shib coins fell into shit

❶ SHIB plummeted, have you ever bought virtual currency?

I have, and I also participated when SHIB was listed on an exchange this time. one time.

For those who don’t pay attention to virtual currency, the virtual currency SHIB may be a bit unfamiliar, because it is originally an altcoin, which is an air currency imitated from Dogecoin. This time I also invested in SHIB. The account originally had some floating profit, but later there was a small loss due to the failure to stop the profit in time.

Let me talk about the slump of SHIB first.

Around May 12, SHIB was listed on an exchange. Originally, the price of SHIB was around 0.000009. On the day of listing on the exchange, it rose to 0.00038 in just a few hours. Some people who bought earlier may have doubled about 40 times. For those who bought later or even chased high, they may be miserable. Some people even bought at a high of 0.00038. In the short term, these people’s accounts can lose at least 20% or more.

❷ Why did Minsheng Bank fall into shit?

Beijing Minsheng Bank’s 3 billion cash fake financial management crisis has not passed yet

❸ Can shib coin rise after the latest news plummets?

There is no investment value, but it will rise.
Two reasons
1. Because the SHIB project party entrusted the Shiba Inu coin to Buterin for operation, and discarded half of the SHIB’s private key.
2. The psychology of retail investors, because of the myth of Bitcoin and Musk’s hype of Dogecoin, many retail investors will think that this coin is cheap and will be the next Bitcoin. Buying a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, or tens of thousands of dollars is very normal. So the user group is extremely broad.
To sum up, the dealers behind it are very powerful, and the popularity of retail investors is very high. Therefore, SHIB will definitely rise to a whole new level in the next two years. As for the 0.1 US dollars, this is a bit unrealistic, with a circulation of 10 trillion. It is still very possible to reach $0.01 in Mad Cow.
For some project-supported currencies, such as Polkadot. In fact, I personally am not very optimistic, these are actually a concept, a white paper, a little bit of misappropriation. When some practical tests of the project are slowly implemented, the value of the coin will also increase accordingly, but this is all very uncertain and highly technical. If the project is shelved, fails, and cannot be carried out, it will be a piece of chicken feathers.
For the currency circle, there is no investment value, only speculation value. So I went back to some basic techniques of the stock market, that is, combining the market news and the trend of the market to judge the behavior of the dealers behind.
In short, the four words are: follow the trend
The most commonly used and most practical technical indicator is macd.
The perfect combination of trends and shocks
Expanded information:
First of all, a brief introduction to shib coins. Shib, a virtual currency, was born in August 2020 with a circulation of 1,000 trillion. As of May 9, 2021, the Shiba Inu coin has skyrocketed by nearly 1,200% in one day. On May 10th, the Shiba Inu coin came into people’s field of vision. In just 2 days, it went from a cheap altcoin to the world’s No. 1 cryptocurrency.
Is it possible for shib coin to rise to $1?
The time is updated to June 27, and the latest price of shib coin is $0.0000092. It is understood that the price of Shiba Inu coin has risen dozens of times because of Musk’s tweet, but the price is still relatively low now.
Some experts have analyzed that because the virtual currency is now favored by many people, the price of shib currency may continue to rise, rising to more than 1 US dollar next year.
How many shib coins are issued
1. The total amount of Shib is 1000 trillion, half of which is 500 trillion, which was directly called to V God. Equivalent to (or hope for) half of the Shib will be destroyed forever and will return to zero forever;
2. The total amount of SHIB is one trillion, one trillion 1,000,000,000,000,000 The number of zeros is too many to see;
3. The initial price of SHIB is: 0.000, 000, 000, 0001 is a bunch of zeros again.

❹ shib plummeted and bitcoin fell by more than 11%. Why is there such a big fluctuation in the investment in the currency circle?

Virtual currency has always been Stability, and virtual currency is easily affected by the market. Once virtual currency cannot be recognized by more people, the value of virtual currency will drop rapidly, and more people will suffer losses.

Many people prefer to invest in virtual currency, and they are also very optimistic about the future of virtual currency, but virtual currency may not necessarily enable more people to have better income. Shib plummeted and Bitcoin fell by more than 11%. Why is there such a big fluctuation in the investment in the currency circle? I think there are three main reasons:

First, the instability of virtual currency is becoming increasingly prominent.

In fact,�In my opinion, I think the reason why the investment of virtual currency has such a big fluctuation is because the instability of virtual currency is constantly highlighted, and it is also affecting the investment of many people. If there are also many investors who believe that virtual currency cannot have higher value, then investment will be reduced, and there may be withdrawals, which will lead to more volatility in virtual currency.

This is my opinion.

❺ How to mine shitcoin ship

❻ shib plummets, how risky is it to buy virtual currency

Shib has fallen sharply, and the risk of buying virtual currency is very high.

1. There is no limit on the rise and fall of virtual currency, and the position may be liquidated in one day;

2. The virtual currency has not been recognized by any country, which is a huge political risk;

3. Tesla’s stoppage of bitcoin payments has caused other virtual currencies to plummet, which once again calls into question the value of bitcoin.

Virtual currency has gradually entered everyone’s attention, from disapproval to questioning to acceptance by some people, and now it is no surprise that the virtual currency has risen or fallen sharply for many people. How much feeling, because many people have seen more such scenes. The shib plummets, and the risk of buying virtual currency is very high, because virtual currency does not have any limit on the rise and fall, which leads to the fact that virtual currency can be liquidated in one day. This risk is unacceptable for many people; virtual currency has not received any country. This is a huge political risk; the most important thing is that Tesla, which previously supported bitcoin payment, has stopped bitcoin payment, which has caused the value of virtual currency to plummet, which is also a huge risk.

Third, Tesla’s stop of bitcoin payment has led to questioning the value of virtual currency again

Tesla’s Musk should be the most optimistic about bitcoin One of the people, because of Musk’s platform, more people see the charm of virtual currency, but Tesla’s suspension of bitcoin payment has called the value of bitcoin into question, which is why virtual currency has plummeted.

❼ shib fell sharply, and bitcoin fell by more than 11%! Why does the currency circle investment have such big fluctuations

Because the currency circle is originally a kind of risk investment, in other words, the currency circle is originally a gathering place for speculators.

For those who like to invest in virtual currencies, they may place too much emphasis on the potential returns that virtual currencies bring to themselves, but ignore the risks that investment brings to them. We need to know that the risk of stocks is already great, and the virtual currency market is more risky than stocks, and it may even double and empty within a few minutes.

Let me first talk about the current market of bitcoin and shib.

We can understand bitcoin as the leader of virtual currency, and shib as a copycat currency of Dogecoin. When Musk announced that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin payments, the entire virtual currency market was greatly affected. Almost all virtual currencies plummeted. Bitcoin even plummeted by more than 11% at one point. Many investors Instantly burst the warehouse and lose everything. For shib, shib has soared by about 30 times a few days ago, and it is still in the process of callback.

❽ Is shib so popular recently? What platform to buy?

This year’s currency circle is very popular. Hot, familiar recipes, familiar tastes, and now, virtual currencies are once again in a frenzy. When major weighted varieties such as Bitcoin are consolidating, hundreds of altcoins ushered in a carnival moment, the story of “get rich overnight” And quietly circulated in various communities.

In the beginning, it was Dogecoin DOGE, which was soaring that people couldn’t understand it; then it was “shit currency” SHIB, which increased by 280,000 times this year; the highest one-day surge was 500%, and now it is LOWB again. In just a few days, it has increased 60 times. In addition, the Akita Inu coin AKITA has increased by 840 times, and the pig coin PIG has increased by 656 times… Various animal coins have been born, and the popularity is very high. See you soon.

❾ The latest news of fil coin falling into a dog

1.FIL coin falling into a dog means that FIL coin has fallen very badly.
2. The 24-hour transaction volume of FIL surpassed Bitcoin for 10 consecutive days, ranking first, and its market value reached the top eight. But the good times did not last long. Suddenly, a mysterious address sold a large number of Fil coins within 10 minutes, a total of 2.2 million coins, causing the Fil coins to plummet by 16%.
3. FIL coin is a platform token issued on the network platform, the Chinese name is Mainnet, and the total supply at the time of issuance is 2 billion FIL. The interplanetary file system IPFS, which is built and released by the main network, is a distributed network file transfer system facing the world. All the same file systems are classified together as the connection medium of computing devices. The purpose is to supplement or even replace.�� HTTP, the hypertext transfer protocol in the networked world.
Extension information
About IPFS
1. The FIL coin is based on IPFS, and IPFS is technologically forward-looking, FIL can be described as a high-profile among them. Compared with HTTP, IPFS has the following advantages: fast storage speed, lower storage cost, safer storage, permanent storage, and its development will eventually surpass HTTP. Because of these advantages, it was favored as soon as it was born, and more and more people paid attention, and it became more and more popular. The core of being keen on currency speculation is that the currency circle gives ordinary people a chance to make money. Bitcoin is now in the hundreds of thousands, and everyone wants to get rich overnight. Those who are keen to speculate on coins are mainly those capitalists and speculators, as well as a small number of faithful believers (these people are not keen on speculation). currency, in most cases they are keen to share the concept of the currency circle). Virtual currency is originally worthless, but with many people participating, it will gradually be able to exchange physical objects, and it will have value. As long as more people are attracted to participate, it will become more valuable.
2. IPFS storage is currently limited by the characteristics of blockchain technology, and the online time is not long, so the components for enterprises to apply are not rich and perfect. It’s like we just discovered a new continent. Although the living resources are very rich, there is no electricity, no roads, and no signals. Therefore, you must be cautious when entering the currency circle. High returns are often accompanied by high risks. Remind the majority of investors to keep a clear head, mining is not easy, and buying coins cannot be so casual.

❿ shib currency latest holding address

available on the official website. shib is the fastest-growing virtual currency in history. It has increased by more than 700,000 times in just 14 months from its issuance in August 2020. There is no pre-sale, and the team does not hold it. All tokens are purchased from the market. If The shib that was purchased for 1,000 yuan at the time of issuance is now worth more than 700 million yuan.
Expansion information:
Shib’s market value has also reached 872,177 On October 29, 2021, Shib’s market value surpassed Dogecoin. The founder aimed at Dogecoin at the beginning of its establishment, and surpassing Dogecoin has also become a reality. , the total turnover also exceeded 80 billion. Shib has recently hit a new high, and it has also successfully landed on the hot search lists of major search and social platforms. Various voices and public opinions continue to push the influence of Shib, making it known to more people, and its application is more extensive. At the time, the top ten shib currency holding addresses were quietly transferring tokens. The data showed that the transferred tokens exceeded 2 trillion, with a value of more than 1.28 billion US dollars.
As the so-called good time is when you sell it in such a short time, the increase is huge, and the early holding money is also a lot of money, and a huge bubble has formed. When everyone feels that this is going to rise, it will But quietly reduce the holdings, and close when you see it. Personally, I think that the huge increase in shib is purely a hype by some institutions and big players, taking advantage of the popularity of V God, the dog concept currency, there is no pre-sale, and no team holds it. The main reason for Musk’s call for orders is that it is cheap enough. A few hundred yuan can buy hundreds of thousands of them. The organization keeps pulling the market, which causes a profit-making effect, which makes the public feel that it can still rise. He also owns hundreds of thousands of coins. Dreams of getting rich. When the popularity of shib reaches its peak, that is, when the institution withdraws, when it is in the air vent, pigs can fly to the sky, and the shit is fragrant. When you go in again, you’re a pick-up man
Shib has had great success this year. Although currently, its price is still in a correction, but the project development team of SHIB is working hard. A few days ago, SHIB developers have announced plans to develop the SHI stablecoin.


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