Ronin Network Hacker Starts To Redistribute Their Stolen Assets

The Ronin Network hacker who stole over $601 million from Axie Infinity’s mother company Sky Mavis has just started to redistribute the money. Accordingly, the anonymous thief already transferred more than 1,200 ETH to various other addresses and platforms.

Last week, the NFT community was shocked by the hacking incident. Unfortunately, the hack affected many victims, including Axie Infinity players’ deposits and treasury revenue.

Shortly after stealing $601M from Sky Mavis, the anonymous hacker is making new transactions. Credits: FreePik

What is the Ronin Network hacker up to?

Sky Mavis, the company behind the P2E game Axie Infinity, is the latest victim of hacking. On March 30th, the group confirmed that an anonymous hacker had stolen $601 million, deeply affecting the company’s Ronin Network.

At this moment, the hacker seems to have something else on their agenda. Recent data from Etherscan revealed 24 new transactions performed by the hacker’s wallet address.

One of them, for instance, involved a whopping 1,000 ETH sent to another unknown address. Meanwhile, another transfer indicates 200 ETH transferred to TornadoCash.

The Wu Blockchain platform confirmed the Ronin Network hacker’s latest transactions made today. Credits: Twitter

Sky Mavis, trying to cover up the breach

The Ronin Network sidechain has a reliable cross-chain transfer system used in the Axie Infinity game. Its hacking incident is, without a doubt, among the biggest DeFi breaches in the NFT space.

Of course, Sky Mavis is now desperately trying to fix the situation. For instance, the company COO Aleksander Leonard Larsen said they’re “fully committed to reimbursing our players as soon as possible.

What’s more, the sidechain will require 8 nodes for each transaction. Last week, Ronin Network briefly shut down following the hacker’s attack.

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