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A. What should I do if I encounter a fraud on soul

How to deal with fraud:

1. Call the police in time. If you encounter WeChat fraud, the parties should Keep the relevant chat records and the relevant information of the other party that you have learned, and report to the local public security organ in time.

2. If you have the detailed information of the other party, you can go to the people’s court to sue for rights protection. When suing, you need to have certain defendant information. Individuals need the other party’s name, ID number, home address, and units need to have The name of the enterprise, the location of the enterprise, the organization code of the enterprise, etc.

3. Filing a case and reporting to the police, some parties may be defrauded for a relatively small amount of money. Regardless of whether they can meet the filing standards, as long as they encounter fraud, they should report to the police as soon as possible.

Soul of “Soul Social” has repeatedly reported news that users have encountered killing pigs:

Single , divorced, and people who are dissatisfied with marriage constitute Soul’s user group, which is also the target of Killing Pig.

Most of the scammers consider themselves entrepreneurs, successful people, and highly educated people. At first, they greet the deceived people. Once they talk about making money, side jobs and other topics, they start to recommend different types of scam projects: lottery, bitcoin Coins, investment platforms, etc., will use help as an excuse at first, so that the deceived will be willing to participate after seeing a few small profits, and the investment amount has also increased from a few thousand yuan to hundreds of thousands. The entire fraud time is relatively short, and even some of victims were defrauded of 300,000 yuan in just 4 days.

According to the recollection of some deceived persons, they were not without doubts, and could detect the abnormality of the other party when chatting. Dispelled the concerns, and finally fell into a scam step by step.

B. Soul was planted on Douyin, ask how this APP is

I have been using Soul
for more than a year
, The use experience is very satisfactory, and I personally feel that this is an APP with a healing function. Soul advocates soul exchange, in other words, knowledge is people with similar interests and hobbies, through Soul to get to know each other and become
familiar strangers
in the virtual world
. Every day in Soul, you can share your life and mood with strangers without stress, and carry out stress relief.

C. Where have all of you who left soul gone?

Go to Douyin, the short video of Douyin brings continuous stimulation to the brain, which will make people feel I have been repeatedly brushing Douyin, and I can also increase my knowledge by the way.

D. Have you ever had an online dating experience on soul?

I have never had an online dating experience, I think it’s too unreal, and don’t ever do it online, after all, online dating A lot of people are bad people.

E. I met a netizen in soul who was defrauded of 230,000 for investing in bitcoin on the grounds of love. It took more than half a month to report to the police. Is it useful?

The amount involved is enough to file a case. However, it depends on the level of the scammers, whether there are any traces left for the Internet police to detect.

F. Is the soul in Douyin reliable?

Soul users are good and bad, some are reliable and some are not, please discriminate carefully.
Sometimes, social software doesn’t mean anything, it’s still people who have bad thoughts, even if it’s the same as searching for people nearby on WeChat and QQ, as long as people have crooked thoughts, any software can deceive people.
Soul App was launched at the end of 2016. It is a social platform for the Z generation that builds relationships based on interest graphs and uses gamification to design products. According to the March 2021 data disclosed by Soul App, Soul App is one of the apps with the highest average daily DAU launches in the same category in the industry, and one of the apps with the highest daily average release rate and Gen Z user penetration rate.

G. Has anyone encountered the same thing as me, I met a friend on soul, he taught me to buy stocks, I think most of this is

It’s all a lie, please don’t believe this kind of scam.

H. Soul was revealed to have a “killing pig plate”, how to identify the killing pig plate in chatting and making friends

Central Broadcasting Network reported on April 8 that consumer Ms. Chen was arrested Netizens known on the social software Soul introduced fraudulent websites and were defrauded of hundreds of thousands of yuan. Such fraudulent routines are often referred to as “killing pigs”, and this phenomenon is not uncommon in strangers’ social software.

In recent years, both in reality and on the Internet, scammers are rampant. In this regard, we should read more news on weekdays to understand the routines of fraud, and be familiar with the methods of liars, so as to increase our vigilance and avoid being deceived and suffering unnecessary economic losses.

I. I don’t know how Soul is a software. Have you used it?

Soul is a software that focuses on soul communication and helps to find strangers with compatible souls. It is quite a good one software. However, as a social software, there are naturally good people and liars, so you need to be vigilant when making friends online.�Cautious.

Software features:

The first point is matching chat. Before users enter the main page of soul, they must pass a professional personality test. The more accurate the matching results obtained, the user can obtain the matching degree with all users through the test results of the first step, and the user can choose by himself or the system randomly selects a user to start chatting.

The second point is the anonymous function. All operations in soul are anonymous. Soul has a square function, which is a relatively private and open place. The openness is that the messages you send can be accessed by many people. Passing strangers see that privacy lies in the choice of being visible only to themselves or only to those who are following.

The third point, atmosphere, a large number of seed users accumulated by soul at the beginning of the promotion are all very high-quality , has been carefully maintaining the environment inside the soul.

(9) Soul website Douyin scammer Bitcoin extended reading:

Product controversy:

June 28, 2019 , The Cyberspace Administration of China announced that it has launched a special rectification action for online audio chaos. According to the clues reported by the masses, after verification and evidence collection, the first batch of 26 illegal audio platforms that spread historical nihilism and obscene and pornographic content, such as Zhiya, Soul, Yuwan, Yishuo FM, etc., were interviewed, Ladder penalties such as racking and shutting down services will be implemented, and a comprehensive and centralized rectification of the audio industry will be carried out.

Soul’s official response said: “We fully understand the social responsibilities of online platforms. In order to maintain a healthy social ecology, Soul will cooperate with relevant departments to conduct in-depth self-examination and self-improvement, strictly review relevant functions and content, and take necessary measures. The measures are taken to fully comply with all relevant laws and regulations.”

In August 2019, the Soul App was successively re-launched in major Android app stores, and all functions can be used normally. Soul official stated that in order to create a clear and harmonious online space, the Soul review team will conduct stricter review and distribution of user content. At the same time, the registration age of Soul must be at least 18 years old. For the existing youth, Soul has updated the youth mode.

On September 10, 2019, Soul App was re-listed on the Apple App Store, and all functions can be used normally. Soul App said that it will continue to invest a lot of energy to improve content governance through technology and manual means.

Which is better between J. soul and Douyin

Nowadays young people will choose
short videos. Because the videos released by Douyin are relatively standardized, and the content released is also very extensive, you can learn a lot of knowledge and increase your knowledge.


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