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Ⅰ What is BIYAO

BIYAO is one of the twin star projects built by the Singapore V Foundation, and the other is SEA. As a project of the V Foundation in the field of digital ecology for many years, SEA provides the foundation for the construction of the underlying technology of blockchain for the real economy, while Biyao builds a trading venue for high-quality blockchain projects, fully integrating the real industry and digital assets innovatively. Realized the integration of financial services in the digital ecology of the real industry. From the establishment of the business model to the improvement of the development plan and the three basic links to the final implementation of the market, standardized guidance will be given throughout the process, and efforts will be made to bring the real economy into the digital development track and create a global ecology of the digital economy. What is commendable is that there are also a lot of various currencies and blockchain products on the Biyao platform. For users, they can easily conduct investment and financial management, and there is a risk monitoring and control in the entire financial management environment.

Ⅱ Excuse me, the batch number at the bottom of the Sekkisei snow water bottle is SEA22P, is it real?

I bought a bottle of fake snow water with the same batch number as yours on Taobao. , is also SEA22P, the batch number can only be seen if you look hard at the light. The bottle is skirted, square, curved at the front and back, and flat on the sides. Later, I asked Japan to buy the bottle and it really came back. After a comparison, the fake product immediately appeared. The bottle purchased on behalf of 265 yuan was very hard and could not be pinched before and after being pinched, while the fake was soft. The bottle is very thin. The batch number is three-dimensional and clear, and it is also obvious in the dark. In addition, the whole top of the real cover is a silver plane, which can be used as a mirror to reflect the whole face, while the fake one is only silver and the top is white. At the beginning, I guess you bought a fake like me. Then smell the water. The fake color is very real, and it is also a rice color. However, the fake bottle was actually quite moisturizing, and I stopped using it after I found out that it was fake.
About the batch number: Sekkisei produced after 2004 has a 6-digit batch number. From left to right, the 1st and 2nd digits are English, the 3rd and 4th digits are numbers, and the 5th and 6th digits are English or digits. The production year of the snow water is the 4th digit from left to right. If we look at it this way, even if the snow water with the same batch number we bought is not fake, it is an expired product produced in 2002, but the real batch number I purchased on behalf of It is GA387A, which was produced in 2008.
It is recommended that you use it. If you don’t have allergic reactions, you can use it for the time being. I don’t know if it is true or not. I have used two-thirds of the bottle, and there are no adverse reactions.

Ⅲ What does blockchain nft mean

Hello, the full name of NFT is Non-FungibleToken (non-fungible token), we generally see a homogeneous token . For example, 1 BTC in your hand and 1 BTC in other people’s hands are the same, with the same anchor value and can be exchanged at will.

Fiat currency is a homogeneous currency. For example, a $5 bill is completely interchangeable with any other $5 bill. Likewise, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are interchangeable, i.e. 1 BTC can be swapped with 1 BTC, 1 ETH can be swapped with 1 ETH, and so on.

On the other hand, NFTs rely on special token standards such as ERC-721 to ensure uniqueness. Driven by blockchain technology, NFTs are not interchangeable and have verifiable uniqueness and scarcity.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique tokens in the vernacular. Even in the same system, NFTs exist independently. And NFT is not like BTC and ETH which can be divided into 0.1 or 0.0002, the unit of NFT is always 1! NFT features: unique, not splittable.

In this sense, NFTs are like digital collectibles or proofs of ownership, they are valuable precisely because they are 1:1 or limited edition An asset with liquidity and utility on the Ethereum platform.

In 2017, with the launch of collectible items such as CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties, the NFT ecosystem began to enter the public eye. Since then, the field has blossomed towards a variety of new use cases and industries. According to analytics site, the NFT economy has seen over $109 million in token sales to date, including $1 million in the last week alone!

Different Types of NFTs
NFTs can tokenize almost anything, especially various media types are achievable goals. By far, the most common use cases for NFTs are:

Digital art (SuperRare, KnownOrigin, Async Art, Rarible, etc.);

Digital music (Mintbase, InfiNFT, etc.) ;

·Virtual real estate (Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, etc.);

·VR wearable devices; NFT (Non-Fungible Token) defines an ecologically inseparable, Unique interface specification for token interaction and circulation. On the blockchain, digital cryptocurrencies are divided into two categories: native coins and tokens. the former asBitcoin, Qtum, etc. are for reference only


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