Rhinos Revenge Rhino themed NFTs

About Rhino’s Revenge

Rhino’s Revenge is a collection of 7,500 unique, randomly generated Rhino’s stampeding on the Ethereum blockchain.

Every RR NFT is unique and made from over 60+ possible attributes and traits. They can have different backgrounds, skins, clothes, facial expressions, accessories, and headgear. They are all made with love (and a bit of vengence), but some are rarer than others.

When you buy an RR NFT, you not only own a cool .PNG, but you also get access to our great events, own the commercial rights, holder benefits,automatically participate in our giveaways, and get to make a real world impact to help our rhino conservation!


The first thing I remember is running from hunters. I was still young, a calf just learning to play and run around when half of my crash was massacred. I would never forget the echoing of gunshots and the laughter of poaches as they ran towards us, waving their weapons around. Staying to protect our dead family would have…killed us, for sure. Only a few of us remained. Rushing through the scorching heat, we managed to shake off our human chasers, but we all knew that they would find us again. After all they needed us, well our horns. Our home was not safe anymore, not after we were discovered. Hope was dwindling as no matter how far we strayed from where we used to live… the humans still found us. Only a handful of us, mostly the younger rhinos, were left after a while. Some even said we were left alone simply because we were too young. Useless until our horns were big enough. As we huddled together day and night, hoping for a miracle… We never expected what would happen. After all, we were running out of time – and it was getting harder and harder for us to think that we would make it even into adulthood. The hunters, no poachers, were becoming more and more violent, ruthlessly killing even young adults just because… they needed our horns and nothing else. I believe we started wishing for their demise quietly, even though we did not dare talk about it as we knew they could feel our intents. Our willingness to get rid of them so we could live in peace… Within a very short time, we were down to a handful of rhinos… And that is when we were saved.

Or… at least, taken to a place that was less cruel than this wretched planet, if only for a while. The aliens who came to get us resembled the humans a lot, although their stretched-out faces, large black eyes and hands bigger than their heads were definitely odd features on them. They appeared in the middle of the night, stepping out of the darkness as if they had always been lingering there, watching us. At first, we all thought they were poachers, ready to kill us, but they came with no weapons, just hands held mid-air as if they didn’t wish to startle us. In a way, of course, it was a trap. After all, once we’d join them, we will never return to the life we once had. Instead, we would change shift into creatures capable of spilling human’s blood, beings thirsty for revenge. But… they offered us a way to fight back. To this day, I will never forget what the first thing the leader – they call her the Empress – said. “We are fascinated by your resistance but know that the humans will render you extinct within the next few years. We have a way for you to stand a chance against them – but there is no coming back from it. Are you willing to come with us?” I believe we never had the chance – we were destined to perish if we stayed… And so, we allowed them to take us.

Even being the subject of horrendous experiments was a better fate than running away constantly, looking for a way out. And so… We allowed the aliens to do whatever they wanted with us. They probed and poked us, shot lasers at our thick skins, made us go without any food for days… It was hard and almost maddening, but at least they did not ever kill a single one of us. And our tusks? They were ours to keep. What they wanted to prepare us for was a little hard for me to understand at the time since my brain was still not developed enough to grasp the concept of a potential intergalactic war. I just knew that humans lived on Earth and that they hunted us. That was all that mattered to me. A few of us became a little unsure as our abilities to hurt other creatures were tested. After all, we are all herbivores – it falls very far from us to harm living beings unless provoked. But…the aliens needed soldiers. Every time I stepped over a mouse, I was given a reward. Grass or berries, sometimes fruit I had never tasted before. Slowly, I came to associate the sound of a pained squeak with food. And that was when they took me to the other room.

There was only a few of us in what they called the ‘barn’ at the time, with most of us already having been…taken. We knew they were still alive – we heard them, after all. But… we had no idea where they were, nor what was going on with them. When I was pushed into a large metal machine, blinding blues and white, and the lights started blinking… I started to… understand things. It was as if a new being was born in the back of my head. One would say I became sentient. And as I stepped out, I realized I wasn’t on my own. We all… were capable of thinking and communicating suddenly. But something still wasn’t right. The aliens finally told us that their goal was to clone us: to make us into an undefeatable army that would crush humans like mice, that could kill without batting an eye. But little did they know that allowing us to think freely was perhaps a bad idea. After all, an agitated rhino crash is more powerful than any alien gadget could be. Long story short, to evade all gore details really, we escaped and… Realized that we had no chance but to go back home. We might have hurt the alien race out of sheer need. We could have just taken their ship once all of their souls were lost, but… We wanted more. We suddenly craved revenge and nothing else. And for that, we needed to come back to Earth. Stronger. Thousands of us, armed with weapons, we stole. Ready to crash the poachers’ parties, by ease.

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