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❶ The surge of shib has once again detonated the currency circle, and what is the charm of shib so popular?

Recently, a news that “the surge of shib once again detonated the currency circle” has triggered The heated discussion of the majority of netizens has caused uproar on the Internet. We know that the virtual currency in recent years has been booming, especially the virtual currency led by Bitcoin, which has risen from less than a penny to more than 300,000, and may continue to rise in the future. . And recently, some new currencies have also appeared, and in a short period of time, they have gone up a lot. The first one is Dogecoin, which has risen by 470% in one month in April, and the other one is the newly launched SHIB in the past two days, commonly known as “shit currency”, this shit currency is also in these two days. The increase has reached several hundred, which is very exaggerated. So what is the charm of shit coins? How can he be so popular? Let’s take a look.

1. Speculation wave

In recent months, virtual currency speculation has reached its peak. Everyone wants to make a fortune here, and some recent remarks made by Musk to be bullish on Dogecoin are also some of the reasons why Dogecoin has soared. It also completely detonated the money-making effect.

The above is my opinion on this issue. It is purely personal opinion and is for reference only. If you have any different opinions, you can leave a message in the comment area, and let’s discuss it together.

❷ What are the SHIB, ABE, LRT, TOFU10 coins in the TRX wallet, why did they not show value when they were transferred to me!

The local token of the TRON network and community is collectively referred to as TRX. According to Coinmarketcap data, TRX ranks 15th in total market capitalization. TRX is currently valued at 1.34B$ in the sales market. The token total previously held a maximum use value of $0.35. The total current use value of the tokens is $0.020USD. During the last major bull market of 2017-18, the price of TRX fell by 96%. Last year, the price of TRX rose to $0.0125, and the current transaction price has exceeded $0.025. So far in 2020, the price has increased by 100%. 【Abstract】

What are the SHIB, ABE, LRT and TOFU10 coins in the TRX wallet? Why forward to me? No displayed value!


Hello, I am looking for relevant information for you and will reply you immediately. 【Answer】

Do you understand blockchain and digital currency? 😊[Question]

SHIB, ABE, LRT, TOFU10 in the TRX wallet are all virtual currencies. TRON builds a service platform to eliminate the current blockchain technology development and financial industry world. The gap between the two, the service platform can help other companies and companies to take the decentralized route. The key method to buy TRX with TRX coins and the key wallet to store TRX. [Answer]

The local tokens of the TRON network and community are collectively called TRX. According to Coinmarketcap data, TRX ranks 15th in total market capitalization. TRX is currently valued at 1.34B$ in the sales market. The token total previously held a maximum use value of $0.35. The total current use value of the tokens is $0.020USD. During the last major bull market of 2017-18, the price of TRX fell by 96%. Last year, the price of TRX rose to $0.0125, and the current transaction price has exceeded $0.025. So far in 2020, the price has increased by 100%. [Answer]

TRX I understand. Focus on the question, [Question]

To you, it should be the platform to promote it to you. 【Answer】

❸ How much will the market value of Shib be in 100 million in 2 years?

Two years later, if the market value of Shib follows the current increase, it will exceed 10,000 if it only rises and does not fall. 100 million, but no one can see through this currency market. At present, the market value of Shib has reached more than 90 billion. In the past two days, the most popular currency “SHIB coin” in the B circle has risen to a maximum of 0.00001988 US dollars, and the highest increase on the day has exceeded 280%.
1. The source of shitcoin
Shitcoin is a Chinese name given by the earliest Chinese community. The code of shitcoin is: SHIB, because it is close to the Chinese pronunciation of “shitcoin”, so it is called It is: shit coins. The name is very useful and easy to remember. The shitcoin was born in August 2020, and it has risen more than 10,000 times since then. The shitcoin started to rise from 0. USDT, and there may be countless 0s in the middle.
2. Development of shit coins
Because of the low price of SHIB, there are many people buying it, and there are big bosses calling for orders, and the circle of friends quickly spread the good news of SHIB, in addition to Musk, there is also V God’s shadow, SHIB did not leave a wave of people like many “local dog” projects, and the development of the community is still very rapid. Recently, pictures of V God and the SHIB team together have flowed out on the Internet, causing another wave of heated discussions in the market. Buterin is the founder of ETH.
Since October, the price increase of Shiba Inu (SHIB) has propelled the SHIB token to become the 20th largest digital asset by market capitalization.
3. Market prospects for shit coins
SHIB’s circulating market valuation was earlier this weekIt jumped to $11.08 billion and has now surpassed $10 billion, making it into the top 20 by market cap for the first time. As a result, the meme coin spurred by the Dogecoin craze has become more valuable than popular blockchain projects such as Stellar (XLM), Polygon (MATIC), and Tron (TRX).
If you hold coins in your hand, take good shit coins and don’t throw them away easily. These coins are likely to be your down payment; shit coins have not fluctuated, neither risen nor fallen before the market value of 1 billion dollars. Because they are all 0. Before 1 billion, it was the hoarding party who discovered its early value. They only bought it but not sold it; shit coins are like Cordyceps that have just sprouted and have not been discovered. If you encircle it, it will be money, and some investors have circled 4 wallets. The shitcoin is looking forward to the bright future of shitcoin.

❹ Is it late for shib coins to get on the bus now?

Abstract shib coins were born in August 2020, and the increase has exceeded 1,000 times since then. Getting in the car now and investing in shib coins is too late.

❺ Could babydoge surpass shib?


I don’t think it’s a problem to exceed shib. The problem is where it can go in the end. I see a maximum of RMB 180 billion here. The rough calculation is about 30 of two 0s at the current moment (now 37). It is estimated that Up to 100 times. Although the current market value is about 1.2 billion US dollars, considering the deflation mechanism, about 30-%-40% will be destroyed, so it is possible.


Everyone must remember that the hot currency is not as stable as the mainstream currency, but the income will be very fast. , Don’t foolishly take a bicycle into a Rolls-Royce, go home and drink two bottles will make it faster. Don’t always blame the currency for not working, the market is not good, you may not be able to grasp the real opportunity given to you, your cognition and mentality are not enough to support you to enter the market.

Cognition is important, but so are the timing of getting news and entering the market. Poor news means poor profit. It is not a matter of time to say that if you can get a car in the primary market, not to mention a hundred times the profit, at least you will not be caught.

❻ shib plummets, what is the risk of buying virtual currency

shib plummets, the risk of buying virtual currency is very high.

1. There is no limit on the rise and fall of virtual currency, and the position may be liquidated in one day;

2. The virtual currency has not been recognized by any country, which is a huge political risk;

3. Tesla’s stoppage of bitcoin payments has caused other virtual currencies to plummet, which once again calls into question the value of bitcoin.

Virtual currency has gradually entered everyone’s attention, from disapproval to questioning to acceptance by some people, and now it is no surprise that the virtual currency has risen or fallen sharply for many people. How much feeling, because many people have seen more such scenes. The shib plummets, and the risk of buying virtual currency is very high, because virtual currency does not have any limit on the rise and fall, which leads to the fact that virtual currency can be liquidated in one day. This risk is unacceptable for many people; virtual currency has not received any country. This is a huge political risk; the most important thing is that Tesla, which previously supported bitcoin payment, has stopped bitcoin payment, which has caused the value of virtual currency to plummet, which is also a huge risk.

Third, Tesla’s stop of bitcoin payment has led to questioning the value of virtual currency again

Tesla’s Musk should be the most optimistic about bitcoin One of the people, because of Musk’s platform, more people see the charm of virtual currency, but Tesla’s suspension of bitcoin payment has called the value of bitcoin into question, which is why virtual currency has plummeted.

❼ What will happen to the shib coin in three or five years?

It will be gradually replaced by other things. It should be noted that the shib coin does not have a core consensus, even the basic The underlying construction of cryptocurrency has no fund pool, loan, database, exchange mechanism, etc. It is only a token based on the Ethereum chain. This currency can only be short-lived, and everyone still needs to be cautious when investing.

Cryptocurrency (English: Cryptocurrency, often used plural Cryptocurrencies, also translated cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency) is a medium of exchange that uses cryptographic principles to ensure transaction security and control the creation of transaction units. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency (or virtual currency).

Bitcoin became the first decentralized cryptocurrency in 2009, after which the term cryptocurrency has been used to refer to such designs. Several similar cryptocurrencies have been created since then, often referred to as altcoins. Cryptocurrency is based on a decentralized consensus mechanism, as opposed to a banking financial system that relies on a centralized regulatory system.

Cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin, also known as altcoins , altcoin (English: altcoin), which is partly generated with reference to the idea, principle, and source code of Bitcoin, and is similar to Bitcoin.A virtual currency similar to Bitcoin, there are more than 800 cryptocurrencies in circulation.

From February to April 2017, the total share of altcoins in the total cryptocurrency market increased from 15% to nearly 40%.

Because Bitcoin itself does not have an authoritative issuer and state power to maintain its authority and uniqueness, Bitcoin and its imitators can only get along on an equal footing, although it is the earliest virtual currency, It is also the most well-known and most familiar, with the largest user network community, strong network effects, and most of the time it is also the cryptocurrency with the highest market value, but it does not have an absolute exclusive status.

❽ The latest shib holding address

is available on the official website. shib is the fastest-growing virtual currency in history. It has increased by more than 700,000 times in just 14 months from its issuance in August 2020. There is no pre-sale, and the team does not hold it. All tokens are purchased from the market. If The shib that was purchased for 1,000 yuan at the time of issuance is now worth more than 700 million yuan.
Expansion information:
Shib’s market value has also reached 872,177 On October 29, 2021, Shib’s market value surpassed Dogecoin. The founder aimed at Dogecoin at the beginning of its establishment, and surpassing Dogecoin has also become a reality. , the total turnover also exceeded 80 billion. Shib has recently hit a new high, and it has also successfully landed on the hot search lists of major search and social platforms. Various voices and public opinions continue to push the influence of Shib, making it known to more people, and its application is more extensive. At the time, the top ten shib currency holding addresses were quietly transferring tokens. The data showed that the transferred tokens exceeded 2 trillion, with a value of more than 1.28 billion US dollars.
As the so-called good time is when you sell it in such a short time, the increase is huge, and the early holding money is also a lot of money, and a huge bubble has formed. When everyone feels that this is going to rise, it will But quietly reduce the holdings, and close when you see it. Personally, I think that the huge increase in shib is purely a hype by some institutions and big players, taking advantage of the popularity of V God, the dog concept currency, there is no pre-sale, and no team holds it. The main reason for Musk’s call for orders is that it is cheap enough. A few hundred dollars can buy hundreds of thousands of them. The organization keeps pulling the offer, resulting in a profit-making effect, which makes the public feel that it can still rise. He also owns hundreds of thousands of coins. Dreams of getting rich. When the popularity of shib reaches its peak, that is, when the institution withdraws, when it is in the air vent, pigs can fly to the sky, and the shit is fragrant. When you go in again, you’re a pick-up man
Shib has had great success this year. Although currently, its price is still in a correction, but the project development team of SHIB is working hard. A few days ago, SHIB developers have announced plans to develop the SHI stablecoin.

❾ Is Shib Dogecoin so popular recently? How to buy Dogecoin Dogecoin?

This year’s currency circle Dogecoin Dogecoin Coins are very hot, with familiar formulas and familiar tastes. Now, virtual currencies are once again in a frenzy. When major weighted varieties such as Bitcoin are consolidating, hundreds of altcoins ushered in a carnival moment, “Get rich overnight. “The story is quietly circulating in various communities.

In the beginning, it was Dogecoin DOGE, which was soaring that people couldn’t understand it; then it was “shit currency” SHIB, which increased by 280,000 times this year; the highest one-day surge was 500%, and now it is LOWB again. In just a few days, it has increased 60 times. In addition, the Akita Inu coin AKITA has increased by 840 times, and the pig coin PIG has increased by 656 times… Various animal coins have been born, and the popularity is very high. See you soon.

❿ How about the market value of TRQ virtual currency

It is relatively good in the virtual currency market


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