Sand sculpture video of mining diamonds

⑴ There are two people digging together, one of them gave up when it was about to reach the end again, the other insisted on digging to the end and got a diamond, please ask for the source or picture of this cartoon

This is what you want

⑵ How to mine the diamond mine in the mini world.

First of all, by switching the angle of view, it is found that there is a diamond in the magma! ! !
First lay a walkable path on the magma around the diamond, then find the corresponding position, take out the prepared push-pull mechanical arm and switch and place it on the top of the hole directly above the diamond mine (as shown in the picture)
/>ps: Use the “wrench” to light up the five-pointed star on the robotic arm (as shown in the picture)
Then turn on the switch, and push and pull the robotic arm to catch the diamond mine! This step is a bit difficult, because the location of the diamond mine is not so good for me, and I usually have to fish several times to fish up the diamond in this way of survival. Be patient~
Turn off the switch, and the diamond mine will be fished. Get up! Collect it with a drill!
It can not only save the beloved diamond, but also experience the feeling of a “monopoly” in the mine, isn’t it cool~ From now on, mining is no longer boring~

⑶ Minecraft mining How can the mine be accurate, and why I can dig bricks and stones almost every minute when I mine with a person, and it is very accurate, just find the ground and dig directly.

It depends on luck. After all, the map is random. If you are digging large natural pits and canyons of masonry, it is a good choice.

⑷ How to mine Pokemon Diamond Edition

Are you an nds emulator? If it is not the same as before: in the room next to the elf center in Baidai city, talk to the old man, he will give you mining equipment. Open the backpack in any place except caves, waters, and houses, and select it in the treasure column , and then automatically record, enter the underground world. The upper screen is the map, and the flashing yellow dot above is the location of the item to be dug. Go there, click the touch screen, an aperture will appear, and a light spot will temporarily appear on the wall and the ground. There are props on the wall, and traps on the floor. Click the light spot on the wall to enter the mining state. There are big hammers and small hammers to choose. , Click the touch screen to smash the soil layer, and fossils (low probability), props and various colored stones will be exposed. There is a limit on the number of times. When the soil layer is completely cracked, the excavation is over. After the end, open the backpack, click the item bar, click twice , the item will go to the bag of the above world. If you want to go up, choose to return to the ground to return.
. Tell you that the simulator can’t play underground

⑸ Chain mining mod instructions to mine diamond blocks

Chain mining is a mod created by players in minecraft for the convenience of players.
How to use. Download the mod on the Internet, and place the downloaded mod in the mods folder of the game root directory. Then you can open the game.
Take out the manuscript or axe and hold the ~ key in the upper left corner of the keyboard against the minerals or wood, and then mine or chop the wood, you can achieve the effect of chain mining.

⑹ Pokemon Pearl Diamond Edition Mining

Pokemon Pearl Diamond…

It is recommended that the landlord refer to the following link:
(Best answer The two links provided explain the underground mining method)

⑺ games that can mine, dig diamonds, and dig wells What is it

Come to the coal mine!

⑻ Minecraft mining has never seen diamonds. I have only seen lapis lazuli and gold ore once. Ask for advice. . How to dig easily to find diamonds

I found a natural mine, and every time I found O(∩_∩)O~

⑼ Minecraft why I just started digging There are diamonds in mines. It’s too simple.

It’s a matter of luck. Sometimes, it’s so easy to dig diamonds; sometimes, diamonds are around, but you pass by.
Hope to help you!

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