shib is off

❶ How to turn off the TOSHIB A3508A printer to save energy

First, connect the printer to the computer.
First, the use of energy-saving mode

As the factory setting, the printer automatically switches to the energy-saving mode 5 minutes after the last printing (the power light flashes once every 2 seconds, other The indicator light is off), until the printer is activated again (press any key, data communication occurs, paper feed/paper path switching sensor action, etc.), the printer returns to the state before energy saving, and all indicator lights return to normal on and off.

Second, set the energy-saving mode in EDS
The parameter settings of “energy-saving mode” belong to “system settings”, if you want to change, please follow the steps below:

1. Press the [Paper Loading/Ejecting] button while the machine is turned on, until the print head starts to move, let go, and the printer enters the parameter setting state.
2. Load paper, the printer will automatically start to print the following content:
Printer parameter setting
【Skip】Select the next item
【Top】Select the previous item
【Load/Eject】confirm 【Online】to exit the current setting
Please select the setting item: System Settings
3. Press the【Load/Eject】button to confirm the entry.
4. Press the [Load/Eject] button to scroll through the sub-setting items in turn, and when you turn to the “Energy Saving Mode” setting item, press the [Skip] button to confirm entry;
5. “Energy Saving Mode” The optional setting items are “2 minutes”, “5 minutes”, “10 minutes”, “Off”, the default factory setting is “5 minutes”, you can press the [Skip] button to
page in turn, turn to When the target option is selected, press the [Load/Eject] button to confirm the selection;

6. Press the [Online] button to save the settings, the printer will print the following content: Save the current settings? Yes
7. Press the [Load/Exit] button to save the settings, the printer beeps once, indicating that it has been saved and returns to the setting items; or press the [Skip] button, the printer prints “No”, and then press
【Load/Eject】button, do not save the setting, return to the setting item.

Note: When pressing the【Online】
button to exit the setting, the printer beeps twice and the print head is reset, indicating that it has exited the parameter setting state.

❷ Help! ! ! I cracked the patch on gta5 and then opened it and stopped running! Shibus, the way I patch is wrong, it’s very simple to ask for details.

. Just install a plug-in, and then overwrite the contents of the two folders into the game root directory, and then click the luncher to play the game

❸ Is shibm on the exchange?

shibm has been listed on the exchange, 0.6u-Yi, and shibm will be exchanged in October. Chai Ma Coin (SHIBM), mined in camel coin mode, total issuance: 100 million Yi pieces; birth time: airdrop opened on August 1; token distribution rules: 100% locked in the sign-in mining pool; starting from 1 Yi piece Sign; increase by 1 million every day, and restore to 1Yi if the sign is broken.
1. How to buy shib coins?
Most of the digital currencies can be bought on exchanges. The shib currency shib, which has been popular in the past two days, is currently online in Matcha, Huobi, okex, etc. You can buy it and directly find the corresponding trading pair, such as bitcoin btc /usdt, Dogecoin doge/usdt, Shiba Inucoin shib/usdt trading pair, you can buy it. If the download of the exchange app is not smooth, the Apple mobile phone may need to switch to log in to the appleid account, which can be done in a treasure. After downloading the app, personal real-name authentication is required to ensure transaction security, and you can operate according to the corresponding requirements of the platform. After registration and certification, you can start purchasing various digital currencies. To buy coins on the exchange, generally first use rmb to buy usdt (referred to as u), and through usde, you can buy various coins on the exchange.
2. What is the future prospect of shib coin?
According to the official introduction, SHIB is an experiment of decentralized spontaneous community building. The total amount of SHIB issued is 1000 trillion, of which 50% of the total supply has been put into Uniswap, and the private key has been lost, and the remaining 50% has been transferred to the Buterin address. This means that users can freely buy and sell in Uniswap. Losing the private key means giving up management rights. Because the price of SHIB is very low, some users hold billions or even trillions of SHIB coins. SHIB is also known as DOGECOINKILLER (Dogecoin Killer). From the perspective of the token mechanism, SHIB is different from Dogecoin, which has an issuance cap and a destruction mechanism.
However, it should be noted that shib has no core consensus, not even the underlying construction fund pool, loan, database, exchange mechanism, etc. of the basic cryptocurrency. It is only based on a token on the Ethereum chain. Coin, this kind of currency can only be short-lived, and everyone still needs to be cautious when investing.

❹ What should I do if I accidentally withdraw SHIB coins from to Huobi Eco Wallet

Abstract People’s Bank of China: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and other virtual currencies are strictly prohibited, and it is not necessary to carry out related illegal financial activities.�If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law

❺ Has shib developed web3.0?

Compared with the earlier public chain wars, this bull market seems to confirm that the arrival of the cross-chain era is unstoppable. This can also be seen from the coexistence relationship between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. With the gradual increase of gas fees on the Ethereum chain, BSC has become a favorite of small capital investors, and the expansion of users has further promoted the development of the ecology, thus forming a complementary public chain structure. We might as well guess that in the future Web3.0 era, the coexistence of multiple chains is irreversible.

❻ What to do about the black screen of the computer

Black screen failure caused by the failure of the computer host
(1) Failure caused by the power supply of the host computer
The power supply of the host computer is damaged Or the black screen failure caused by the poor quality of the host power supply is very common. For example, when you add some new equipment, the display has a black screen failure. After eliminating the quality and compatibility of accessories, the quality of the power supply is not good. The lack of power is the main cause of the failure. At this time, you may still hear the internal The horn continuously alarms 12 times, and replacing the high-power and high-quality power supply is the best solution to this kind of failure. In addition, some motherboards have AT/ATX dual power interfaces, and the wrong jumper settings can also cause such failures.
(2) Failure caused by the quality of accessories
Poor quality or damage of computer accessories is the main cause of the black screen failure of the monitor. For example, problems with the motherboard (and the CMOS of the motherboard), memory, graphics card, etc. may definitely cause a black screen failure. If the display light turns orange, it is the quickest solution to replace the display card, memory, and even the motherboard and CPU with the replacement method.
(3) The connection quality between the accessories
The main reason for the black screen failure is that the connection between the memory card, etc. and the motherboard is incorrect or loose, resulting in poor contact. Moreover, problems with the connection between the display card and the monitor may also cause such failures, until the AT power supply is incorrectly plugged in. What’s more, if your hard disk or optical drive data cable is reversely connected, it may also cause a black screen failure.
(4) Black screen failure caused by overclocking
Excessive overclocking or overclocking components that are not suitable for overclocking will not only cause a black screen failure, but also damage the accessories in severe cases. In addition, excessive overclocking or overclocking components that are not suitable for overclocking will cause poor heat dissipation or damage to the cooling fan during normal use, which will cause the system to protect itself and crash with a black screen.
(5) Black screen caused by other reasons
Others such as incorrect motherboard CMOS settings and incorrect motherboard clearing CMOS jumpers can cause black screen failures. At this time, you can change the settings according to the motherboard instructions. In addition, software conflicts such as driver problems and improper installation, improper DIY such as BIOS refresh errors, incorrect power management settings, hardware damage caused by malicious viruses (such as CIH), etc., may cause the display of black screen failures. When you encounter this kind of failure, you may wish to think more carefully about the cause of the failure, so that you can solve the failure and know yourself and others with half the effort.
2. Black screen failure caused by the fault of the display itself
(1) Insufficient AC power supply
The external power supply is insufficient, causing some old displays or some displays with high power consumption to fail to start normally. One of the reasons for the black screen failure caused by the failure of the display itself. Or the external power supply voltage is unstable, too high or too low may cause the display to not work.
(2) Damage to the power switch circuit
The failure of the display switch circuit is the main cause of the black screen failure of the display. Simple such as power switch damage such as internal short circuit, common damage such as switch tube damage or damage to its peripheral circuit components and so on.
(3) Damage to the line output circuit.
The failure of the line output circuit or the picture tube and its power supply circuit is also the main cause of the black screen failure of the display. In particular, the damage of the high-voltage package is more common in some brand-name monitors that have been used for many years or have poor quality, causing no display black screen failure.
3. Poor contact of the graphics card leads to a black screen
1. The monitor is “black” and the power indicator light is off. This kind of fault is mostly the fault of the monitor itself. First, check whether the power cord of the monitor is connected well, whether the power plug is in good contact with the 220V AC socket, and whether the power switch of the monitor is turned on. After confirming that the 220V AC power is correctly sent to the inside of the display, it can be judged that the display is faulty.
2. The display is “black” and the power indicator light is on. This kind of fault phenomenon is more complicated to locate, and the fault may occur in the display, graphics card, motherboard or signal cable and other parts. When testing, firstly adjust the brightness and contrast knobs to observe whether the screen has light and dark changes, and eliminate the phenomenon of “black screen” after the brightness and contrast are turned off. If the screen of adjusting the brightness and contrast knob is still “black screen”, then�Check whether the signal cable from the host to the monitor is well connected, and whether there is any broken end or disconnection fault; after confirming that the signal cable is in good condition, perform POST (POWER ON SELF TEST) test. The POST test is a process in which the computer automatically starts to execute the POST diagnostic program to detect whether the system components of the computer are normal or not each time the computer is turned on. An error message or a series of beeps is provided to the operator as soon as a problem is detected during the inspection. In the “black screen” fault of the display, we cannot see the screen information detected by POST, but we can judge the fault location through a series of beeps.
3. One long, two or three short beeps This signal (may be repeated) indicates that there is a problem with the graphics card, you should turn off the power of the host computer, open the case, and check whether the graphics card is in good contact with the expansion slot. If you suspect the expansion slot problem, you can use the plug-in method to replace the expansion slot where the graphics card is located. If the fault is still not eliminated, you can replace the display card with other matching microcomputers to check. If the other microcomputers are also “black screen” after changing the card, it is judged that the fault is on the display card; if the display card works normally on other microcomputers , the fault is on the motherboard.
4. Two short humming sounds This fault may be in the motherboard and the graphics card or the monitor itself (very unlikely). Turn off the power, disconnect the monitor, remove the graphics card, and restart the system. If the two short beeps still exist, it means that the problem lies in the motherboard, and the motherboard should be repaired. But if the sound becomes one long and one short, maybe the correct POST process notices that the graphics card is not present and should power down and reinstall the graphics card without connecting the monitor. Restart the system, if the two short beeps still exist in POST, it is the display card failure: but if only one short beep is heard, the display card is good, it is the display itself that caused this error signal, it should be Repair the display. When the monitor is disconnected from the host and the host is powered on, make sure that the power is always on during the POST process. During this period, you can observe the operation of driver A and determine its system function. After the POST process is complete, the A drive indicator will light up. When the drive is stopped, press the DIR A: command, the drive should spin again, and the indicator light will turn on again, which indicates that the system is functioning normally and the host system board is intact. After the above detection, the fault location of the “black screen” of the display can be determined.

For the processing of the computer black screen, a combination of exclusion and replacement is basically adopted, and the principle should be based on the principle of replacing the most suspicious components first. For ordinary computer users, who lack professional knowledge, you can analyze the cause of the failure according to the following steps, so that you can troubleshoot by yourself.
First check if the contact is good. Check whether the contact between the graphics card and the monitor is good, and whether the contact between the graphics card and the I/O slot of the motherboard is good. If necessary, remove it and reinstall it once to ensure that it is installed in place and has good contact.
If there is no problem with the contact, it is best to try another monitor to make sure that the monitor is OK.
If there is no problem with the display, check whether the cpu fan is running. If it is running, use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage output is normal to ±12V or ±15V. If it is not normal, you can try another power supply.
If the black screen still appears, take out the components installed in the computer, leaving only the cpu, graphics card, and memory stick, then the cause of the failure can be limited to the cpu, motherboard, and memory. Generally, if the memory is faulty, there should be an alarm sound. If the memory failure is ruled out, only the cpu and motherboard are left.
Change a normal cpu (should be compatible with the tested computer), start the test again, if the black screen still appears, you can only change a motherboard, and the problem should also appear on the motherboard.
The black screen of the computer may indicate that there is a serious problem with the computer. You may wish to eliminate it by the above method when the black screen occurs. In the process of treatment, the methods of exclusion and replacement should be flexibly applied, and the phenomenon that occurs in time should be excluded and dealt with.
1. When the monitor is black and no image is displayed (however, the current monitor on the market will display “no signal cable connection” when there is no signal sent from the host), first check whether the host’s power supply is well plugged in, and whether the fan of the power supply is rotating? Are the power indicator and hard disk indicator on the host panel flashing? Because if the host power supply does not work or the motherboard does not supply power, the display will of course not display an image when it does not receive a signal.
2. Then check whether the power supply of the monitor is well plugged in? If the power switch of your monitor is a tact switch, when you power on the monitor, you should hear a slight “popping” sound, then you can judge that the monitor’s switching power supply circuit is good. Is the power switch of the monitor turned on? Is the monitor’s power indicator on? When approaching the monitor screen with hand and moving slowly, is there any " sizzle” sound, and the hair on the hand feels sucked up, which is to check whether the high-voltage circuit of the display is working normally.
3. If it is determined that the display has been powered on and there is high voltage generated , Continue to check whether the data cable connector of the monitor is in good contact with the signal output interface of the graphics card? Is there any looseness? Then unplug the plug to check whether there is a bent or broken needle or a lot of dirt in the D-type interface. This is often encountered by many users. The problem encountered is that when connecting the D-type socket, the force is uneven, or you forget to tighten the fixing screw of the interface, so that the interface is loose and causes poor contact, or due to improper installation methods or excessive force, there are broken pins in the D-type interface. Bend the needles, resulting in poor contact.
Note: The 15-pin of the data cable plug of the monitor may have missing pins, such as pins 4, 9, and 11, which are normal at this time. Do not use other wires artificially. To supplement these missing pins, so as not to cause other failures.
Pins 1, 2, and 3 are red, green, and blue three-shot signal input. If any pin is not in good contact, the screen will lack the corresponding color. .
If there is a problem with the 12th and 15th pins, the host will not be able to find the corresponding display, but this does not affect the use.
If there is a problem with the 13th and 14th pins, the display will appear black, and the display’s The indicator light turns from green to orange after turning on for a while. One of the above black screens appears.
4. Open the case and check whether the display card is installed correctly? Is it in good contact with the motherboard slot? Too much dust accumulated due to too long use time, resulting in poor contact? Is the chip on the graphics card scorched or cracked. When the black screen is caused by the graphics card, there will be a short and four long “di” during the computer’s power-on self-check. Di” sound prompts. When installing the graphics card, hold the upper half of the graphics card with your hand and insert it into the card slot with even force, so that the fixing screw opening of the graphics card matches the screw opening of the main box. Cause the graphics card to be twisted. If it is confirmed that the installation is correct, you can remove the graphics card and wipe the gold fingers of the pins with an alcohol cotton ball or install it in another slot (only for PCI graphics cards). If it still doesn’t work, you can only replace a good graphics card. Try it. If it still doesn’t work, when confirming that the graphics card is in good condition, you should also consider the compatibility between the graphics card and the motherboard.
5. Check the slots of other boards (including sound cards, decompression cards, video capture cards) and the motherboard Is the contact good? Pay attention to check whether the data cable of the hard disk and the power cable of the hard disk are connected correctly? Replace the slots of other boards and clean the pins. This is often overlooked by many people. It is generally believed that the black screen of the computer is the problem of the monitor and graphics card. It has nothing to do with other equipment. In fact, because the sound card and other equipment are not installed correctly, it is difficult to complete the initial system, especially the data cable of the hard disk and the power cable of the hard disk are inserted incorrectly, which may easily cause no display failure.
6 .Check whether the contact between the memory module and the motherboard is good? Re-insert the memory module or try another slot, or Replace with a new memory stick. If there is a problem with the memory module, there will be a continuous and rapid “beep” sound when the computer starts up. The beeps will vary depending on the motherboard.
7. Check if the CPU is in good contact with the CPU socket on the motherboard? Due to movement or other factors, the CPU is in poor contact with the SLOT1 socket or the SOCKE370 socket. It is better to press the CPU by hand or remove the CPU and reinstall it again.
8. Check whether the settings of the jumper or CMOS of the CPU FSB, multiplier, memory frequency, etc. are correct. Check the relevant jumpers one by one according to the motherboard manual, the order is “CPU FSB jumper – CPU multiplier jumper – memory frequency jumper”.
9. Check if the voltage of the CPU is set properly. Be careful when setting the CPU voltage jumper, be sure to match the working voltage of the CPU. Steps 8 and 9 should be carefully checked for some assemblers or users who like to overclock when the black screen appears.
10. Check whether the CMOS parameter settings are correct. If your computer is equipped with two graphics cards, you set the first PCI graphics card in the CMOS, and your only display is connected to the AGP graphics card. Of course, the display will not light up.
11. Check whether the working environment required by the host and monitor is in compliance? Whether the working voltage is normal, whether the ambient temperature is too high, etc. In addition to checking according to the above steps, you can also quickly locate the computer according to the working conditions of the computer. It should be checked in the second to fourth steps.
12. If the monitor has content displayed during the computer startup process, but a black screen appears after loading the WIN98 screen, this is only a problem with the WIN98 system software.
The above inspection methods are based on the fact that the display itself has no electrical faults.��After the host is powered on, the power indicator of the monitor changes from green to yellow but the monitor is black and no image is displayed. If the display still has no display after using the above steps, you should ask a professional to repair it.

❼ Can it rise to three yuan after buying 100 million shibs?

At present, after choosing shib, you can invest a small amount properly first, his future is very difficult Predicted, of course, it is difficult for anyone to know the final result of each currency before it becomes popular. Just like Bitcoin, no one was optimistic before, but now it has risen to a level that many people cannot reach, and shib is indeed going to be a short period of time. It can soar by 300% in an hour. At present, its price is around 0.00009842 US dollars, and it is still rising, so we just need to wait and see if it can rise, buy some and wait for the investment, because even if we only buy one meal The money can also have the opportunity for shib holders to usher in skyrocketing.
Expansion information:
What is shib?
Shib is also called Shiba Inu Coin and Erdoge Coin. This is an experiment in the construction of a decentralized and spontaneous community. shib coin is short for DOGECOIN KILLER, this ERC-20Only token can maintain the price of one cent or so, and still surpass Dogecoin in a short period of time (relatively speaking). Shiba Token ($Shib), the first cryptocurrency to be listed and incentivized by ShibaSwap, the decentralized exchange of the Shiba Inu community, has gained worldwide popularity and has risen thousands of times in value.
Currently the Shiba Inu community has locked 50% of the total Uniswap supply and lost the keys! The remaining 50% was burned to Vitalik Buterin, and the coin was the first project along this path by the Shiba Inu community, so everyone had to buy it on the open market, making Developers cannot dump their team tokens in the community to ensure fair and complete decentralization.
When did shib come out?
shib was issued in August 2020, with a circulation of 1000 trillion, shib was first listed on Matcha, although Hofu also has platforms such as Huobi, okex, and Binance Also online. The day shib was launched on Huobi, the increase exceeded 300%, and the market was very hot. The initial price of shib is: 0.000, 000, 000, 0001 is again a bunch of zeros. The total amount was 1000 trillion, half of which was 500 trillion, which was directly called to V God. Equivalent to (or hope for) half of Shib will be destroyed forever, and will return to zero forever.
What kind of dog is shib
The image of shib is Shiba Inu, which is why shib is called Shiba Inu coin. The shib coin started in August 2020. It is an experimental project for decentralized and spontaneous community construction. The purpose of the development team is to distribute the developed characters to any participant who has the time and technology. For this reason, they fire SHIB as a excitation.
As for whether it has value or not, it is hard to say. In fact, Dogecoin has no value either. The more people who blow it and the more leeks, it will attract capital with a sickle in hand. However, among the goods brought by Musk, the richest man in the world, Dogecoin has gone crazy, and dog shit coins have become fragrant.

❽ Cryptocurrency Shib soars, do you know Shib?

Recently, a news of “cryptocurrency Shib soaring” has aroused the majority of netizens Hot discussion, uproar on the Internet. Recently, our Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not only building cars, but also on a TV show to play the role of a virtual currency expert and talk about virtual currency. Recently, virtual currency has also risen very exaggeratedly. Before, Dogecoin rose by 470% in a single month in April, and then SHIB rose several times in two days. It was very fun to play. So why is SHIB able to rise so much? Let’s find out.

1. The wave of virtual currency

In recent months, with the rise of bitcoin, people are paying more and more attention to virtual currency. If there are more people, there will be more people who see huge profits from virtual currency, so there will be more people participating, and more people will participate, then there will be more funds entering the market. will rise. Recently, this is the case.

The above is my opinion on this issue. It is purely personal opinion and is for reference only. If you have any different opinions, you can leave a message in the comment area, and let’s discuss it together.

❾ Keyboard problems, press the space, a comma must appear, the SHIBFT key is completely completed, the back key is completed, the input method is also all, crash, it,

See it.

Change the keyboard and you’re done.

The money to repair the keyboard is not as good as buying a new one.

❿ I bought 12 SHIB*3, why can’t I sell it?

I want to sell it myself, it’s really rare! If the price is too low, the sellers do not want to offer it, and if the price is high, the buyers think it is too expensive! almost no compensationCome out, it’s good to get the money back in this way!


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