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① What are the small mining machines that can mine virtual currency now?

Landlord, now the most popular is the router to mine coins, there are already several on the market, and now the latest one is out The one is Gehua Link Route

② Is it illegal to mine coins by miners?

It is illegal and may involve financial fraud.
1. Invest in “miners” to mine coins and get high returns. Such propaganda has moved many people’s hearts. However, this seemingly good cause is an out-and-out scam. Bitcoin is a decentralized transaction and an anonymous transaction. If you buy or sell coins without going through a formal exchange and the other party does not give you money, it is difficult for you to get it back. Through the exchange, it is equivalent to the intervention of a third-party platform. If the counterparty of the buyer and seller fails to pay and release the currency as required, the exchange will intercept the transaction.
2. Bitcoins are all generated through mining, and mining is also the cheapest way to obtain Bitcoins. But the low cost is only relative to the high price of BTC, it does not mean that there is no cost. It is a Bitcoin that requires a real mining machine 7*24 hours of non-stop operation to mine the block reward. So don’t believe in some so-called “zero” bitcoins and various projects without physical mining machines.
What should I do if I get cheated by buying computing power? Retain the following evidence for rights recovery:
1. The platform is still running normally and has not run away;
2. The chat record of induced mining;
3. The transfer record with the other party;
Expand Information: At present, financial regulatory authorities in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and other places have successively introduced measures to rectify virtual currency trading venues.
Many scams confuse investors with the packaging of blockchain technology.
Henan Zhengzhou police recently reported a scam involving 1.36 billion yuan and more than 7,000 victims. Gao, a suspect in a fraud gang, set up a number of companies to assemble the purchased hard drives, motherboards, and chassis into so-called “mining machines”, and lied to customers that they could mine, exchange, and trade by purchasing investment “mining machines”. obtain high returns. However, after the customer purchased its “mining machine” investment at a high price, the company froze the digital currency exchanged by the customer on the grounds that the trading platform was hacked, and prevented the customer from withdrawing through the background operation, illegally occupying the customer’s funds.
Shanghai Pudong Internet Police released a case of fraudulent funds for raising pets on the blockchain. The project promises that customers will get 28% of the income after 15 days of raising virtual pigs and acquiring the platform. But in fact, all transactions are controlled by platform personnel, and even the participants are nakedly called “leeks”, and finally the company ran away with the money.
In order to attract user traffic and funds and increase the scale of transactions, some trading platforms have launched new gameplays such as “trading is mining”, “platform currency”, “trading platform financing IEO”, and some platforms even launched “resonance currency” and other suspected pyramid schemes , the virtual currency of the capital disk.
Recently, the Shanghai regulatory authorities have specially reminded investors not to confuse blockchain technology with virtual currency. There are multiple risks in virtual currency issuance, financing and transactions, including false asset risks, business failure risks, investment speculation risks, etc. Investors should increase their awareness of prevention and beware of being deceived.

③ How much bitcoin can a mining machine mine every day

④ Bitcoin mining machine scam, how to cheat, please gods

Bitcoin mining machine scam is to make money by leasing or selling mining machines.

A so-called “miner” refers to a computer that installs and runs specific software and algorithms. As we all know, Bitcoin can only be obtained by running algorithms for a long time on a computer, and the total amount is limited. Therefore, some manufacturers have launched specially designed and optimized computer products, which are called “miners”.

In January 2018, at the International Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, USA, a mining computer named “Kodak KashMiner” appeared at the venue, arousing people’s attention. However, critics now point out that the mining machine scheme is actually a scam, and the propaganda for profit is also false.


1. The ordinary computer configuration used by bitcoins at home cannot meet the requirements of bitcoin mining machines, and the electricity bill for mining a day The cost is hard to get back.

2. If you have to use a bitcoin mining machine to mine coins, it is recommended to choose a reliable and legal platform to be more stable. Mining on a legal platform can be seen every day, and you can withdraw it when you reach a certain amount.

⑤ Is mining with mining machines a scam? For example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Now more and more people are beginning to recognize the value of these two currencies, especially Bitcoin, people are more and more sure of it, so many people now want to get��Bitcoin. There are two ways to get bitcoins, one is to buy bitcoins from virtual currency exchanges, and the other is to use mining machines to mine and get rewards, and the latter has always been the preferred way for most people to get bitcoins. Then mining will involve the purchase of mining machines. As a well-known domestic mining machine dealer, Shilian Mining has cooperated with internationally renowned mining machine manufacturers. The source and quality of mining machines are guaranteed, and they have always been investors. The first choice of partners who purchase mining machines to enter mining know more about the network.

⑥ What does it mean for mining machines to mine coins

Virtual coins calculated by calculation rate. There are many types, Ethereum, Bitcoin…

⑦ Is 2018 mining machine mining a scam?

Mining machine mining is a scam.

In recent years, bitcoin has become a new favorite for investment, and the price of bitcoin mining machines has also risen. In 2019, the Xiushan County Procuratorate in Chongqing City approved the arrest of Awei, who committed fraud by selling bitcoin mining machines.

Bitcoin is a P2P form of digital virtual currency that can be exchanged for the currencies of most countries. In theory, anyone with a computer can participate in Bitcoin mining.

Because an ordinary mining machine on the market costs at least 30,000 yuan, and a more advanced mining machine consumes less power and has a higher mining speed, it costs 600,000 yuan , Buyers with a cheap mentality are easy to be fooled.

⑧ Is mining with mining machines a scam?

Mining machines with mining machines is not a scam, it is the mining machines and mining pools that can become scams. The computing power defrauds investors to buy, that is to say, as long as you choose a regular mining machine and mining pool, then the mining machine is not a scam. First of all, the mining machine is a real thing, such as a bitcoin mining machine. The algorithm for mining bitcoins is deployed in it, which is used to mine bitcoins. The higher the computing power of the mining machine, the more bitcoins you can mine.
Nowadays, there are many small platforms for mining coins. You can register a website for a few hundred yuan and get a system to start. When more people join and more money is invested, the platform will be rolled out at a certain time. Money runs away. Mining machines are generally deceptive, especially if you need to recharge VIP members to withdraw cash, or to earn one or two hundred a day, these are all fake. Ordinary computer configuration for Bitcoin use at home cannot meet the requirements of Bitcoin mining machines. It is difficult to earn back the electricity cost of digging a day.
Expansion information:
1. Soaring computing power: Soaring computing power is the biggest risk in mining investment. The increase in computing power leads to an increase in mining difficulty and a decrease in revenue. However, in the free market, competition cannot be avoided. The risk of increased force is acceptable.
2. Coin price falls: When the coin price falls to a certain extent, and the output income of mining is less than the electricity bill, there will be a loss. However, according to calculations, the electricity bill is 50 cents, and the currency price is below 6,000. It is possible to lose money. The current currency price is close to 40,000. Unless there are special reasons for the currency price to fall to 6,000 in the short term, it is very unlikely. such as regulation.
3. System risk: System risk is very common in Bitcoin, and the most common one is fork. The fork will cause the price of the currency to drop, and the mining revenue will drop sharply. However, judging from the current situation, the fork actually benefits the miners, and the forked altcoin also needs the miners’ computing power to complete the process of minting and trading. In order to win more miners, the altcoin will provide more area. Block rewards and fees to attract miners. Risk instead makes miners.
4. Policy risks: From the early 13-year “Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Risks” to today’s “Joint Announcement of Seven Ministries and Commissions”, the policy risks of digital currency are all clear. At present, the domestic policy is not clear, but Bitcoin It is the world, so most of the mining farms think that the risk has little impact

⑨ What is the matter with mining machines

Bitcoin mining The mining system is the process of conducting mathematical operations on the Bitcoin network through computer hardware. The miners who provide services can get a large sum of money. Because the network compensation is calculated based on the amount of tasks completed by the miners, the competition in mining is very fierce. There are hundreds of digital currencies issued all over the world, and the one that people know the most is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a virtual currency on the Internet, and some websites can use Bitcoin to pay.
Bitcoin mining started with low-cost hardware such as CPU or GPU, but with the popularity of Bitcoin in life, the mining process has changed a lot.
Now that mining activities have moved to Field Programmable Gate Arrays, hash speed can be achieved through optimization, this mode of mining is very fast and efficient.
Mining is the competition of computer performance and equipment. Some mining machines are composed of more graphics card arrays like this, dozens or even hundreds of them.Graphics cards are used together, and various costs such as hardware prices are inherently high, and mining has a very large expenditure.
In the Bitcoin system, recording transactions and producing blocks is the most important job. In order to encourage everyone to participate in the recording of transaction books, Satoshi Nakamoto designed a reward mechanism and used Bitcoin as a reward.
But the bookkeeping is not that simple, because based on the idea of ​​Bitcoin decentralization, every node and every miner participates in bookkeeping, and it must be ensured that the ledger recorded by everyone is the same.
When miners collect and record transaction information, the contents recorded by each miner are not exactly the same, especially the first one, the miners must remember to reward themselves for mining. But there is only one reward every time a blockchain is generated. Who is this reward for? This requires a rule, and it is a rule that everyone recognizes, that is, the proof-of-work PoW mechanism.
The Bitcoin system will let everyone solve a mathematical problem (calculate the hash value), whoever solves it first, then the block he recorded will be recognized, the reward will belong to him, and the speed of solving depends on who Computer/machine performance is higher.
This is exactly the case, so now everyone is enhancing the computing performance of their computers and mining machines, and improving the speed of solving problems. more money.
Using an image metaphor, the proof-of-work mechanism is very similar to a tug-of-war competition. Whichever side has the most power (high computing power) can win the other side. And on both sides of the tug-of-war rope, it doesn’t matter whether you are fat or thin or how many people there are; therefore, in order to get the reward, many people can gather as a group, and in the end, the reward will be divided according to how much each person contributes.
In Bitcoin mining, gathering a lot of people to mine together is the concept of “mining pool”, which we will explain in detail in the next article.
In summary, Bitcoin mining machine mining is actually using a machine to participate in a math competition. Whoever calculates the answer first will receive a Bitcoin reward.


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