Seneca Women X Nifty Gateway Partner To Promote Gender Equality

Global leadership platform, Seneca Women is teaming up with Nifty Gateway to launch an exclusive NFT collection. Titled “The Seneca Women Equality Collection”, the drop will go live on 25 April on Nifty Gateway’s marketplace. In essence, the drop will feature female artists portraying their visions of a world where equality prevails. As part of the initiative, the community will invest a portion of the sale proceeds in other female-led Web3 projects.

Championing gender equality by amplifying women’s voices. Credit: Seneca Women.

Seneca Women aims to promote gender equality through NFTs

In a bid to promote gender equality, Seneca Women has selected a group of female digital artists to help work on the NFT collection. So far, enlisted artists include Miss Al Simpson, Ola Volo, Mercedes deBellard, Monica Rizzolli, Izzakko, and Stina Jones.

In particular, the global leadership group will work with Mercedes deBellard to offer an open edition collection. We can see why. The talented Spanish artist is well-known for painting surreal celebrity portraits. In fact, you can find her artworks widely shared on Pinterest and Tumblr. If you haven’t seen any of them, take a peek below.

Wow! Looking at Mercedes deBellard’s stunning celebrity portraits, we can’t wait to see her artworks in the upcoming The Seneca Women Equality Collection! Credit: Mercedes deBellard.

Kim Azzarelli, co-founder of Seneca Women believes that there is a great potential for financial inclusion in Web3. On that matter, she added: “Combine that with the power of women, and what you get is the potential for exponential growth and impact, what we at Seneca Women like to think of as WoFi–where the women’s economy meets Web3.”

Additionally, the team will reveal more artists along the way. These artists will also be featured at the upcoming Seneca Women Creators Forum at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this year.

On the whole, Web3 is all about giving power back to the people. No one is excluded from having skin in the game. Ever since the advent of NFT technology, we have seen more women-led NFT projects coming into the scene. This includes none other than the successful World of Women NFT, with the recent ones such as the Elf Princess NFT, and the TRIBE X NFT.

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