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What are the “One” blockchain projects

Zilliqa is positioned as the underlying public chain, and its core competitiveness is to greatly increase the throughput TPS (that is, the transaction processing speed) through sharding technology. In the latest experiment, the processing power of the Zilliqa test network reached 2488TPS, which is more than 100 times that of Ethereum’s maximum speed of 20TPS and 355 times that of Bitcoin! Through sharding technology, the more nodes in the network, the higher the transaction processing speed. When the number of nodes reaches tens of thousands, the transaction speed is very promising to reach the speed of a centralized organization like VISA.
The token of the Zilliqa project is called ZIL, which has been circulated and traded on 23 exchanges. It is supported by mainstream exchanges such as Huobi and Binance. It is very convenient to participate. The maximum supply of ZIL is 21 billion, of which 12.6 billion will be released directly through the contract, and the other 8.4 billion will be released within 10 years through mining rewards.
Zilliqa’s mainnet launch time is the end of 2018 or early 2019, and the mining rewards are huge, especially in the early days. The electricity cost of Zilliqa mining is only 1/9 of that of Ethereum, and it consumes less energy and is more practical. In addition, mining can be carried out through GPU graphics card mining machines, and can double mine ZIL and ETH at the same time, bringing higher profits to miners.
Follow “ZilliqaCN” to learn more about the progress of the project.

『紴』Which blockchain can make money now

Blockchain classification and application:

1. The blockchain is based on scenarios and design systems and They are generally divided into three categories: public chain (public service), private chain (focusing on the application of a certain enterprise and industry) and alliance chain (generally belonging to a certain industry or a certain supply chain).

2. Basically divided into three applications:

  • Blockchain applications of well-known enterprises: (NetEase blockchain cat (game), Thunderbolt Lianke, Baofeng’s Kubo Cloud (BFC Points), Heshu Software’s Laikelib and Jiajiabao, Renren’s Social RRCOIN, 360’s Router, and other well-known enterprises);

  • Startup companies using blockchain as application (Ether wallet, Babbitt, Huobi);

  • Social public application (the bank has established a research and development laboratory)

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  • Current market status and development of blockchain:

    The current blockchain applications in the market are still based on the issuance of “tokens”, the realization of “point management”, and pet games. There are mainly a few categories, and the functions are relatively single. The data of blockchain-related apps is even less, and more are some financial apps.

『Three』Why there are many companies doing blockchain projects, but few can become

Classification and application of blockchain:
1. According to different scenarios, design systems and attributions, blockchains are generally divided into three categories: public chains (public services), private chains (focusing on the application of a certain enterprise and industry) and alliance chains (generally belonging to a certain industry or is a supply chain).
2. Basically divided into three applications:
Blockchain applications of well-known enterprises: (Netease blockchain cat raising (games), Xunlei’s chainke, Baofeng’s Kuboyun (bfc points) ), Renren’s social rrcoin, Meitu’s e-commerce + blockchain, 360’s routers, Cheetah and other well-known companies);
Startups using blockchain as applications (Ether Wallet, Babbitt, Huobi );
Social public applications (banks have established R&D laboratories)
Current market conditions and development of blockchain:
Currently, blockchain applications on the market still issue “tokens” , to achieve “points management”
, pet games are the main categories, the functions are relatively single, the data of blockchain-related apps is even less, and more are some financial apps.

『4』What is BFC Bit Future

BFC Bit Future is a high-quality cryptocurrency based on the POC consensus mechanism. BFC Bit Future is a blockchain digital asset application platform. At the bottom of the system, functions such as digital assets and digital identity are provided, aiming at solving the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, and reducing the threshold for issuance of creditor’s rights of small and medium-sized enterprises, so that users can easily carry out asset digitalization business.

How to buy “Wu” bfc Rift digital currency

bfc Rift digital currency can be purchased on the digital currency platform that supports its transactions.
BFC (Bright Future Coin) is a new generation of encrypted digital currency, based on the Internet open source SCRYPT algorithm technology, POW workload proof + POS equity proof consensus mechanism, using the blockchain developed by peer-to-peer network, go Centralized distributed encrypted digital currency cannot be created and copied by anyone.
However, this is just a slogan. In fact, it still sells cloud mining machines. The source code has not been disclosed. Mining may be just a cover. Selling mining machines is its real purpose.
This kind of currency is different from Bitcoin, Ruitecoin, Litecoin, Weimengcoin whose basic information is open and transparent, and it has a very large investment risk.

『Lu』 Is the Omichain blockchain a pyramid scheme?

Regardless of any form, as long as the token cannot be traded in China, because according to the relevant provisions of the “Internet Security Management Measures”, digital currency transactions are not allowed in China.

Have you reached a cooperation with Baofeng Xinying in one point?

March 1st news, the blockchain infrastructure service provider Baofeng Xinying and the food supply organization have a point Land Agriculture signed a blockchain technology service agreement, and Baofeng Xinying will provide Yifen Agriculture with blockchain technology-based food traceability services based on the BFC blockchain.

With the breakthrough and upgrade of blockchain technology, the application fields based on blockchain technology are also expanding. Baofeng Xinying has made many attempts in the application expansion of blockchain. Starting from practical application needs, it provides various blockchain-based traceability services. This cooperation with Yifendi Agriculture is another traceability application of Baofeng Xinying in the agricultural field after food safety and luxury supply chain traceability.

In addition, as part of the cooperation, Yifendi Agriculture will also provide a certain number of original ecological food experience cards to BFC users of Baofeng Xinying, which can be used in The Yifendi website is scheduled to purchase all kinds of original ecological ingredients, and all Bokuyun users can use BFC points to exchange in the BFC points mall.

『渌』Is it safe to invest in mobile blockchain BFC? I have a few friends around me who are doing this and are considering whether to buy this. Do you know this blockchain?

Insecure . It is illegal to conduct legal currency transactions in China for virtual currencies such as altcoins.

How much money does the “Jiu” BFC project make

Be careful with blockchain and pyramid schemes.

Is “picking up” the bfc blockchain a pyramid scheme?

It doesn’t look like the name.
This name is basically a scam.


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