Smart community with blockchain ppt

⑴What is blockchain ppt

From an academic point of view, blockchain is a new application model of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, and encryption algorithm. Blockchain is essentially a decentralized database.
For example, if you are a woman, every time your boyfriend says something nasty to you or promises to buy something for you, you immediately record it and send it to you and all his girlfriends, classmates, Colleagues, as well as various groups and circles of friends, so that he can no longer deny, this is called blockchain.
The core advantage of blockchain technology is decentralization. By using data encryption, timestamps, distributed consensus and economic incentives, it can realize decentralized credit-based systems in a distributed system where nodes do not need to trust each other. Peer-to-peer transactions, coordination and collaboration, thus providing solutions to the problems of high cost, inefficiency and insecure data storage that are prevalent in centralized institutions.
The application fields of blockchain include digital currency, token, finance, anti-counterfeiting traceability, privacy protection, supply chain, entertainment, etc. With the popularity of blockchain and Bitcoin, many related top domain names have been registered , had a relatively large impact on the domain name industry.

2 The blockchain + smart government model is very popular now. Have you heard about it?

Yes, there are several platforms in Hunan, as well as blockchain + government and enterprise related, The SMIC blockchain platform initiated by Changsha High-tech Zone is also shortlisted, and it is soliciting companies to go on the chain.

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