Reasons for the surge in xrp ripple

❶ Is Ripple and Ripple the same currency?

Consultation record · Answered on 2021-11-04

❷ Small on the computer How to add xrp coins to fox wallet

Ripple coins cannot be obtained through mining. Ripple coins can only be obtained by participating in the WCG project, and the corresponding amount of Ripple coins can be obtained according to the contribution value, which is different from BTC and Ethereum. XRP price fluctuations are small and generally do not play. Now I think playing ECE is more valuable.

❸ What currency is xrp

xrp generally refers to Ripple, Ripple is the base currency of the Ripple network, it can circulate in the entire ripple network, the total amount Ripple is run by Ripple Labs (formerly OpenCoin).

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