Ripple’s blockchain explorer

『One』 What is the use of this blockchain browser

At the current stage, most of the blockchain browser is applied to virtual currency 24 Hourly ranking and transaction addresses, there is also a section dedicated to blockchain application ecology, which is very useful for those who are keen to speculate on coins and are interested in the future of blockchain

『Ⅱ』How to do the browser development scheme based on blockchain

The blockchain browser is the main window for browsing the blockchain information. The content recorded in each block can be accessed from Check it out on the blockchain browser. Usually digital asset users will use the blockchain browser to query the transaction information recorded in the block. Like the blockchain browser solution developed by Yingtang Zhongchuang, the main function is that it records the confirmation process of each block and the generation and distribution process of digital currency in detail, and completely records the transaction between each block. The circulation of digital currency, thus more complete and open disclosure of digital currency stock, increment, turnover rate and other information, the only thing hidden is the owner behind each block.

“Three” which company is more reliable for blockchain browser development

The premise of blockchain browser development is that your blockchain project has been developed Done, browser development is just by the way. Take Bitcoin as an example, there is open source code on github.

[4] Which blockchain website has the strength?

Now the industry as a whole is doing well, we must pay attention to the strength and effect of the team before cooperation , The Baker Chain blockchain has done a good job of understanding. Industry evaluation is quite high.

“Wu” Why is there no centralized exchange for the deposit address in the blockchain browser?

The currency is originally controlled by them, as long as If they want to run, they can run.
The coins should be transferred to their cold wallet, for security.
It is recommended to choose a reputable large exchange with low risk of running away.

Can the “Lu” gikee blockchain browser check only data?

Gikee, as a blockchain browser, is a blockchain browser A tool for monitoring, browsing and visualization of blockchain digital assets. The capture and analysis of gikee data are from multiple perspectives, including nine aspects: project information, circulation status, transaction costs, transaction relationships, asset distribution, asset relationships, asset changes, address tracking, and currency holding trends.
Therefore, gikee can not only see the data on the chain, but also obtain project details and transaction information in a visual form. You can also see the push of messages on the chain from gikee.

『柒』 What are the blockchain browser development companies

If the blockchain browser is interpreted literally, it can be understood as “blockchain + browser”. If users want to browse blockchain information, they have to use a blockchain browser. The content recorded in each block can be viewed from the blockchain browser. The blockchain browser can be said to be the main window for browsing the blockchain information. For specific blockchain browser development, you can take a look at Yingtang Zhongchuang, whose blockchain technology is more mature than teaching in system application development.

『渌』 Does Xingke SilkTrader trading platform website need a blockchain browser to use it?

No specified browser is required, just enter Xingke’s The official website can be accessed normally in any browser.

How to check the progress of coin withdrawal on the blockchain browser for 『鎖』gateio

①Select “Help” in the menu bar – “Download” – ” “Currency Information”;
②Enter the currency to be queried in the search box; (take EOS as an example)
③Enter the introduction page, click “Block Browser” to enter the EOS block;
④Copy the hash value (TXID) you need to query to the search box in the upper right corner for query

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