shiba siblings

shiba siblings?


  • Yotsuba Genzou (Grandfather, Deceased)
  • Shiba Miya (Mother, Deceased)
  • Yotsuba Maya (Aunt)
  • Shiba Tatsurou (Father)
  • Shiba Sayuri (Step-Mother)
  • Shiba Tatsuya (Older Brother) Guardian (Volume 1 – Present) (Fiancé) (Volume 16 – Present)
  • Kuroba Mitsugu (First Cousin Once Removed)
  • Kuroba Ayako (Second Cousin)

Besides,Are Shiba and Miyuki siblings?

The main controversy about Tatsuya Shiba and Miyuki Shiba’s relationship is that, while the pair are siblings and blood-related, the series keeps hinting at a romantic future for them. Miyuki’s actions towards her sibling are highly unusual. She constantly dotes on him and gets upset when other girls interact with him.

Beside above,Does Tatsuya Shiba like his sister?

Due to the experiment conducted on him as a child by his aunt and mother, Tatsuya’s strong emotions have disappeared, except for the familial love that he has for his little sister, Miyuki. Miyuki is the only person who Tatsuya naturally loves and his love for her is his only remaining strong emotion.

Simply so,Who is older Tatsuya and Miyuki?

Miyuki is the younger sister by ten to eleven months.

Likewise,Is Tatsuya Maya son?

Maya made the announcement that Tatsuya is her biological son at the meeting of the Yotsuba in volume 16, a lie that needed to be told in order for Tatsuya and Miyuki to become engaged.

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Who is Shiba Tatsuya sister?

Shiba Miyuki (司波 深雪) is the main female protagonist of the “The Irregular in Magic High School” light novel and animated series. She is the biological sister of the main protagonist, Shiba Tatsuya and just like him, is a student of First High School.

Is Miyuki Shiba a clone?

She was modified to the point they’re surrogate siblings but not biological ones, from a genetic standpoint they’re barely related.

Is Tatsuya Miyuki's brother?

The affection that Miyuki has for Tatsuya goes beyond that of sibling love. Miyuki is romantically in love with her brother but acknowledges that they could not be together in that way. She laments that though she was satisfied to be his little sister, and cursed the fact that they are related by blood.

Who is Tatsuya's mother?

Shiba Miya (司波 深夜), born (Yotsuba Miya), was the older twin-sister of the current Head of the Yotsuba Family, Yotsuba Maya. Miya was the largest shareholder of Four Leaves Technology. She was the mother of Shiba Tatsuya and Shiba Miyuki.

Is Tatsuya a human?

Maya has pointed that Tatsuya isn’t human, but it’s just nonsense to assume they wanted a robot based on the previous posting. Quote: [Volume] 16 when Katsushige said himself that they gave him Flash Cast to allow him to use magic.

Who is Shiba Sayuri?

Shiba Sayuri (司波 小百合) was a researcher in Four Leaves Technology and has been elevated to management despite having no major accomplishments to her name. Her maiden name is Furuha Sayuri (古葉 小百合).

Who are Tatsuya's parents?

Tatsuya is the eldest son of Shiba Tatsurou and Shiba Miya. He is eleven months older than his younger and only sibling Miyuki.

Is Shiba Tatsuya immortal?

Tatsuya is immortal. Just he got a bullet in heart (or in that position -did he have a heart?-) and he only wiped the blood and the hole like God.

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