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Skill Based Play To Earn Game

The game is 100% skill based where the player will need to build fighting bots from hundreds of different parts in order to assemble a perfect team of robots.

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Xoil Wars is a digital collectible card game which takes ten minutes to learn and lifetime to master. Players get to build fierce teams of fighting robots in their home base, defeat other teams in epic card battles, and earn crypto rewards.

How To Play

Game Mode

Adventure mode
battle vicious aliens and complete daily challenges for xoil rewards.

Multiplayer mode

Defeat other players in PvP battles in order to collect game resources, earn rewards, and climb up the leaderboards to win season prizes.

Building Bots

Build ultimate fighting bots by combining robotic parts together then decide whether to add them to your team or sell in the marketplace.

How to Earn Money

NFT Assets

After landing on Xoilium, each of the genesis Rebel Bots seized control of an area and created their own kingdom. Now they must battle against other kingdoms for the precious Xoil resource to become the richest and most powerful kingdom.

Rebel Bot’s kingdoms are different in size and contain a varied number of player lands. You do not need to own a Rebel bot to play, but there are advantages to owning one. Read more about the benefits of owning a Rebel Bot in the Xoil Wars whitepaper.

limited land plots

Land is a precious and limited resource on Xoilium. Each player on Xoilium needs to own a land plot within the protection of one of the Rebel Bots’ kingdoms.

As a player, it is your duty to use your land to build and upgrade your base. From your base you will be able to build your team of fighting bots to battle other kingdoms for Xoil and glory. To succeed, you’ll need to undertake missions, battle, build and progress.

unlimited fighting bots

As a player in xoil wars, you’ll need to build and control a team of fighting bots. each fighting bot is built from 5 different parts which determines his unique abilities on the battlefield. there are three classes of fighting bots – military, industrial and engineer bots.

creating the best combination of fighting bots in a team, each with unique parts, will give you the best chance of succeeding in battles, increasing your mmr, and winning season rewards.


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1. Skill based game: in order for the game to be competitive and allow the true dedicated gamers to earn from playing it, the game will have to be primarily skill based, with almost zero randomness and little to no luck involved  in the gameplay. In addition, we wanted players to compete in more than one kind of tournament, allowing players which aren’t ranked at the very top
to still have a chance of winning a tournament. We prioritize skill over payto-win.

2. Social gameplay: the success of social games comes from the need to both socialize with other players but also from the joy of working together to win and complete achievements. Social gaming creates better virality, improved retention, higher engagement rates and most importantly organic growth.

3. High production quality: the main reason users are currently attracted to the Play to Earn niche, is due to the possibility of earning income/revenue while playing a game. We want them to feel good about the game itself regardless of earning money. This is why we are designing every aspect in the game, from art design through to the backstory of characters, and ensuring game stability and a smooth experience, so we can deliver the highest production level possible for players.

4. Simple yet sustainable play-to-earn model: generating revenue from playing the game is important but creating a simple mechanism for players who prefer to engage with the game on a different level and still earn from it is equally important for building a user base of non-playing users from the broader crypto community. The long term token value will come from introducing new features which will drive the Rebel Bots game universe forward.

5. Must be fun: there is a tendency to see Play-to-earn games as a job rather than an actual game, we intend to change that by combining proven fun  driven features from the social games space.


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