SoulSquads Unique creature themed NFTs

SoulSquads is a collection of 8.888 adorable creatures – collectable NFTs relying on the Ethereum blockchain. We call them Soulies.

Creating the future of reallife NFT utility

SoulSquads is a NFT Collection looking to create an utility platform that will bridge and connect your digital and physical assets.
OURNALITY® will be able to validate a NFT and provide any business with real life benefits.
Our future Souly holders will participate in all company benefits.

To answer this question, just take some time and discover all sections on this website. You will find out various reasons to invest in Soulies and to be part of SoulSquads.
It’s up to you make Soulbia a better place to live for all Soulies and enjoy all the upcoming benefits in the future.


There is a planet called Soulbia. Thousands of years ago something remarkable took place, the population of Soulies have made their evolution in this world full of beautiful color. One fateful day a terrible dark storm arrives in Soulbia and lets the whole world of Soulies tremble…

The Soulies have never stopped feeling like a child.
Join our Discord to have a good time with like-minded people and enjoy the atmosphere.

Reasons to mint a Souly

Meet new people and make friends for life

Get to know people you have never met before and discover similarities that strengthen you.

Increase the value of your Souly NFT

Several utility functions will make your Souly NFT increase value, because of weekly announcements.

0% royalty fees & we buy + gift lowest 100 NFTs

Finishing Reveal, we’ll buy the 100 lowest-priced, to ensure a high floor price + first 30 days = 0% royalties


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