Smart Contracts Deployed into the Blockchain

How “One” smart contracts are applied to blockchain games

Blockchain application games only put the player’s data on the chain, if the game’s own data has been processed by the developers , then such a blockchain cannot be tampered with, it has no meaning, since it is a game, using smart contracts, if it is a chain, it is not a big problem, if there is a problem, chat privately, haha

『紴』 What is the content of the smart contract of blockchain technology

Jinwowo analysis: Simple value transmission allows digital assets to circulate freely on the blockchain.

“Three” What is the role of smart contracts in Jinwowo blockchain technology

Chongqing Jinwowo analyzes the role of smart contracts in blockchain technology as follows:
Smart contracts are jointly formulated by multiple users in the blockchain and can be used for any transaction between users. The agreement clarifies the rights and obligations of each transaction party, and prepares procedures to specify the conditions for the contract to trigger automatic execution.
After uploading to the blockchain, the smart contract can directly control the public welfare project through the code contract, and use the donation or execute the project according to the conditions set by the program, which not only ensures the special use of the donation, but also improves the project. The authenticity and credibility of the project also make the project execution traceable and enhance the credibility of the charity.

『4』What is a smart contract in blockchain technology

A smart contract can be simply understood as a piece of code written on the blockchain, driven by events and with dynamic states , has been recognized by multiple parties, and can automatically process information on the chain according to preset conditions. Once an event triggers the terms in the contract, the code is automatically executed. The biggest advantage of smart contracts is the use of procedural algorithms to replace human arbitration and execution of contracts.
A smart contract is a contract that uses computer language to replace legal language to record the terms. Once written, it can be trusted by users. The terms of the contract cannot be changed, so the contract cannot be changed. The program will be implemented when the conditions are met, and no human interference can be carried out to ensure absolute fairness and fairness.
3 Technical Features of Smart Contracts
Data Transparency
All data on the blockchain is open and transparent, so the data processing of smart contracts is also open and transparent, and any party can run it. can view its code and data.
All data of the blockchain itself cannot be tampered with, so the smart contract code deployed on the blockchain and the data generated by running are also immutable, and nodes running smart contracts do not have to worry about other Nodes maliciously modify code and data.
Permanent operation
The number of nodes supporting the blockchain network often reaches hundreds or even thousands. The failure of some nodes will not cause the stop of the smart contract, and its reliability is theoretically close to permanent operation, so that This ensures that smart contracts can be valid at all times like paper contracts.

『Wu』 In essence, what a smart contract in blockchain technology does

is a piece of state transfer code.
For example, my account A has 100 yuan. After running contract B, it became 80 yuan. This contract is to convert the state of 100 to 80. The contract itself is also an account, and external time (transactions, events) can also trigger state transitions.

『Lu』What are the benefits of smart contracts in blockchain technology

Chongqing Jinwowo Network: One of the most promising applications of blockchain technology is smart contracts. It automates business transactions and agreements.

『柒』What is the role of smart contracts in blockchain technology

Code is the law, no one can tamper with it, and everything is executed automatically.
@Blockchain God Tucao

『渌』How to understand the smart contract of the blockchain

The term “smart contract” can be traced back to at least 1995 , by the prolific and interdisciplinary legal scholar Nick Szabo, who has mentioned the idea of ​​smart contracts in several articles on his website. He defines it as follows:

“A smart contract is a set of digitally defined promises, including agreements on which contract participants can execute those promises. “

Let’s explore in more detail what his definition means.


A set of commitments refers to a set of commitments that the parties to a contract agree to (often mutually These promises define the nature and purpose of the contract. Take a sales contract as a typical example. The seller promises to deliver the goods and the buyer promises to pay a reasonable payment.

Digital form

The digital form means that the contract has to be written in computer-readable code. This is necessary because the rights and obligations established by the smart contract are executed by a computer or computer network as long as the parties reach an agreement.

Further explanation:

(1) Reaching an agreement

What are the participants of the smart contract?When will an agreement be reached? The answer depends on the specific smart contract implementation. Generally speaking, a contract is discovered when a party commits to its execution by installing the contract on the contract hosting platform.

(2) Contract execution

The real meaning of “execution” also depends on the implementation. Generally speaking, implementation means active implementation through technical means.

(3) Computer-readable code

In addition, the specific “digital form” required for a contract is very dependent on the protocol the parties agree to use.


Agreement is a technical implementation on which a contract promise is fulfilled, or the contract promise fulfillment is recorded. The choice of which protocol to use depends on many factors, the most important being the nature of the asset being traded during the execution of the contract.

Take the example of a sales contract again. Suppose, the parties agree to pay for the goods in Bitcoin. The chosen protocol will obviously be the Bitcoin protocol, on which smart contracts are implemented. Therefore, the “digital form” that the contract must use is the Bitcoin scripting language. The Bitcoin Scripting Language is a non-Turing-complete, imperative, stack-based programming language similar to Forth.

Smart Contract

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How to combine blockchain + smart contracts

With the breakthrough of blockchain technology, smart contracts have been reborn. Smart contracts based on blockchain technology not only The advantages of smart contracts in terms of cost efficiency can be brought into play, and the interference of malicious behaviors on the normal execution of contracts can be avoided. The smart contract is written into the blockchain in a digital form, and the characteristics of blockchain technology ensure that the entire process of storage, reading, and execution is transparent, traceable, and unchangeable; at the same time, the strong security consensus mechanism requires no three-party intervention: by The consensus algorithm that comes with the blockchain builds a state machine system that enables smart contracts to run efficiently.


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