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① What do you think about going to Shang Silicon Valley to learn blockchain?

This depends on how much you personally understand about blockchain now. Learning is good. But if you sign up for a class, you will find that it is not necessary to know about the same as you. The more powerful blockchain engineers now are not all pondering on their own, but only personal suggestions. You can see more for yourself, and exchange with more experience. Look at Zhihu, mustard ring. Strong communication and interaction, not just watching, asking more and learning more. hope this helps.

②Which team is strong in blockchain technology

Blockchain is now well known to everyone, I am familiar with Baker Chain, which is quite professional in the industry and has excellent technology , after-sales maintenance is also thoughtful. You can find out on the spot before cooperating.

③ Which blockchain teams in China are better?

As the underlying technology of Bitcoin, blockchain deposits are very hot, and many financial giants, IT giants and Internet giants are all over the world. In one market, there is an increasing number of acquisitions and financing events related to blockchain.

Today’s blockchain is like a swaddling baby. Bitcoin was born in 2009. As an emerging digital currency, Bitcoin has experienced several “deaths” and “rebirths”. Even in the turbulent development of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has shown infinite vitality and gradually penetrated into other industries. So, is blockchain really as “cow” as we think? Will blockchain disrupt finance and other traditional industries?

Although there are still debates on the definition of blockchain in the industry, the decentralization and immutability of blockchain have been basically recognized. It is also based on these characteristics of the blockchain that many views believe that the blockchain will have the power to subvert the tradition. In traditional transactions, a centralized institution is often needed to solve the fundamental trust problem and settle accordingly. As a distributed ledger, the blockchain means that a public ledger that everyone can view and cannot be tampered with will be generated. This method of creating a consensus network without trusting a single node is considered to be expected to be applied to industries including finance and transportation. , collection, credit investigation and other fields.

However, what needs to be seen is that although there is a lot of news about blockchain and major financial institutions are also actively deploying, today’s blockchain is still in the “starting stage”, and the global landing area is Blockchain applications are few and far between, and fields with a certain scale are even harder to find.

How to speed up the implementation of blockchain? This is the most important research direction of Puyin Blockchain Group. Puyin blockchain solves the problem of the application of blockchain and how to connect with the real world, which greatly improves the circulation efficiency of digital assets. From the perspective of the development law of technology, any disruptive technology needs to move from a lively concept period to a challenging implementation period, followed by multiple rounds of shuffling of the entire market structure. The Puyin blockchain is a tough and testable force, changing the world in the form of asset digitization.

④Who is the president of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Innovation Association

January 7, 2017, “The First North American Blockchain Fintech Summit” and “Guiyang Blockchain Strategy” The briefing session and the global launch of the standard digital financial system” was successfully held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in San Francisco, USA.
“The First North American Blockchain Fintech Summit” is hosted by the North American Blockchain Association, Guiyang, China, IBM, Shanghai International Finance Institute, Tianfeng Securities, International Financial Center Association, etc. More than 600 people including blockchain industry experts and scholars, financial institutions, investors, industry leaders, and start-up entrepreneurs attended the conference. Liu Huiyun, president of the Canada-China Entrepreneurs Association, was invited to attend.

⑤ How about the Shang Silicon Valley blockchain training course? Can their videos be downloaded?

The course content is good and the videos can be downloaded directly without paying for free

⑥ Does Shenzhen Shang Silicon Valley have a blockchain development course? How long does it generally take to graduate?

Yes, this is actually learning the go language. Generally, you can graduate within six months, and the salary varies from person to person.
The level of each training institution is also different, it is recommended to see more comparisons. Choose a training brand and try to go to the birthplace.

⑦ How long does it take to learn blockchain in Silicon Valley? Which industry? The blockchain training time is shorter

About six months.
Short time is not necessarily good at learning.

⑧ Is there any blockchain course in Shang Silicon Valley?

No, you can find it online

⑨ Shenzhen Shang Silicon Valley’s blockchain development course Is it more in-depth than other institutions?

Generally speaking, it is more troublesome to fill in the volunteers.
Because the high school entrance examination volunteers are requiredFill in before the results come out. You need to have a general assessment of yourself, as well as the assessment of this high school entrance examination. If you accidentally fail the test, you will be in trouble.

⑩ How about Shaanxi America Silicon Valley Blockchain Operation Platform Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi America Silicon Valley Blockchain Operation Platform Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company registered on 2018-07-02 The company (invested or controlled by a natural person) and its registered address is located in Parkson Industrial Park, the middle section of Hanwu Road, Hantai District, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province (North District of Hanzhong Economic Development Zone).

The unified social credit code/registration number of Shaanxi America Silicon Valley Blockchain Operation Platform Co., Ltd. is 91610700MA6YUJR65G, the corporate legal person is Li Yongcheng, and the company is currently in business.

The business scope of Shaanxi America Silicon Valley Blockchain Operation Platform Co., Ltd. is: blockchain application; blockchain scenario application system development and promotion; blockchain big data and mobile digital technology development, technology Promotion, technical services, technical consulting, transfer services; supply chain management, enterprise chain management consulting; business operation management consulting, trade management consulting; marketing planning, import and export trade; technology development, technology in the online and offline professional fields of the Internet of Things Consulting, technology transfer; prepackaged food and bulk food, wine, jade, forest products, aquatic products, seafood, agricultural products, local products, tea, daily necessities, washing cosmetics, health care products, Chinese medicinal materials, finished medicines, medical equipment , petrochemical products (except dangerous goods), coal (only for branch operations), non-ferrous metals and mineral products, mechanical and electrical equipment, new energy vehicles, motor vehicles, and IoT platform sales and operations. (Projects subject to approval according to law can only carry out business activities after approval by relevant departments) (Projects subject to approval according to law can only carry out business activities after approval from relevant departments).

Check out more information and information on Shaanxi America Silicon Valley Blockchain Operation Platform Co., Ltd. through Aiqicha.


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