person or even a nation.

Inspiration is to make a person rejuvenate this kind of power. Inspiration is not to let the weak replace another person to become the strong, but to let the weak be able to compete with the strong and have the same vitality and creativity. Only the power that unfolds from the depths of the heart and the essence summed up by spiritual experience is the way for a person to truly gain dignity and self-confidence.

(3) Extended reading of real mining pictures

Inspirational stories

The five-year-old boy Hank and his father, Mom and brother went to work in the forest together. Suddenly it started to rain heavily, but they only brought a rain poncho. Dad gave the poncho to mother, mother to brother, and brother to little Hank. Hank asked inexplicably: “Why did my father give it to my mother, my mother gave it to my brother, and my brother gave it again.And me? “

Dad replied: “Because father is stronger than mother, mother is stronger than brother, and brother is stronger than you.” We all protect the weaker ones. “Little Hank looked left and right, ran over to spread the poncho, and blocked it from a delicate flower swaying in the wind and rain.

This story tells us that there are not necessarily many real strong men. Powerful, or rich, but he is good at helping others. Responsibility can make us finish things, and love can make us do things well.

Ⅳ There is a picture, one person digs, digs After a long distance, but just one step away from digging the mine, he went back disappointed, please see this

look.. can’t find it

Ⅳ Are there any scenes or animations of mining in animations or games?

Is this ok?

VI World of Warcraft Mining map above 175

75-245 mithril mine (can be mined 1-4 times) 175 skill requirement, accompanied by solid stone, turquoise, ruby. If you want to collect a lot, 2 places are recommended: 1 , Badlands 2, Alterac Mountains, this place has few people, small map, relatively fast refresh, suitable for a large number of collections. 250 Thorium veins Blasted Lands, Western Plaguelands, Burning Plains, Hinterlands, Searing Gorge, Eastern Plaguelands, Feralas, Felwood, Tanaris, Un’Goro Crater, Winterspring, Silithus ooze-covered Thorium Mine 275 Futhorium Mine Azshara, Western Plaguelands, Burning Steppes, Eastern Plaguelands, Un’Goro Crater, Winterspring, Hellfire Peninsula The rich thorium mine covered by ooze is 300-330, mainly for digging magic iron ore. First dig clockwise in Hellfire There are many devil iron ore on the peninsula. If the Hellfire Peninsula is full of miners, then go to Zanza Swamp. 330-355, mainly dig devil iron ore and fine gold ore. Go to Nagrand steppe, dig fine gold ore not only It can improve skills and sell ore for a good price. While mining fine gold ore, magic iron ore can also be collected together, even in the later stage, the consumption of magic iron ingots is still considerable. 355-375, mainly dig magic iron Mines and Adamantite mines. Shadowmoon Canyon is the best choice for mining Adamantite mines. If the level is not enough, you can also choose to practice mining skills in Terokkar Forest. Mining Adamantite mines in Shadowmoon Canyon At the same time, don’t forget to continue to search for magic iron ore.The distribution of mines in World of Warcraft Darkshore: Copper, Tin, SilverDan Morogh: Copper Ore Durota: Copper Ore Loch Modan: Copper Ore, Tin Ore Mogao Thunder: Copper Ore Wetlands: Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Silver Ore, Iron Ore Barrens: Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Silver Ore, Iron Ore Elwynn Forest: Copper Ore Claw Mountains: Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Silver Mine, Iron Ore, Mithril Westfall: Copper, Tin, Silver Ash Valley: Copper, Tin, Silver, Iron Redridge Mountains: Copper, Tin, Thousand Needles: Copper, Tin, Silver Ore, Iron Ore, Mithril Duskwood: Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore Desolace: Copper Mine, Tin Ore, Silver Ore, Iron Ore, Mithril, Gold Ore Tirisfal Woodland: Copper Ore Dustwallow Marsh: Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Mithril Silverpine Forest: Copper Ore, Tin Ore , Silver Ore Tanaris: Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Mithril, Truesilver, Thorium Hillsbrad Foothills: Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Silver Ore, Iron Ore Feralas: Iron Ore, Gold Ore , Mithril, Truesilver, Thorium Alterac Mountains: Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Mithril Azshara: Gold Ore, Mithril, Truesilver, Thorium, Rich Thorium Arathi Highlands: Tin, Silver, Iron, Mithril Felwood: Gold, Mithril, Truesilver, Thorium Stranglethorn: Tin, Silver, Iron, Gold, Mithril, Truesilver Ungo Lo Crater: Gold, Mithril, Truesilver, Thorium, Thorium-rich Badlands: Silver, Iron, Gold, Mithril, Truesilver Silithus: Mithril, Truesilver, Thorium, Thorium-rich Swamp of Sorrows: Iron Ore, Mithril Winterspring: Gold Ore, Mithril, Truesilver, Thorium, Thorium-rich Searing Gorge: Iron Ore, Mithril, Thorium, Dark Iron Teldrassil: No mines currently Point Hinterlands: Silver Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Mithril, Truesilver, Thorium Moonglade: Currently no ore point Cursed Lands: Gold Mine, Mithril, Truesilver, Thorium Burning Steppes: Gold Mine, Mithril, Truesilver, Dark Iron, Thorium, Thorium West Plaguelands: Goldmine, Mithril, Truesilver, Thorium, Thorium Silver, Rich Thorium

Ⅶ Who has the picture of that mining, two people, one on top and one on bottom, someone insisted, and someone walked away with a hoe. There is another

mining picture of pulling a radish as follows:

Ⅷ There are two people mining together, and one of them gave up when he was about to reach the end again. Another person insisted on digging to the end and got a diamond, please ask for the source or picture of this cartoon

This is what you want

ⅨHow to mine Pi coin How to mine Pi coin

    How to mine Pi coin?

  • 1. Download the APP from the link on the official website and install it.

  • 2. Open the app, you can choose Facebook and mobile phone number to register. If you register with a mobile phone number, select “Continue with phone number” to register:

7. The main interface of the app after registration is as follows, click The lightning symbol in the picture above, which represents the mining power, will jump to the following page to introduce the composition of your mining power.

Ⅹ How to view the official mining map of ZOTAC

The official mining map of ZOTAC is mainly for profit.

Everything is for profit. As a company that produces graphics cards, if the main profit in the past was relying on the production of graphics cards from OEMs, maybe they felt that the profits generated by their mining were far greater than the sales. understand.

The worrying thing is that if all the graphics card manufacturers are mining and not selling it, it will be a bit scary, and it will bring a real card shortage.

There is also good news, of course. Nvidia said that for the upcoming $329 (about 2135 RMB) GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, the company will undercut its performance in Ethereum mining.

Video card (Graphics card) is the full name of display interface card, also known as display adapter, which is one of the most basic configuration and most important accessories of computer.

The graphics card, as an important part of the computer host, is a device for the computer to perform digital-to-analog signal conversion, and undertakes the task of outputting and displaying graphics.

The graphics card is connected to the motherboard of the computer, it converts the digital signal of the computer into an analog signal for the monitor to display, and the graphics card still has image processing capability, which can assist the CPU to work and improve the overall running speed.

The graphics card is very important for those who are engaged in professional graphic design. Graphics chip suppliers for civilian and military graphics cards mainly include AMD (Super Micro Semiconductor) and Nvidia (Nvidia).

Current top500 computers all contain graphics card computing cores. In scientific computing, graphics cards are called display accelerators.


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